The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pen in action

While Microsoft may be dominating the Windows news today with the announcement of the Surface Pro 3 hardware, partner Adobe is also targeting creative professionals of the slate with an updated Photoshop experience that brings a better touch experience to the slate. Given the capabilities of the Surface Pro 3 such as an Intel Core i7 processor, an accurate pen for drawing and writing, and a capacious 12-inch display, the Surface Pro 3 may serve as a great Photoshop tool for users who need to draw and manipulate photos and images.

The updated version of Photoshop that will debut with the Surface Pro 3 brings larger buttons, more accurate pen support, and gestures to accommodate the touchscreen user experience of Windows on the Surface Pro 3.

A new version of Photoshop is debuting with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 that brings a touch-friendly user experience

Reflecting on using Creative Suite's Photoshop program on a touchscreen, Microsoft wrote on its Surface blog, "Historically, using Photoshop on Surface Pro has been a painful experience, with tiny UX controls and no touch support, but artists have been willing to accept that pain to use the software they need on the device they love. That all begins to change today."

Along with Microsoft's Surface Pen, Microsoft says that the pen is even more accurate than the pen support on Surface Pro 2. "Photoshop is doing higher frequency sampling so the line is the line you intended to draw," Microsoft said.

Additionally, Photoshop will also support gestures and touch. According to Adobe, the touch area for the button controls of the new UX is 200 percent larger than the current Photoshop.

Both companies are saying that this is just the beginning of the partnership and we should expect to see more changes as Windows incorporates both mouse and keyboard inputs as well as touch.

Source: Microsoft Surface Blog