Windows Fluent Design System concepts show a futuristic Photoshop

The Fluent Design System design language brings new textures, translucency, and other animations to Windows 10 apps, making them pop in a world of cross-platform services. Fluent Design System apps bring gentle visual feedback for cursor placements as well, which is particularly useful for 3D apps found on HoloLens.

Concept artist thmnmlst (@thmnmlst_ on Twitter) created an exciting vision of a UWP future for Adobe Photoshop and Creative Cloud (CC) in general, complete with translucency and some overall design tweaks.

Again, these are just concepts. But as a heavy Adobe CC user, I'd love to see the company bring across more of its full apps and services to join Adobe XD, and if they even approach themnmlst's designs I'd be a happy camper.

Thmnmlst has recreated the Adobe CC launcher and even provided both light and dark themes for Photoshop, while retaining its tabs, functions, and various features.

More and more Windows 10 system apps are picking up Fluent Design System support, including things like the calculator and the People app. Microsoft's goal is to make Windows 10 apps more consistent and compelling to use across the entire ecosystem, whether the programs are running on Xbox, in mixed reality, or on a regular PC or tablet. Whether developers actually get on board with the program remains to be seen. But we sure hope so.

If you haven't already, take a look at Microsoft's Fluent Design System trailer below, and let us know what other apps you would like to see get the translucent treatment.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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