Is Adobe Premiere the best video editing suite for Windows?

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is Adobe Premiere the best video editing suite for Windows?

Best answer: Adobe Premiere Pro is quite simply the king of the hill when it comes to video editing software on Windows 10. If you're looking for well-rounded software that'll let you make some great edits and don't mind the monthly subscription cost, Adobe Premiere Pro is your best option.Best video editor: Adobe Premiere Pro ($21 /mo from Adobe)

More than a decade of development

Adobe has been working on Premiere Pro since 2003. More than 15 years of development has allowed the company to shape the software package into what we know today, and it really is something else. Not only does Premiere Pro allow for some fantastic video edits, there's also the possibility to work with music and other tracks.

Its immense UI can be intimidating for some because there's so much you can do, but once you get the hang of things, you can do just about anything from simple cuts to graphics formatting. Newer versions of Premiere Pro also allow you to edit video and audio for virtual reality and 360-degree footage. It's so powerful that if you think it, you can probably do it (with the right skills, of course).

It's also great for collaborative projects. Premiere Pro allows you to have multiple projects open at once, while simultaneously working on a project with others. A massive library of formats is supported too. Go from working with your smartphone all the way up to 8K without issue.

Everything you need and more

Whether you're a designer, YouTuber, videographer, or someone at home wanting to make it big in the biz, Adobe Premiere is the best tool available. And if you're working with other Adobe apps like Photoshop and After Effects, it's a seamless experience to switch between them.

Unlike single purchase software that requires you to part with more cash with major upgrades, Adobe charges a subscription for Premiere Pro and other software the company offers. This means you'll always be rocking the absolute latest version of Premiere Pro if you have an active internet connection, along with support.

Purchasing a subscription for a single app like Premiere Pro starts at $21/month and goes up from there. If you want access to over 20 Adobe apps, you'll pay $53/month. Adding Adobe Stock to that order will cost you $83/month. That price may be steep for some, but if you're looking to do more than just casual video editing, it's worth it.

If it's a little too much

Should you not require everything Adobe Premiere Pro offers for the price, you could scrap the monthly subscription by opting for Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 instead. This is a more basic video editor that requires but a single fee to unlock access to the suite.

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