Adventure Time heads to Minecraft Console Edition in new mash-up pack


It's officially Adventure Time in Minecraft Console Edition. The Adventure Time mash-up pack is now rolling out for consoles, bringing along the land of Ooo, Finn, Jake, and all of the major characters of the Candy Kingdom.

Along with the Candy Kingdom, players can also head to the Ice Kingdom and Fire Kingdom, all recreated in Minecraft's blocky aesthetic. Of course, the Ice King and Flame Princess will be around, along with Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, and many more.

If you're ready to inject a little Adventure Time into your Minecraft, Console Editions should be able to get it now. The only exceptions are the Switch and Wii U versions, which should roll out over the next 24 hours. Pocket and Windows 10 Editions, meanwhile, will get access to the pack "soon."

See at the Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Looking forward to this.  :)
  • Lots of good bug fixes in this update, like the fall damage issues with slime block sand single water blocks. As for Adventure Time, I had never heard of it before this collaboration, so I checked out the first 6 episodes. It's okay, but not great. It's just a little too random and disjointed, like one moment they're doing this, then suddenly they're doing that, which is completely disconnected topically from the first. I guess I could see kids liking that, though, as that's kind of how their brains work, attention span-wise.