Aeries picks up some performance improvements and bug fixes

Aeries, the popular third-party Twitter app, has been updated, improving performance and fixing several bugs in version 2.2.31. Streaming stability has been improved, and there are fixes for issues such as unresponsive action drop downs, Live Tile problems, and syncing bugs.

Here's what you can expect from Aeries 2.2.31:

  • Fixed issues where the actions dropdown could not be opened on a tweet.
  • Fixed an issue where manually starting streaming could cause you to miss out on a few tweets.
  • Improved streaming stability.
  • Improved performance and caching of user profiles.
  • Added expand button to quick reply on mobile, it's now easier to send more elaborate replies!
  • fixed an issue where the live tile may not be getting updated in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where syncing save read position between devices could cause the position to get stuck or display an incorrect number of unread tweets.
  • Debugging and logging improvements to help me get fixes to you faster!
  • Fixed issue where quick reply send button could seem unresponsive
  • Autosuggestions now don't echo what you have currently typed.
  • Fixed some issues where autosuggestion can get stuck in the wrong state.

You'll find Aeries 2.2.31 in the Windows Store right now.

Download Aeries from the Windows Store

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