Affinity Photo and Designer now available in the Microsoft Store

A year after first bringing its Affinity imaging apps to Windows as full desktop app, Serif is now launching them on the Microsoft Store. Affinity Photo (opens in new tab) and Affinity Designer (opens in new tab) are both now available to anyone with access to Windows 10's Microsoft Store. And while that may not be a huge deal for anyone who is already using the desktop versions of each app, its a huge boon to Windows 10 S users looking for professional imaging and design tools on the Microsoft store.

Both apps are packed with professional tools for designers and photographers, making them a potential go-to for many on the Microsoft Store. Affinity Photo includes a full slate of editing and retouching tools, including support for editing PSD files, that photography professionals would expect from any serious software. Similarly, Affinity Designer is an option for vector graphic designers looking to create marketing materials, icons, and UI designs.

Aside from Photoshop Elements and Express, Adobe hasn't released its full suite of tools on the Microsoft Store yet, making the arrival of Serif's Affinity apps an enticing option for Windows 10 S going forward. Each app will normally be available at a price of $49.99 a piece, but Serif has discounted each to $37.49 for the next eight days in what is presumably a launch discount. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased the desktop versions of either Affinity tool, there's no way to transfer your license, so you'll have to shell out again to snag the Microsoft Store versions.

Thanks to Philip and David for the tips!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Awesome! If I didn't already own them for desktop I'd totally get them. I don't know much about the desktop bridge apps, but hopefully this makes the update process super simple. Wonder if they'll provide a code for the store for people who already have desktop.
  • Nope, I emailed and asked them. :(
  • I wonder if Serif would be willing to provide us with a code for those already purchased their software so that I can get future updates direct from Microsoft Store???
  • Nope, I already emailed them and asked.
  • I already own Affinity photo, it works fine on the desktop and I do not have to rely on windows 10 to run it,  i would not get it from the store, even if I did not already have it.  
  • Agree. Not sure why anyone would tie their Desktop App purchases to a specific Microsoft Account, when they have the option to avoid it. Not even sure why anyone would use Windows S, to be frank...
  • As a consumer. To avoid messy registry?
    Clean install / uninstall.
    This *.exe is prob fine but those not-so-famous-ones... As a dev (especially indies, startups, service provider like FaceBook), easier to be found? easier to push update? Free ads? Prevent crack? Since UWP's in a sandbox environment... it's safer for non-tech-savvy.
  • You  can put the app on 10 machines?
  • > Not sure why anyone would you're their Desktop App purchases to a specific Microsoft Account,   It's quite convenient to be frank. 
  • Highly recommended software that is also a lot cheaper than Adobe equivalents. If rumoured InDesign-type software follows soon then Serif has a buyer.
  • How does it work with Surface Pen? Pressure & tilt support? Surface Dial? I have been using & updating Paint Shop Pro since the old JASC days, but would definitely prefer to have a store-based app for my meager drawing uses.
  • does it still show pixelated graphics inside drawing area on hdpi screens like on the surface pro or surface book? when i last checked 14 day trial couple of months ago it was, so i just uninstalled it
  • The reason given by the affinity team about not migrating desktop licenses to the Store version is because the MS Store doesn't give ability for developers to generate unlimited "Gift Codes" to give to people who already own a copy. Source:
  • If so, that's a sound reason... And here we have another example of how a short-sighted Microsoft policy is actually driving users away from using the Store.