7 essential Windows Mixed Reality VR accessories under $20

Investing in Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) is one of the cheapest ways to get into VR, and continuing with the trend, you might be looking to add some affordable accessories to the mix. We've rounded up a bunch of the best here for a variety of uses, and you won't spend more than $20.

If we're making some suggestions

The above roundup of accessories can complement any WMR headset, no matter the make, so you should no doubt find a few options that you need to improve your time in VR. However, if you're wondering where to start, we recommend checking out the TreeCloud9 MindStand X, which provides a portable mounting solution for your headset. This keeps it off the ground and out of the way of harm, and it folds down for easy transportation when you take your gear to a friend's place.

A six-pack of microfiber cloths from SecurOMax is likewise recommended, as your headset will get sweaty and your lenses will get gunked up during regular play. Those lenses are precious, so treat them with care!

Have the hardware and wondering what now you should play in VR? Have a look at our collection of the best WMR games available now.

Cale Hunt

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