Servicing 1.4 million Africans, the AfricaWeather service ( is a useful and often necessary resource for those on the go. With live storm tracking and great coverage, Windows Phone users could certainly use a nice native app, and now they do.

WeatherSA, developed by Matt 'RogueCode' Cavanagh, is now on the Store and the app is so good looking, we wish we could have it beyond the borders of South Africa. The app features seven-day forecasts across four time slots, multiple Live Tiles, live storm tracking, radar and lightning maps, all wrapped up nicely in a thoroughly Modern Windows Phone design. The app is full of features and as a 1.0 it certainly looks outstanding.

There is not much else to say about WeatherSA. If you are in South Africa and you want to take advantage of the best weather service on Windows Phone, you need to grab this free app.

Read more about it on RogueCode's blog or just download it now.

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