Age of Empires: Castle Siege gets defensive in latest update

Age of Empires: Castle Siege has scored a new patch with a focus on beefing up defense. The patch clocks in at versions 1.11, and mainly focuses on increasing the HP of Age Keeps and some tweaks to a couple of different units. Here's the breakdown of the changes in patch 1.11:

  • Increased HP of Age 7 Keep by 20%
  • Increased HP of Age 8 Keep by 25%
  • Increased HP of Age 9 Keep by 30%
  • Duration of caltrops increased from 10s to 60s
  • Saladin and Edward have had their damage increased so that they can reliably take out most towers in a single ability use (except for Crossbow Tower Lv6 and the Musket Tower)
  • Increased the range of Nikephoros ability by roughly 50%
  • Increased movement speed by 25%
  • Increased Ram's bonus damage against Gates by 100%
  • Increased HP by 20%
  • Reduced the range that rams will seek out gates, allowing them to be more reasonable in target selection
  • Fixed an issue where John Kourkouas would occasionally crash the app if infantry budged in between him and his intended path.
  • Conrad the Elder, once exiting his Siege Tower, will now possess the light pillar that highlights his position in the battle
  • Alliance messages older than 90 days will now be discarded from chat
  • Fixed an issue where targets being burned by both Tariq's Field of Fire and Nevsky's Scorched Earth would only receive damage from the first ability fired. Now both will apply.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities that provided buffs would have inconsistent results when stacked on top of each other
  • General improvements to usability, stability, crashes and connection errors

According to the patch notes, this patch represents some modest steps towards more of a focus on defense. The team says it'll be watching closely, and more changes may be coming down the line in future patches.

Thanks to Zapella and Michael for the tips!

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