Age of Empires: Castle Siege gets defensive in latest update

Age of Empires: Castle Siege has scored a new patch with a focus on beefing up defense. The patch clocks in at versions 1.11, and mainly focuses on increasing the HP of Age Keeps and some tweaks to a couple of different units. Here's the breakdown of the changes in patch 1.11:

  • Increased HP of Age 7 Keep by 20%
  • Increased HP of Age 8 Keep by 25%
  • Increased HP of Age 9 Keep by 30%
  • Duration of caltrops increased from 10s to 60s
  • Saladin and Edward have had their damage increased so that they can reliably take out most towers in a single ability use (except for Crossbow Tower Lv6 and the Musket Tower)
  • Increased the range of Nikephoros ability by roughly 50%
  • Increased movement speed by 25%
  • Increased Ram's bonus damage against Gates by 100%
  • Increased HP by 20%
  • Reduced the range that rams will seek out gates, allowing them to be more reasonable in target selection
  • Fixed an issue where John Kourkouas would occasionally crash the app if infantry budged in between him and his intended path.
  • Conrad the Elder, once exiting his Siege Tower, will now possess the light pillar that highlights his position in the battle
  • Alliance messages older than 90 days will now be discarded from chat
  • Fixed an issue where targets being burned by both Tariq's Field of Fire and Nevsky's Scorched Earth would only receive damage from the first ability fired. Now both will apply.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities that provided buffs would have inconsistent results when stacked on top of each other
  • General improvements to usability, stability, crashes and connection errors

According to the patch notes, this patch represents some modest steps towards more of a focus on defense. The team says it'll be watching closely, and more changes may be coming down the line in future patches.

Thanks to Zapella and Michael for the tips!

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  • What about "Age of Empires: World Domination"? Cancelled? Is taking too long, lol.
  • I completely forgot about that.
  • They need to dominate the world right? So it will come out on iOS, Android and Universal Windows App(release in same order, of course ;) ). Once it comes out, I can finaly kick as**s of those who say that they are superior in this genre games because of clash of clans. We will see how far they are better!!!
  • Game got way to easy to play.
  • Yet I am TERRIBLE at this game...I never win. =[
  • And yet no age 10
  • I dont even reached Age 9. Just standing at Age 8 for months now. They need to beef up Age 9 before they add a Age 10 :-)
  • I love this game, but just suck at managing my troops. I seem to get wiped out in the blink of an eye on every assault. I do what they say and send in the ground troops to protect the archers and catapults, etc....yet I just get wiped out in an instance. Well, guess the sign of a good game is when you have fun even when getting your ass handed to you.
  • Haha.  Yeah, with you.  I get attacked by a few blues and 1 or 2 trebs, and despite having every defense upgraded to the maximum - including canon, I get annihalated without the attacker losing any units.  When I attack, my troops are wiped out from a single shot with a lowly level 2 ballista...   Anyway, just made Age 8, so let's see...
  • The update also added Windows 10 features.. The app window can be resized and also moved to a secondary monitor.
  • Yes :) I was waiting to MS update this AOE to a Windows 10 app.
  • no more fullscreen?
  • full screen is an option now :). u can resize it..
  • i said "full screen", not maximized
  • Yes you can do full screen with the task bar hidden
  • i can't, fullscreen button disappeared =(
  • Couldn't care less about these wannabe strategy games. Any game that forces you to wait a realworld time is not worth my time. Already did those a few years back and got tired of em. Give us a proper AoE and get it over with!
  • Yeah, I'd prefer it to be more like the old AoE games from PC.
  • //Any game that forces you to wait a realworld time is not worth my time// Well said, sir! This is the reason i don't play strategy games which makes you to wait for eternity while upgrading a troop/structure/.
  • I used to play this game a lot. I was in PM1. Quit with a bunch of other top players when it became impossible to stockpile stone at the top levels without sniping. If that has changed, I might have to give it another shot sometime. Anyone know if that has changed?
  • What you mean?
  • I don't think it has changed in that respect
  • I actually think gathering stone is easier now. I was in PM1 for a bit too, now I'm sitting in a lower level PM alliance and took a break for a few months. Came back a month or so ago and have been very successful in retaining stone.
  • Retaining stone is way easier. The biggest change is that you can't be revenged while in a Peace Treaty. So you'll lose at most 30k stone in a 10-12 hour period. You can make that up with maxed quarries not to mention your winnings from attacks. I was recently able to save up for a musket tower which was previously unthinkable.
  • That's a huge change! I remember losing 100k+ stone (several times) just overnight while I slept for 6 hours.
  • If it's peace treaty then winning from attacks might have to wait :-)
  • Give it another shot. I play quite casually now and still make enough progress to be satisfied. :)
  • My aoe app disappeared from the app list. But I don't want to do a hard reset.
  • Me too! It installed, but I can't find it. Cortana can launch it, but it's gone from the list! I hope they fix this.
  • Ha. I lost all my crowns once I hit age 7.
  • Its annoying that when you upgrade "the place where troops are saved after training them" it only unlock """one""" slot!.
  • Are you referring to army camps? Some of the upgrades unlock 2 slots. But if they gave too many it would be too much of an advantage. If you learn how to play well, every slot makes a difference :)
  • I cannot believe they still haven't reduced Martel "power". This hero as imo ruined the game, and everytime someone uses him it's the same as cheating. Absurd. Otherwise good game...
  • That's the reason they are beefing up the defences :-)   Any way, without spending gold, Martel can be used for a maximum of 3 or 4 times a day. So that's ok ;-)
  • First defense with new version: lost, and attacker used... used... oh Nevsky with Martel! How creative! [cynical] In fact I'm afraid the very small defenses enhancements won't change nothing ;-)    
  • These changes will help me at least :-)   A few times, I lost because my keep is taken down at the last few seconds by cavalries/infantries... With the HP improved, I guess these chances will be gone for now :-) But I do agree that it is very difficult to defend against Nevsky/Martel combo... One is good at defence and gives cover whereas other is as destructive as possible :-( Even the engineers attack Martel is the problem :-/ Hopefully that will change :-)
  • It also unlocks the Heroic Statue, if you play from a windows 10 device.
  • Still not available in w10m store
  • They should make siege tower more useful. It is the least used siege weapon and it is supposed to be used for sieges only!!!
  • Join my clan "knighthood" all players are welcome
  • Still waiting for item like "Don't be attacked by X days" to level up to age 8... T_T
  • Is it just me or the app now consumes 2 GB space on memory?