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What you need to know

  • World's Edge and Relic Entertainmend shared a roadmap for Age of Empires 4.
  • More bug fixes and balancing patches are coming in 2021.
  • In early 2022, user creation tools are slated to arrive, alongside the first Ranked Seasons.

Age of Empires 4 is in player hands and the developers across World's Edge and Relic Entertainment are already working on updates to come. In an update via Xbox Wire, the team shared an Age of Empires 4 roadmap, detailing what players can expect over the next few months.

First up are more balance tweaks and bug fixes, which will be rolling out sometime over the holiday period. Heading into 2022, there's also content creation tools on the way, as well as simple ways for non-modders to try out user-created content. Finally, Ranked Seasons will also be kicking off some time early in 2022. You can see all this information laid out below:

Age Of Empires 2021 RoadmapSource: Xbox Game Studios

Ranked Seasons will last for 12 weeks, with in-game rewards for players that partake. Other upcoming additions include a widely-requested Patrol move for units, as well as the inclusion cheats and taunts, which are a staple of past games, especially Age of Empires 2.

We previously learned that the developers are also looking into an Age of Empires 4 console version, though there's no certain news or timing just yet. Right now, the game is only available on PC, through Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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