Age of Empires 4 devs are looking into an Xbox console version

Age Of Empires 4 Press Image Hero
Age Of Empires 4 Press Image Hero (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Age of Empires 4 from World's Edge and Relic Entertainment is currently available on PC.
  • In an interview, World's Edge creative director Adam Isgreen indicated that the developers will look into an Xbox console version shortly.
  • Some other Xbox Game Studios titles, like Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator, launched on PC before coming to console.

Age of Empires 4, the latest entry in the long-running real-time strategy franchise, is now available on PC. The game was developed as a collaboration between Xbox first-party team World's Edge and Sega-owned Relic Entertainment. While PC players are already enjoying the clash of various historical factions, there's no console version, so anyone on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One is still waiting for a console-based Age of Empires experience.

It appears those fans shouldn't lose hope just yet. In an interview with (as shared by @Klobrille on Twitter) that took place a few days before the launch of the game, World's Edge creative director Adam Isgreen shared some hope for fans wanting to see an Xbox console version of Age of Empires 4.

"As soon as we finish managing the game's PC release, we'll start thinking about how to make the game run on consoles. We don't have any final plans yet, but now we're really going to start thinking about it," Isgreen explained.

Age of Empires 4 isn't the first title from Xbox Game Studios to arrive on PC first, with turn-based strategy game Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator also launching PC several months to a year before the console version.

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  • I understand why they would want to, I can't imagine it being nearly as fluid as pc.
  • My PC can't even open the game (lakefield processor), so I would love the game to come to Xbox consoles, with mouse & keyboard support, of course.
  • Is it weird that they want to bring the fourth one over to consoles but not the first three?
  • Not really, there's no incentive. They won't sell as well, their game play mechanics are much more dated which would require a larger overhaul for controller support, and they can run on just about any PC from the last 10 years. AoE4 is more demanding and requires at least a 10th gen i7 with Iris Xe just to be playable on medium/low on a laptop. An Xbox version, even if it requires a mouse and keyboard would lower the hardware barrier for most people.
  • No it's not like there is a story to follow between these games. Weird was when Playstation got mass effect 2 while the first was Xbox exclusive.
  • They just need to start cloud streaming PC games.
    Why port when streaming is cheaper?
    Use the best platform for a game, get more games per budget gigabuck.
  • Cloud streaming is still unusable for about 70% of the US for varying reasons: slow internet, high latency, ISP data caps, etc. Might be more feasible in Europe (Where they actually have good internet), but the US is the lion's share of Xbox's sales. Looking forward to this changing in the future though.
  • Look at Civilization Revolution for an idea how to map sim-like gameplay to a controller. There, done 👍
  • Come on Microsoft bring this to Xbox & collaborate with the Sega dev that made two point hospital as there former Lionhead employees & bring back Black & White.
  • Xbox has native mouse and keyboard suport... am I being crazy here? why not release Age of empires but keep it with mouse and keyboard for Xbox. Literally no modification needed
  • Because most people don't use a M&K on their Xbox. Microsoft can (and maybe should) make it M&K only, but that would be incredibly weird and confusing for some for a console.
  • Sounds like a good idea to me but they need to just make it streamable( PC CLOUD GAMING). My laptop can handle playing the game. But the 86GB installation is ridiculous for a laptop. The game needs a fair few quality of life improvements still but overall I'm enjoying it a lot!