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The Australian carrier Telstra has announced a new Windows Phone competition featuring the Lumia 800. "The Lumia Quest" will see 10 glossy new white Lumia 800 handsets being given away in 5 cities across the country this coming May. The members of public will be able to follow social media clues posted on the official Facebook page to find the hidden Lumia stash.

The competition is finders keepers and is taking place in Brisbane (May 7th), Melbourne (May 8th), Perth (May 9th), Adelaide (May 10th) and Sydney (May 11th). What do you receive should you manage to successfully find the handsets on the treasure hunt? Well the white Lumia 800 of course, but along with the Windows Phone, the ten devices come with a Telstra $50 Pre-Paid Cap Encore recharge, with $1000.00 credit and 2GB of data. Not bad, eh?

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So who's heading down to the events? Keep an eye out on the official Telstra Facebook page for more information as well as the clues on the competition days.

Update: We've just corrected the article that it's indeed the Lumia 800, not the Lumia 900.

Source: Telstra; via: WPDownUnder

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