Alchemic Phone 7 - Review

Feeling up for an elemental challenge? Alchemic Phone 7 is a Windows Phone game that puts you in charge of building a universe by combining elements to create oceans, seas, volcanoes, islands, machines and a lot more.

There are 1400 elements to unlock ranging from machines, electricity, thunder, lightning, Atlantis, and the Great Wall.  To find out more on this unique Windows Phone game, slide on past the break.

Game Layout

The game layout is fairly straight forward. You have two opposing elemental charts covering 26 realms. You start out with the basics (fire, earth, water, and air) and a couple of scientific principles (time and space). You created additional elements and realms as you combine things. For example, water and earth creates mud. water and water creates sea.

Just tap the realm to pull up a list of the available elements. Tap on the elements you would like to combine and hit the + symbol. If the combination creates something new, a new element and/or realm will appear. Kudos to the developer for adding a "suggest" button. If you don't have success combining two elements and feel they should create something, you can send you suggestion to the developer. If it makes sense, it may be added in future updates.

Your progress is indicated in between the two element charts and to view more detail on your progress, just tap the globe symbol.

Here you will see a break down of how many elements in each realm you've created. Tap the individual realm and you can see the individual elements. From there, tapping on the individual element you can see what combinations you've used them with.  Tap the element the combination created and you'll pull up the Wikipedia listing on that item.

You can also access the online leader board from the summary screen and submit your scores for consideration.  The scoring screens will also offer a summary of your overall game activity.

Game Play

The game is easy to pick up but full of challenges as you attempt to create all 1.400 elements. The first few elements are easy to create but from there your imagination and logic skills need to kick in. Just remember you can combine elements from within the same realm.

Alchemic doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it has plenty of gaming. In about thirty minutes, I was able to complete about 3% of the 1,400 elements. 

Overall Impression

Alchemic Phone 7 is an entertaining, simple, challenging game for your Windows Phone. I like how the developer has kept the door open for game expansion with player suggested elements.

To help further the entertainment value of Alchemic Phone 7, the developer has released Alchemic Extras 7. This is a companion app that brings live tile support, online backup and daily hints to the game.

All in all if you like brain teaser, logic oriented games, Alchemic Phone 7 will make a nice addition to your gaming library. Alchemic Phone 7 is a free game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Alchemic Extras 7 is currently being offered for free but it is our understanding it will become a paid app shortly. You can download the companion app here at the Marketplace.

George Ponder

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