The All Blacks take down a flying Lumia 800 recording the team [Video]

The All Blacks, New Zealand's national rugby team, were being recorded by a hovering Lumia 800 Windows Phone when they took it down with an accurate throw. Not too sure what the video is supposed to be promoting, apart from the phone being relatively sturdy and being able to record while flying through a training ground, but it's a laugh nonetheless.

Source: YouTube (Nokia), thanks tommohammed for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's what they need to do here must wrap one up and throw it through my window :-D
  • That was awesome! Man vs. machine...
  • I saw that on their fb page a couple of days ago, It was so excited since I am a huge fan of All Blacks & and Windows phone!
  • That will be our tv ad we love stiff like that - from nz
  • Didn't see any sheep there... (sorry)
  • this was taken at western springs which is fairly close to the city. Don't worry the sheep aren't far away! They never are :)
  • Man this is too funny! Yes I laughed.
  • Egads. Did anyone else get carsick watching that video??
  • The camera quality is amazing! Well, to me that is. Lol maybe a lumia 800/900 should be tied to a few balloons and a long string and record is ascend and decend, that be cool! Lol
  • How did the kids flying it know where it was going? They were on the other side of a wall...
  • I think that was part of the point. They used the Nokia to navigate the helecoptor in real time.