All the Candy Crush Saga tips and tricks you'll ever need!

Candy Crush Saga is one of those mobile games so huge that pretty much everyone, everywhere knows of it, regardless of your mobile OS preferences. While the much awaited Windows Phone launch isn't long behind us, there are a couple of benefits to the game having been on iOS and Android for a while before it.

There are some people out there rocking an iPhone or an Android phone that have put a substantial amount of time into playing Candy Crush as the months have passed, and that's good news for us. Because thanks to our buddies over at iMore, there are a whole bunch of tips, tricks and cheats to help you on your way!

Because the iMore team are such Candy Crush pros, there isn't just one, but two articles chock full of everything you need to become a champion of crushing those candies. They're broken down into batches of 10, so be sure to check them all out at the links below. Since the game is pretty much identical for Windows Phone and iOS, there shouldn't be any platform related issues. So, what are you waiting for?!

If you've got your own tips to share that aren't included, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

Richard Devine
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  • Stuck on 234 level for a week now......
  • What js that noaa tile??
  • NOAA is a weather app.
  • I finished level 730 and stuck at 384 on the owl mode. Then I suddenly realize why im single.
  • Haha
  • No thanks :)
  • No thanks
  • I played this game and got to level 7 when I asked myself "wtf I'm doing?" Lol. I can't believe this is a game that we have literally been needing on the os ha.
  • I think human is downgrading, degenerating and dying.
  • Haha.. Seriously. And that's why they use android or ios just for this shitty game leaving many awesome games.
  • Really an ass of a game..Matching sweets and getting combos..No thank you..!!
  • My thoughts exactly. I don't know what took them so long, but there's WP7 games that blow Candy Crush out of the water in game play and graphics. I think the general desire for this game is simply the 'brand name' mentality, although I don't know how that came to be. Maybe because King is the only phone game maker I've ever seen put out TV commercials... usually on channels targeted at older women. I guess Candy Crush is kind of the iPhone of phone games; it works and is enough to get by, but is insanely popular dispite there being better choices.
  • Love it or hate it it's an important draw for a lot of people choosing a phone platform, especially wanting to play with friends. I bet the sales loss is in the millions from people who didn't adopt WP because of the lack of some big/stupid/zeitgeist app.
  • I agree my partner upgraded her old Samsung for the SG4 she would be ideally suited for a Lumia but Candy Crush not being available was the only thing that stopped her buying one
  • 7 .. I got that feeling when i played level 1 and scored top score among my android friends..
    "why the hell they have wasted months on it"
  • Don't waste food!! Don't crush candy
  • Lol
  • I don't need tips and tricks. Real man don't even play candy crush!
  • +1
  • +Man
  • +Boy
  • +1 ( can he play hexic ,coz I love hexic)
  • No sterile man plays only with hammer.
  • Hammer eh? Well then, off to play 'Hit the moles' ;)
  • +620
  • Amen
  • Any tips on Shadow Fight 2... Damn challenging game..!!
  • Yeah. Awesome gameplay though
  • There was a workaround in android phones for unlimited energy. Just change your phone time and the energy will fill up again. But this isn't working with windows phone. Do try and tell
  • I need the tips! Thanks!
  • Don't cross the street when there is traffic.
  • Any tips and tricks on Asphalt 8 or any other big game..??
  • I've blocked the Candy Crush app on Facebook to not receive any notification of this game.
  • Can we do that, if so gonna do that now... And By the way,what's with the username?
  • It's extremely easy and the reason why i can't stand those "don't send me game request!!" People... When you receive a notification, just hover over it with your mouse... You'll see an X, click it and select your desired option.
  • Cool, waiting for a candy crush notification now :P
  • Windows Phone users - always looking for a silver lining.
  • Thanks. Now it's time to crushing some candies! :]
  • Bad for teeth....
  • do you really need a post on a game? there are already sites for just playing games, and Here we should more focus on Tech things. Beside, gaming on phone just murder to batteries and precious time, to my opinion.
  • Thank goodness it's just your opinion. It's a mobile game and it's on WP too IMO.
  • Heard getting angry and cursing anyone or anything drains our battery and wastes our precious time..And results in stress and tension..And finally the person dies..Indirectly anger murders a person..!!
    I would say ye be careful..!!
  • LOL! Aman2901 your comments are getting funnier and funnier! xD
  • Thanks bro..!! I to make folks smile..And WC feels home..!! Better than being a sadist and/or a racist..!!
  • can u forward time from time settings to get extra life?
  • Here's my trick - uninstall!
  • But how will you then crush our candy overlords?
  • Crush their hope ;)
  • Crush their crappy screens!
  • I'm all over this !!
  • Change date for instant life (full)
  • This runs extremely slowly every now and again during play. The candies drop like they are falling through treacle. Then it speeds up again.
  • Maybe that's a feature exclusive to WP youre mistakening for a bug...slow mo :P
  • I can't believe I'm going back to this game.
  • All this tips I already know it is pure logic behind it and I realize them after few games. Guess it l it's for murica
  • Got it...
  • Is a game and that is the point of the game have fun and make mistakes why would I want to cheat and by the way they are better and indeed more awesome games than candy crush
  • The game didn't get it's name because you crush candy. The candy crushes your soul. Also if you are far enough along already there is a glitch in the game
  • I started like 2 days ago.But I stucked at level 30
  • I got the best trick ever! 1: Go to app on app list 2: Hold down on the app 3: Delete!
  • This works. I ve already been doing it. You gotta turn your location off and just change your time zone to 30min later. You will get full energy. And if u change it to 4hrs later you can fight Duals right after.
  • I'm avoiding this game like the plague. I've seen people get addicted to the point of asking strangers at the grocery store if they play candy crush so they can get unlocked. LOL
  • Windows 8/10 Candy Crush Saga/Soda Saga/Jelly Saga Moves/Lives Cheat/Hack