A video sample posted on October 29 by the YouTube channel -[videotistik]- shows off what they claim is the Microsoft Lumia 950's camera. Just how -[videotistik]- got their hands on the phone or if the video sample is really from the said Lumia is unclear. However, the channel does specialize in nothing but smartphone video and photo comparisons, and they have been around since 2008, so just maybe.

The three and a half minute video goes up to 4K resolution and shows a few nature shots including some macros of fall foliage. If the video is from a Lumia 950, then users would be quite happy with the level of details, smoothness and color representation, which look phenomenal. Whether or not the software used is finalized is also not known.

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For now, we're filing this under rumor only because at no point in the video do you see the phone in question, which would have been nice. Nonetheless, the channel looks credible and in this day and age we suppose anything is possible.

The Lumia 950 should go on sale later in November on AT&T with an early December release for Europe and elsewhere.

Source: -videotistik-; via Windows Blog Italia, Reddit; Thanks, Alexander, for the tip