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Alleged photos of cancelled 'Lumia 850' reveal sleek metal design and front-facing flash

New photos of the alleged Lumia 850 have made an appearence via Microsoft is expected only to announce the business- and budget-orientated Lumia 650 in the coming weeks with little fanfare. Likewise, I am not anticipating any press events for Redmond at the approaching Mobile World Congress at the end of February, but that doesn't stop old prototypes from leaking.

The Lumia 850 was one of the numerous phones that I contend were cancelled in July 2015 after Microsoft CEO's Satya Nadella's reorganization of the Lumia portfolio and team. From that perspective, these photos are similar to the recently released images of the also-cancelled 'McLaren' high-end phone from 2014. I have been told the prototype in these photos is about 7 months old.

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Regarding notable features, here is what we know and can see from the photos:

  • Front-facing flash (not an iris scanner, and there was no iris scanner planned)
  • 5.4-inch display
  • No dedicated camera button
  • Thin design with a metal frame similar to the Lumia 650
  • micro USB charging port on top
  • headphone jack on the bottom
  • dual SIM

As far as the charging port, early prototypes often go with off-the-shelf parts, and the micro USB would have likely been swapped for a Type C. It is not known if Continuum would have been supported.

The overall design looks nice, but there are the usual letdowns we have been accustomed to with the 8xx series. For example, no dedicated camera button is a glaring omission from this model. The reversing of the charging port and headphone jack is still aggravating, and the internal specs would have likely been underwhelming.

As to why photos are now coming forward, my guess is due to more reorganization. I have heard recently that more Lumia team members have been laid off following the launch of the Lumia 550, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL, with only the Lumia 650 being added to the portfolio. The uptick is that the team under Panos has reportedly been hiring mobile staff for their own phone project. With resources and people shifting you tend to get these unauthorized disclosures.

In some ways, it is unfortunate that this phone was cancelled. Then again, we all know the old strategy was not working very well. Additionally, there are some fascinating OEM partners stepping up with new Windows 10 Mobile hardware, including VAIO, and we have a feeling there will be at least one very surprising announcement at Mobile World Congress from another major hardware manufacturer.

By cancelling the Lumia 850, Microsoft may have afforded their partners some breathing room to release their own hardware, which may have been the desired effect.

Source: Tieba Baidu; Thanks, Hyken W., for the tip

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Looks super thin.  This initial look doesn't look as good as the black-on-gold trim like the 930 has.
  • I prefer the 930 to this and the "other OEM designs all seem to follow the 950 design, which I don't like. I would not have bought this due to no camera button and the reversal of the headphone and USB. I do hope they manage to design a phone that does not follow the big bezel, flat screen Samsung like 950.....that's my list :)
  • This phone would have had a better battery than your 930, that's for sure.
  • When i go walking i put the phone in my pocket and if i get a phone call its way easyer if the audio jack is on the botom opf the phone.  Its way more natural if i need to turake phone out to change a song.  Personally i thoin its a great choice and i think the power on top makes it easyer to use phone while pluged in too.  Shame the 950 didnt look like this.  I still would like the camera to not pretrude out of the case, i say make thicker stick in biger batery and have camera flush on case.
  • No Dedicated Camera Button, It may be Lumia 750. (As L730 is for Selfy lovers and this render has strong front camera with flash).
  • Agree, but then again taste is subjective. This 'edge' doesn't look finished. I wouldn't have bought the 930 also, prefer the simple sturdy durability of polyC. MS should thus give choice and availability. 950XL introduction was prepared with amazing introduction deal here. But the six (sic!) devices in store wasn't even enough for my friends. MS stopped diversity, should at least provide availability!
  • Looks superb!
  • This is really good looking, damn you Microsoft!
  • Oh, c'mon now. We would have detailed the specs and everyone would have said it was too expensive, or needs this, and that it will fail. We've been doing this for years now, we know how everyone rolls here :P
  • Ohhh I want a high-end and willing to pay the cost, the 950 has no allure.
  • My red and gold 950 with its QuadHD clearblack display and best in class camera disagrees :p
  • Agreed. The phone comes with a minimalist back cover. The Mozo leather back covers are fantastic. I have the stitched tan leather with chrome edge, while my wife has the same red leather with gold trim. Both look and feel awesome.
  • The two people I've specifically shown my 950 to (People that actually wanted to take a look, have a hold, see the screen etc.) both really liked the 950 - One is your "average consumer" and the other a tech enthusiast - They both liked the handset overall, but the friend who is into tech (my business partner) did think the phone was too large - He prefers something like the 920 size wise, but owns an iPhone 6s
  • A tech enthusiast who has an iPhone?
  • a tech enthusiast who says the 950 screen is too big lol  thats a subjective thing, some people want big screens and some people dont.
  • Best in class camera? Proof? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • its on par with the gaslaxy camera and some think better, but theres plenty of phone reviews on you tube that puts the 950 at the top with the galaxy for photo shoots. You tube matey try there for your proof, theres actually quite alot.
  • The camera is definitely not best in class. It's great, but not at all the best.
  • There's a group of five-six model that can considered at the top. This is one of these as any reviewer said. Only missing thing is laser focus.
  • I dont know why people are giving you negative votes, the 950 is a cheap looking plastic budget phone, thats the reason and the only reson i didnt buy it.  This 850 looks great
  • So buy leather if you don't like plastics, jeez people like to complain.
  • Hey, don't judge a phone by its materials. Both the XL and the Samsung Galaxy tab 4 feel amazing for polycarb. I'd rather be able to take out the battery or even switch to better backs rather than have an immovable glass back. But then again, different strokes for different folks, right?
  • Man, you got it right ;D
  • Well, we couldn't have said it was too expensive if it wasn't too expensive!
  • Agree with you Dan, but MS could use similar design language with top specs for 950 (xl). Those phones would be perfect that way! I don't say they're not good but...
  • Do you think that would make people buy them though, that's the real question - I mean people who weren't already interested in phones running Windows; iPhone and Android users. I don't think this design would have made the phone any more desirable to those groups of people tbh - Plus it looks very similar to the 950 anyway
  • Yes we do.
  • Isn't the app gap ultimately hurting any windows phone that comes out? I mean it could be the best hardware on the market by leaps and bounds, but without the apps to back it up isn't that what's hurting? I would love a so called surface phone, but lately my faith in WP has been failing :-(
  • I haven't lost any faith in Windows, it's still my favourite mobile OS, and if it wasn't I'd have bought something else already - But, I agree it's not the design of the phones that's stopping people buying them - I got the 950 and personally I'm a fan of the design, I prefer it to my 930 which feels bulk in comparison now (I did still really like the design of the 930 though) - Either way you are right it's not the hardware, there's other reasons behind people not buying these latest Windows Phones - Part of it is the app gap (which genuinely affects a lot of users) but also there's the fact that people generally don't LIKE to switch operating systems. I have friends who were burnt too badly by Windows Phone 7 - Not the upgrading the WP8, but the fact notifications were crap compared to other platforms at the time and things like that - they've had iPhones for a few years now and aren't interested in going for a different OS, they'd lose their Apple Watch functionality and Apple Pay amongst other things. They have assimilated over the years into iClones.
  • I totally agree with your 2 main points. People find it easy to stick with what they have known for years and generally they have invested in the ecosystem too. Some of my family left WP because apps were not available or were part functional compared to Android. I remain WP as I consider it the best OS and with W10 on my 930 and SP3 they do everything I want.
  • People have different opinion. Windows phone are not crazy cheap, at least out of US, They have to f,ight with moto, huwei, lenovo....who make really good phone at budget price, in most cases, these phones are lot cheaper than lumia, when app gap is there why should someone buy something expensive if they are not fan?  I bought windows phone for mom (lumia 640), but when are school friends called her through viber after 10 years and wanted to video chat I had to say it doesn't support video calling in wi40ndows phone, and in other day skype calling had video chat issue, but no issue when she used my brother's phone. and she wanted have some apps for prayer time, and in windows phone we have those apps but the alarm never stop by itself....and developer said its wp limitation.....I felt so bad that I bought a samsung phone for her and keeping this 640 for myself as back up. She is not heavy user of apps but even only few apps she wanted was missing or with lack of feature...some people may claim only few apps have this issue...I would say no that is phone has huge app gap issue mostly small names are almost existent.....did you see how many IMO fake app in windows store? if you deduct this kind of app ws has serious app gap to be honest. I know this app gap still i use wp for myself because of fluid OS willl not recommend to anybody because of the app gaps ...period.
  • there is some apps missing and yeh games and products from shops lack the app status of iphone or android but for about 80% of people theres alot of apps and more than enough to go with, some beter than the opositions versions and some worst but prety much every app you want baring say snapchat and maybe hangouts is really the big ones, the rest well i use you tube on my phone everyday and cast it to my tv using a app  so the official you tube app missing isnt a issue, even with official app i prefer metro tube.  Instagram is here but i prefer 6 tag, well you get the point.  Its not in my opinion that big a issue, its a issue but apps will come when people buy the phone.  To me the bigest issue is all the bs about windows phone that  other people say, cause alot is bs.  Its actually a very good platform.  Live tiles alone make it the most apealing os to me.  But then again its all subjective.  All i know is i use my 930 and it does things none of my iphones could ever do and theres things my iphone did that my 930 cant like apple pay lol but saying that i use my 930 alot more because its more fun and its everything at a glance is great.  It certainly isnt a bad platform.  ivwe had iphones for 6 years, the 3gs, 4s 5 and tried the 6 for a short time, i also has a galaxy acer, desire and galaxy s4, to me the lumia 930 and windows 8.1 is the best os in a mobile platform and phone i have ever used.  I like 10 and prefer it to android and ios but its not close to 8.1 yet, but again thats my personal tastes.
  • lol!!!!
  • Yup... Everything is great until people sees the phone or price... Then it is bad whatever they do.
  • No camera button on second down from flagship is ridiculous.
  • Does no camera button imply no pureview? If so, I'm glad it got cancelled.
  • Agree with Daniel and I also wanna add that... If this is what Microsoft would've released and looks this great.. Imagine the next phones which will be 100% by them. We will have to wait and see but I think they'll strive to make it look and work better. Especially if it's a surface line. But we'll see
  • It is good they thinned the portfolio but my 735 was just the right price for the specs and nice design
  • Why is the charger port on the top, must everyone copy Apple's bull§hit?!
  • Look at the 830. Same deal.
  • Looks like it'd have been a nice upgrade from my 830 if it had SD617 and continuum with it, just missing that damn camera button but I guess I could've lived without it.
  • When I bought my 830 I thought I was going to hate the charging port on top, it ended being a benefit and I sorta missed it when I moved to the 950xl. The way I have my cables routed in my office puts the cable at the to of my devices. I am using a wireless pad now though
  • 925 ;)
  • I have the 830 - thought it was odd to have the charge port on top - along with the headphones. looks bad when in car in holder - wires everywhere that have to be managed to not block the screen - guess I could put it in landscape mode!
  • i bought a 830 for my dear mother, she was useing a iphone 4s, she prefers windows 8.1 mobile and loves her 830 so much that she now uses the internet regularly, whats app daily, cortana for apointments and taking holiday snaps, all things she never really got to grips with on the iphone.  830 GREAT PHONE :)  Would have loved to get her this 850 it looks great.
  • Apple charging ports are on the bottom.
  • Which iPhone is that...Fake!!!!
  • That's where the Lumia 925 had it as well. It was convenient when I had it charging when sitting at my desk while working, as the charging cable is run from behind the desk (and the 925 didn't come with wireless charging). The grass is usually greener...
  • I like having the charging port at the top. Keeps the cables out of the way at my desk. Wish there'd be another L925-ish phone. It had so much potential, but it it never got the advertising it deserved.
  • Agreed. I still believe the 925 is the best looking phone ever made, by any manufacturer. I frequently had iPhone and Android users asking me about it, as it was both eye-catching and elegant.
  • Eye catching and elegant designs would be appreciated - lets hope the rumoured Surface Phone is both.
  • I prefer it, easier to use while plugged in
  • I find the charger port on the top to be most sensible. Headphone and charger port in one place makes it easy to put my phone in to my pocket, listen to tunes, and charge the phone via external battery. Also, when I'm reading something lying down, the charge port on the bottom gets in the way)
  • Were they copying anyone when they put it on the L925... In 2013?
  • Every original idea in the tech world was invented (stolen) by Apple
  • I think charging port on top, and headphones on the bottom is very smart.  Most people I know put their phones in their pockets upside down, so the headphone jack would be perfect on the bottom.  Also, when charging on a desk, cables are run from the back of the desk, so it makes sense for the cables to be up top.  When I'm working at my desk, my USB cable and headphone cables BOTH do 180 degree turns. Also, continuum with the dock would be much better with the USB port up top.  When my friend plugs in, the cable is bent 180 degrees to orient the phone right.  It would be so much cleaner if it was on top.  The part that I see as a total fail in this device is the lack of a camera button.  Just put the $0.05 into each phone and make it standard Lumia fare like it used to.  It is SUCH a great differentiator that any ordinary Joe can immediately appreciate.
  • Every iPhone has had the charging port at the bottom, so I'm not sure what you're getting at. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • May be he got an Chinese fake iPhEne
  • Apple has the chargers at the bottom...
  • Uh... do Apple phones have the charging Port on the top? Granted I've never seen a 6s but none of the others have that.
  • Ah well, been and gone. Just make the surface phone damn good.
  • This phone looks awesome!
  • "By cancelling the Lumia 850, Microsoft may have afforded their partners some breathing room to release their own hardware, which may have been the desired effect." Yeap. That's pretty clear, but people can't see it.
  • If Vaio and Xiaiomi enter the windows mobile market we could have some fun. My Vaio laptop, which I'm using right now, still has top class design.
  • +1
  • And fortunately they are. :D
  • But all the phones look the same design style. I have yet to see anyone design something elegant, eye catching and unique.
  • Maybe people like me don't want a phone phone from some third party, which wouldn't get all updates and features like I've come to love from Nokia/Lumia, if that still was a thing. You could argue about the flagship, but I'm staying neutral on that until I see the Surface Phone. I ain't buying a lumia without colors and distinctibve design (I also would love hardware windows buttons, but now those are part of the past.). At this point I'm considering buying an old Lumia or hoping for a OEM like Sony, or even worse Samsung(I'm not really serious about this one, like a diehard Nokia fan) to put w10 on their flagships.
  • "I ain't buying a lumia without colors and distinctive design" Microsoft will be the one updating Windows 10. Also, if you think MS will ever release a new Lumia like the old ones (with colors and distinctive design) stop. They won't. Lumia fans need to wake up. That time has passed. Sorry.   "Maybe people like me don't want a phone phone from some third party" Do you think Android would be the most OS out there just with 'Google phones'? MS isn't a phone company, that's just Apple and Apple only. As their last chance, Microsoft will launch the Surface phone to showcase Windows 10 Mobile features, and that's it. Just like they did with Surface/Pro, and inspired others OEMs and the competition (Google and Apple's iPad Pro).
  • It has been since the One m8 for windows since we saw a good third party phone. And most importatntly I'm thinking about Nadella who said we would get the phones we loved and for me their last good one was the 830.
  • Agree, the phones so far all look the same. Funny how WP market share was up to 15% with the distinctive and colourful designs. But since this move to 950 designs that all OEMs copy the market share has bombed!
  • Lol one thing I can say about sammy is they do hardware buttons properly by programing an idle timeout for the backlit buttons something nokia should've followed. 1 thing that bugs me is the non-required change to the screenshot combo it seems like everytime I pull it out im accidentally hit them try to grip it
  • Nice theory, but no real proof of that happening or working yet, or that any space was needed or was released. With the sales declines the other OEMs may essentially need to start from scratch in many places. But, here to hoping it does work.
  • But as usual, common sense and insight don't matter. If it was cancelled, it's the greatest WP to have ever been concieved. No WP's matter like the ones people can't get.  Which is stupid. 
  • lol, that is pretty much how I see it
  • The problem is its not flag ship and its too expensive for those who want a cheap model so if they released it, it would likely not sell so good like the 830 didn't.
  • Yup... That is the wp community in a nutshell nowadays. Prototypes are perfect and everything is garbage according to these people.
  • Metal, or even worse, fake metal is so ugly. I hope the surface phone is not metal. Jesus that Samsung galaxy edge phone is ugly. Feels so cheap. Too bad Microsoft is moving this way.
  • Are you from another planet :) ...?
    Edge and 6S are the n.1 phones in the world and are metal dude.
  • I'm in complete agreement. I don't want metal... I want polycarbonate in nice colors.
  • Totally! Old school Scandinavian perfection! Only that.
  • People are stupid and think metal is great. It doesn't belong in a housing for a phone at all! Too heavy, not shock absorbing and it feels cold. It leaks cheap like a wannabe-piece-of-jewelry. It feels very breakable and is easy to damage. It has no advantages whatsoever other than that people are brainwashed into believing metal is better on any product.
  • Like u are brainwashed into thinking polycarbonate is the best ;)
  • He's not, because PC is actually the best material for a phone.
  • They are not the number one phone in the world.
  • "we have a feeling there will be at least one very surprising announcement at Mobile World Congress from another major hardware manufacturer."   You're giving people hope that Samsung will present a WP version of the Galaxy S7 or LG a WP version of the G5. Don't be surprised at the disappointed rage when that doesn't happen :P
  • I would be ecstatic for the fans if that happened but I still couldn't committ until more quality apps come to the store. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I didn't say or imply Samsung.
  • Ah a clue? Didn't imply Samsung...but nothing on LG...? Anyway, will wait and see...I like pleasant surprises...
  • I didn't say you did ;)
  • Imagine a Samsung wp! Xiaomi is already bringing the mi5 and now if more oem's follow it would be great.
    P.S. I am still hoping Nokia would make a wp again:)
  • That would be pretty awesome. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • He may refer to the next Xiaiomi that is rumored to be released with OS choice from the start.
  • Well, just hope it won't be a Sony with it's bad glass build. To add: On the Dutch TV Sony got very bad publicity about the build AND bad/no warranty from Sony constumer service. Well, no service really.
  • I've use a Z3C for a year, and it was a marvellous phone. Sony's hardware is top noch and the phone's performance was too. The only downside was the camera which was Android-great in 2014 but quickly turned into crap once LG and Samsung released their 2015 flagships. So yeah, you might not like Sony, but your experience with them doesn't reflect my experience nor that of everyone I know who owns an Xperia (and I know a lot more people with Xperias than WPs actually).     (sidenote: yeah, their customer support in Europe s*cks though. On the other hand, so does Microsoft's. Honestly, the best customer support I've got which wasn't from Nokia, was from LG actually. That's something Sony has to really work on...which is hard considering they keep firing people)
  • Man..i would be really happy if it meant LG, Xiaomi, One plus or even Samsung ( I don't like them as a business) provide a windows 10 option and got behind the marketing too...HTC or Sony...not so sure...they don't seem to have the brand power any more to drive sales for any of their phones, let alone for a windows powered one...
  • He didn't specify that it was Samsung ...could be Nokia announcing a Windows amd Android device for all we know. HP is supposed to be making a Windows Mobile device and Lenovo has been doing a phenomenal job with their devices and they are business oriented, so even they could be showing a device.
  • DJCBS didn't say that is what Dan said, in fact he specifically pointed out that it's because Dan didn't give any specifics that people would jump to random conclusions based on the info and, as a result, be disappointed in whatever is announced.
    He was making a joke in other words. I would have thought the smiley at the end would have given that away.
  • I didn't go after his throat for it, all I said was he didnt specify, so incase people do read into it, they shouldnt, which is why I continued with it could be Nokia, HP or even Lenovo.
  • Of course, but now think with me: what will MWC be about? The new Galaxy S7 phones. I mean, there's no way around that. Even LG, who scheduled the launch of the G5 (probably) to MWC too is being suicidal in going against Samsung for attention there. SO, when Daniel writes "one very surprising announcement" and "major hardware manufacturer" who do you think the average WP-fan will immediatly think of and hope for (considering they've done WP in the past)? Samsung or LG of course. Even though we both know that's not gonna happen. Hence the joke ;)
  • I'm more than happy for MS to pull back on the number of models they make thus bringing in more OEM's to the party like that of Acer and now VAIO. At least then we might have a more varied hardware ecosystem.
  • Cool design. Wish 950 and XL came with it. Well, ****!
  • Why reverse the Charging port and earphone piece?
    In short it is an Android phone with windows OS
  • The only thing reversed for me is the headphone jack. Charging port at the top is perfect for keeping cords out of the way on the desk.
  • You can put the phone in your pocket the correct way (so when you take it out it is the right way up) and still use headphones that's why.
  • Whatever the reason for cancellation there shouldn't be argument that it was done because it made business sense. A few windows phone internet blowhards does not guarantee a successful device. This would have cannibalized sales from OEMs... The very orgs MSFT wants to step up in the first place.
  • Thank god it was cancelled. It shares nothing with Lumia 830. It looks more like a 640XL successor.
  • ^ nuff said! The doom mongers et al would have had more ammunition in their attempt to poison these fine boards, bemoaning that it doesn't look / behave / have the specs or as many apps as an Iphone / droid device......
  • Lmao. Why did they waste all these nice designs on lower end and canned phones, and slap the crap design on the "flagship"? Who the hell is steering this ship???
  • Nadella is.
  • Yeah, I know. I point out what bumbling ass he is, and everyone just talks profits. When company worries about nothing but profits, and stops worrying about what ita consumers want..... Bye bye.
  • I wish they bring back curved screens...whenever I reach out for my 950XL, I take a look at the 920 sitting beside it and can't stop myself from thinking about the good old Nokia designs
  • +920
  • Very surprising announcement windows roms for apple and nexus phones! And go....
  • 950/950XL should look more like this..
  • It's bigger than the 950?
  • Are they speaking about Xiaomi?
  • That looked great, has far better design than 950 sisters
  • Disagree. Fully.
  • I sometimes feel MSFt will be regretting their decision to cancel the McLaren. That phone alone could have held the flagship status for couple of years. and MSFT could have developed & polished Win 10.  That wouldn't have left MSFT with NO flagship.   and on this phone. This phone looks promising. Lack of dedicated camera button -- How do you separate the Flagship from others.
  • McLaren didn't work, that was its problem. Project sounded like it was mismanaged.
  • How could that have "held flagship status for a couple of years" (whatever that means, lo!) But the 1520, or any of the 900 series didn't? Lets keep things in perspective.
  • I'm glad they cancelled this phone. The 550, 650, 950/XL is enough. Make a few good phones and leave the rest to others like BLU
  • I'm glad this thing is dead, last thing we need is a cheap phone with advantages over the "flagship" to help fan loyalty, it should matter right? Nadella said so, "a phone for the fans"
  • Never understood y we must not make a badass device and OEM's make devices. They don't do it, they half ass it, the don't update etc etc. Why do we want to give ass holes a chance maybe they make one this year, etc etc just like waiting for a 1020 successor, a new high end everyone can buy, I don't think people like playing the I'll wait 3 years and maybe something will come BS. The only thing ever to be worth wild is the HTC one.
  • Likely a processor that's SD 400 or 600 range
  • Nice phone. Too bad MS can't seem to commit to Windows anymore. Even Ars Technica is telling their readers that Windows Mobile/Phone has no future anymore.
    I hope they are wrong, but they base that on their impressions of Microsoft's anemic and half hearted "support" of the platform, and on that it is hard to disagree.
  • Microsoft has released three new devices in the last three months.  Shame they're not committed to Windows (Phone) any more...
  • Nokia release three new devices....550, 650, and the 950 series. All of these devices were in Nokia's portfolia and ever this 850. Microsoft held the 950 up and made a few changes to it, but make no mistake about it, these are all Nokia designed phones......Microsoft hasn't designed a phone yet, they simply put removed the Nokia logo from the 640 series, 550, and 950 series devices and place their stamp on them period!
  • It's not about the hardware.  If there were demand OEMs would step up. The software (and slow to non existant pace of development) is what is getting the negative attention.  See for yourself.
  • It's not about devices, it's about software, market presence, and evangelism.  Windows 10 Mobile is clearly unfinished and it's development is moving at a snails pace.  NONE of the bridges that were announced a year ago are ready, and an important one has even been cancelled.  The mobile OS is not given attention by marketing, and barely given attention by the rest of the company.  There is no enthusiasm for the platform any more.  The best parts of the OS are being developed for Android and iOS in a more polished state, and the development of MS software on competiting platforms is happening faster than MS even improves their own platform.  The state of Windows Mobile is not a good one today, and Microsoft is completely to blame.  
  • its ok for a mid range, i hope the surface phone wont look like that
  • The problem is not on the hardware side but the OS, as i have said before the words 'BRING BACK.....this......blah blah' are featuring in most of the complains where MS is always changing features that users have never complained about. why remove camera button.
  • I know. They keep asking what we want. Why do we keep having to ask for stuff we already had? Look at the music app for crying out loud. Why did they scrap Zune, just to give us this worthless crap? No smart playlist, no metadata edit, etc. Exactly what was the point of this switch to Xbox Music/Groove? We haven't gained one advantage. Who the hell thought this was a good idea???
  • So,premium
  • He didn't want anything that would cause windows phone to sell in America to mess up his plan to continue promoting and creating software for other platforms..... Apple & Android. The only other reason is if he plans on canceling the Lumia line in favor of surface phones, but if that's the case, a surface phone should have been introduced instead of the Lumia 950 series. I'm really starting to second guess my enthusiasm I had for him initially....
    Microsoft should have selected someone email to lead the company. Please don't give the line about growth because Microsoft was promoting cloud services O365, Azure, sharepoint, Skype, linked, hyper-V, etc. before Satya was selected.
  • I see Apple's lending its old iPhone designs to Microsoft.That thing is hideous with its copper-looking metal frame.
  • So why exactly is it that Microsoft seems to be the only phone manufacturer who cant get the specs/price ratio right? This with a SD617 at $300 would be the perfect business phone as it would have their much vaunted BUSINESS feature continuum, not the low end 650 whose only advantage is price. Pitch this to mid level management, mobile workers and it makes sense but if course at Microsoft that kind of thinking isn't welcome.
  • They would have re-thought about it , i guess !!
  • Cancelling this device is what made Microsoft stay in the current position now ! They could have released "McLaren" and continued with Windoes 10 development and could have given us a nearly perfect OS.
    But Satya Nadella's strategy is not that worse either. Creating Waas and devices for the fan, they tend to increase the business through OEM's and through other devices !
    Also , rumoured surface phone (or a new hardware design from Microsoft th different branding) might just prove worth the buy with Redstone coming this year !! So , maybe the designs were good enough, but , i do think that letting OEM's also play a role in developing the market share of Windows 10 mobile is also a fair Olay Rom Microsoft !
    This is my view ... !!!
  • McLaren didn't work.
  • Do you know that?
  • Thanks Nadella.
  • Wonder what benefits they got from Nokia acquisition, if they wanted to cancel Lumia series.
    Strategic failure may be I am writing wrong.
  • ALL I WANT IS A 640 with newer CPU and wireless charging.
  • Buy a 650 z
  • I will be if it has wireless charginging. But from the specs released so far it seems to not have that an a poor upgrade for the CPU. It seems to be a 640 built for Windows 10.
  • Looks fine! I want to see a black/gold Surface Phone.
  • I'm intrigued about that manufacturer Daniel mentioned, my 2 guesses are: It's not apple and it might be Sony.....close Dan? :P
  • VAIO is already confirmed, and it's not Apple, so...
  • Sony you are saying then Dan.....
  • Ever since the black lumia 950xl i'm a huge fan of an all black phone.  I'm not digging the different color trims anymore.  I think the original black cover looks better than my mozo brown leather, when looking at the phone as a whole.  I'd prefer the trim was metal but black so it blends with the phone screen.  At least on my 950xl.  
  • "been hiring mobile staff for their own phone project." One wonders if the resources would not have been available within the ex- Nokia teams? But I guess the would draw on those anyway.
  • Many of the people laid off were not at Redmond. Like other jobs, sometimes you have to reapply.
  • Yes, indeed. What I also in part meant by the latter sentence. Would imagine in particular for the internals there should still be some industry leading expertise in house. And some of that does not necessarily need to be completely transferred to Redmont of course. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft cancelled this one in order to OEM sell their phones
  • Great just great. WHAT DID THOSE POOR PEOPLE DO WRONG THAT THEY HAD TO SUFFER???? Let me guess, get bought by MS. Of course, When Satya was against this deal at that point he couldn't do anything but now he is. Just very good. I'll be buying the Lumia 950XL just because IT WAS A NOKIA PHONE. The phone and brand that brought me to WP8 first. MS can keep their so-called Surface phone to themselves. I will not buy any of their phones now. This is not fair with these ppl. Everyday I hear layoffs, it just breaks my heart.
    You know what MS lacks? BRAND RECOGNITION! At first it was destroyed due to NSA scandal, then buying Nokia and destroying their factories and lastly, bringing and focusing apps on other platforms. Money isn't everything. Remember MS.
  • feel better? lol
  • Heh we will see about that Mr.Rubino.
  • People lose jobs all the time. Its not a company's obligation to keep and pay staff they dont need. Get over it.
  • Oh yeah for sure. People do lose their jobs but then again, each one has its own opinion.
  • I actually prefer the on top positioning of the charging port.
  • Charging port on top it's a huge mistake, like audio connection pm bottom. That would be a huge design mistake.
  • 925 and 830 already had it like that, not really new to Lumia line.
  • Ok, but to me still a big mistake - e.g., you cant' use charging cradles with the port on top.
    Beside that, on L925 and L830 the audio connection still on top (no need to put the phone in your pocket upside down when listen to music).
  • Ew. Charging cradles?
  • yes, those docks where you put the phone charging on vertical. Well, but it was one example why I think the usb port should be on bottom.
  • That's a awesome design, why couldn't the 950Xl have that metallic frame? Give me at least a back cover like the mozo one but with policarbonate or aluminium instead of leather and microsoft logo on it
  • Windows Phone is dead
  • Not a big loss. I'm sure it would have come in north of $400 and they would have still pandered to us by calling it "Affordable", HELLO you have a $30 640!
  • Given that MS hasn't been releases 64 bit SOC except for the 950/xl and basically has given it's customers what they don't want besides...
  • New S7 available on Windows Phone. Or maybe Sony release one.
  • dream or leak? I don't think samsung will do it soon. MSFT has no confidence on their own platform (mobile), then why would others have it? Unless MSFT put them in trap for some licensing issue !
  • Just reskin it with a Windows phone launcher and install all the Microsoft show and you're good to go.
  • Since Microsoft Windows smart phone sales are way down these days I understand why Microsoft is lowering the number of Lumia smart phones for sale. A Strange fact is if this case design was used on the 950 and 950 XL They would not have gotten as bad reviews as they got as far as case design is concerned. I am no linger a supporter of Microsoft just making ARMS CPU smart phones because they have not sold well enough and the Apps gap still exists. I desire Microsoft to make some Windows smart phones with Intel x86 Mobile CPU's using a "Modified" version of the Full Windows 10 Desktop PC OS which would be enabled to Run 1= Run Windows 10 PC store apps, 2= Run MS Universal Apps, 3 Run full Windows win32 Desktop PC Programs (Best run in "Continuum" mode). Folks I think this is 1= the best Windows smart phone to show off the full potential of Windows 10 because Intel CPU Windows smart phones would use the same apps as the desktop PC, 2= be the best smart phone to integrate with all Windows 10 computers, 3 Give Microsoft smart phones customers access to millions of PC programs to choose from to use on a 5.5 to 6 inch screen smart phone.
  • I miss the charger on the top...made for charging in my car's cup holder really easy
  • I really don't understand Microsft and what they're doing with their phone division. They acquire a company that used to make some of the most unique phone designs on the planet and then basically fire them all. We get leaked shots of designs that never make release, which look great, then the phones they actually release as just boring plastic slabs. What the hell is wrong with you Microsoft? Are you purposely trying to put people off buying your mobile devices? Are you purposely trying to get rid of your loyal users? It just doesn't make any sense.
  • The aim of buying Nokia was to write it off. The monopoly was preventing other OEM's from supporting WP. And that's the same reason why MS is retrenching. They want their OEMs to make the phones. MS cant compete with the OEMs. The surface phone just like the surface tablets will introduce a new category or just raise the bar for Windows Mobile OEMs. MS doesnt want to be apple.
  • That's a nice looking phone
  • Having a separate physical camera shutter button is niche feature in windows phone losing its kinda of disappointment.
  • I am going to get myself a galaxy s7 when it arrives. I've made this decision after 7 years with Windows phone and numerous handsets for me and my family. I am leaving with great sadness but I also feel liberated and unburdened. Finally I will have all the apps I always wanted but could never get.
  • I am pretty sure that it was never ment to be an 850, as the camera button is missing. All phones beginning at 8xx series always had that.
  • Forget the 800 series. All Windows Phones had a camera button before MS watered down the specs.
  • Exactly and it was an outright stupidity to take away some useful feature from entry level phones only to give your flagships a novelty. It has backfired for MS and hopefully Panos Panay has taken a note of it
  • Will come back as the Surface phone' S/M/XL⁉
  • Another overpriced device but at least this one got cancelled. Doesn't even have a camera button.
  • I do hope that along with other improvements, Panos decides to have the camera button by default on all phones, regardless of the their price and pureview or no pureview. It is a ridiulous decision to deliberately take away features from earlier entry level phones to give your flagships a novelty and clearly it has not helped MS sell a lot of flagship phones either. Also somewhere down the line, say in next two years, MS must make continuum a common feature among all windows phones too and not restirct it to high end phones alone.
  • It's amazing how much the ommission of camera key on a phone makes after getting used to it. Going from a 1320 to a 950XL to a 640XL I find I am wasy less inclined to take photos, even over the potato camera that was the 1320, just because it is a little extra to get to the camera in the first place. I'm surprised that it was planned to be missing on the 850, especially since the 830 was talked up for its camera (by Microsoft).
  • That would have been a more premium looking 950/950XL.
  • This is an interesting device. I could use as a backup Windows 10 mobile smart phone if it was in the market place. What I am looking for is a mid priced Continuum capable Windows 10 smart phone Hopefully Microsft will make one. A Japanese smart phone Company makes one that can be made to have custom looks.if they can sell a mid priced Continuum Windows 10 smart phone. Microsoft could and should do the same
  • i hate that microsoft has to lower their portfolio so it doesnt scare away oems.  as far as i know, OEMS have the shittiest designs.  after surface, everyone started copying it.
  • This is kinda interesting though. I guess no one told this case maker it got cancelled. :)
  • This device is lumia 650 xl Posted via the Windows Central App for Android