Amazon 1¢ sale with WP7 on AT&T

Being known for unbeatable prices on many products online, Amazon have carried savings over to Windows Phone 7 on AT&T by Amazon Wireless. The price drop is to celebrate their massivly popular Kindle service that now covers the new platform to provide a complete solution for users. So, what models are available you ask? The HTC Sorround (opens in new tab), LG Quantum (opens in new tab), and Samsung Focus (opens in new tab) devices are available on contract through Amazon Wireless.

If you are interested in making the jump to Windows Phone 7, you will need to act fast as this promotion is only lasting through to January 17th.

Source; BGR (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's only for new contracts, and individual line upgrades. Family accounts get screwed at $149 (Focus at least). Cheaper to go through AT&T or Costco.
  • I bought 2 Focuses on this promotion. Can't beat the deal if you are switching or need a new contract. Amazon Wireless did a decent job, too (though they did mess up the number transfer for 1 of my phones - AT&T fixed it in a snap).When I did it, though...they said the promotion was going to end on 12/30...
  • I bought my Focus through Amazon Wireless and was very happy with the service, and 1 cent sure beat the $200 my local AT&T shop wanted for the phone. I found Amazon Wireless's support to be very good. They've responded to my emails within one day. There seemed to be a problem porting my phone numbers over from Sprint to AT&T, but I was able to call Amazon and they resolved the issue with AT&T in several minutes.
  • WTH? Not available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, yet apparently everywhere else? Guess I'll have to order using the address of a not so distant relative or friend. Ridiculous.