Amazon China apologises and cancels Lumia 920T orders that were underpriced

Amazon China has sent out emails to customers who managed to place an order for the Lumia 920T stating that all orders have been cancelled. The Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset was underpriced (3599 Yaun / $570) and subsequently sold out in just 30 minutes.

We've previously seen retailers make mistakes when it comes to Windows Phone product listing, but we rarely see lower prices published by accident. It appeared to be too good to be true, and while some managed to get their name in before the handset sold out it's clear Amazon is not going to fulfil said orders.

The apology email read as follows (roughly translated):

"I regret to inform you, in your account to buy goods, commodity price information is incorrect and the merchandise has not yet arrived, order merchandise has been canceled. If your order payment has been made, the abolition of commodity payments will retreat into your gift card or electronic account, you can query in the "My Account" - "My gift card or electronic account."

Amazon China Apology

Amazon has also included a giftcard worth 30 Yaun in the apology. This is a strong contrast to what happened with Harvey Norman in Australia, which also managed to price the Lumia 920 incorrectly but honoured each and every order placed by customers. The australian company had the Windows Phone listed at $699 before changing the price and announcing the error.

In Amazon's case, the error displayed signs of high interest in the Nokia Windows Phone. While this demand could be entirely down to the ridiculously low price the company tagged the Lumia 920T with, we'd like to think that many were planning to place the order already. Let's hope those affected will still fire up the purchase process again and take a leap with the Nokia flagship smartphone.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • There is black eye at launch. Hopefully Nokia doesn't get the blame for this in public opinion. Hope these buyers hot excited enough about the device that they still want it.
  • You have to be freaking kidding me. Ugh!!!! Just get the damn thing in people hand! They've had months to get it together! Come on! Im not blaming Nokia for this though.
  • I want one! I need one (sorta) :)
  • How do they do it ?? :D
    Seriously. Is this the WORST product launch in the history of entire technology or what? Retards at AT&T don't seem to screw up iPhone launches so bad, do they?
    Advertising aside, these dumb people can't even confirm a price with whoever is responsible, and they expect to sell well?
    Really mad right now.
  • Not to mention wp7 overloaded my tv with commercials. Remember the one with the guy and his chick at the restaurant, where he turns into his avatar? I do, it was on every five minutes. Wp8's been out, what a week? I still haven't seen one commercial.
  • I've seen more commercials for WP8 than I ever saw for WP7.
  • Not in my area then at least. Snl had one I read, but as far as me I haven't seen any yet.
  • It was on NFL Sunday and mnf what the hell
  • Mistake after mistake for the Microsoft camp :'( Feels like were in a bad streak.
  • I was at a Nokia presentation a couple of weeks ago. He was telling us how Nokia were "the first to put Windows Phone 8 on a handset". However, he admitted that it wasn't quite possible to buy them at the time, while there were multiple people sat there with the HTC 8X.
  • They fucked it up lol
  • You cannot just blame Nokia. The real ass here is Amazon China.
  • Or China for having lax contract law. Though I'm sure even Amazon has protections in their policy, a purchase is a contract. Too bad I can't read Mandarin, love to know how they got out of this.
  • Right.... We should blame China for a terrible launch of Nokia product....
  • Um, this is clearly not Nokia's fault. They are not the ones putting wrong prices.
  • Not honouring the misquoted price is more of the rule than the exception these days.
  • Unfortunately true, but if I take your money and I give you a receipt, that is a deal, a contract. "Pre-order prices are subject to change", so it's most likely all amazon, which is weird as they are the best rated store in the world.
  • Who ever's fault, MSFT is going to take the hit.
  • I wonder what the BOM for a 920 is.  Maybe Nokia should take this as a cue that they could lower thier price and sell these things hand over fist.
  • Nokia has been overpricing their products in China for years, which was their biggest market. If they hadn't screwed China Mobile so much, Nokia might be in a better position
  • Meh, i'm paying 200 euros less from my Nokia Lumia 920 than from my iPhone 4S and the hardware certainly costs way more. 
    If anything it's (X that just amazingly overpriced. 
  • MS, and Nokia are their own worst enemies. How can they screw up like this?  I will guarantee that you can walk into any phone shop in the UK, and see the WP8 devices marketed incorrectly. You will see 920's as 820's and 8S as 8X. I went in to 4 shops last weekend, and all had similar errors.  Nokia and MS can market all they want, but if the shops, retailers and carriers are going to make screw ups like this, then its time to say bye bye Windows phone.  The retailers just simply do not care, and are pushing easy to sell phones like the iPhone and Android crap. The staff at the shops have no idea, and only a small area of the retail shop front is alocated to Windows phone. What an effing mess.....
  • That's weird because Telstra in Australia is selling the 920 for $696 outright. Does that mean Harvey Norman and Amazon China actually got the price right the first time??