Australian retailer mistakes Lumia 920 pricing, honours erroneous price tag

We've previously seen retailers and carrier stores get things wrong. Whether it be labelling Windows Phones as Android handsets, or by listing incorrect specifications - mistakes can happen. But what about publishing incorrect pricing for the latest Nokia flagship? Australian retailer Harvey Norman made that very mistake when revealing the price for the Lumia 920.

According to a report over at WPDownUnder, Harvey Norman had the Lumia 920 listed as AUD $699, while the Lumia 820 - the less advanced sibling - was $799, a whopping $100 more expensive than the flagship Windows Phone. Obviously this was a mistake and the listing was quickly reverted. But the damage had already been done as this was a pre-order listing.

The usual call for action would be for the retailer to fire out an email stating they got the pricing wrong and they were sorry, possibly bundling a free accessory in the deal or something similar. But this was not the case with Harvey Normam. With an estimated release date of mid-Movember, the retailer has chosen to honour all pre-orders that have been placed by customers. You read correctly. They're allowing those affected by the error to go through and purchase a new Lumia 920 for just $699.

So not only did consumers get hit by the surprise of the Lumia 920, the Windows Phone with Nokia's PureView, PureMotion+ HD and other technology, being priced less than the Lumia 820, but they then had to recover from acknowledging the retailer would indeed be shipping orders using the price that was provided to customers on checkout.


Paul Bernhardt, National BM of Technology & Entertainment at Harvey Norman, confirmed to WPDownUnder that the retailer would indeed be honouring the price provided to consumers, should the customer choose to continue with the pre-order. But who wouldn't want to take advantage of this offer?

So whoever managed to dive right in and slap down an order when the mysterious pricing was revealed, congratulations. You'll be able to enjoy the top-tier Windows Phone experience on a Lumia 920 that was priced cheaper than the Lumia 820.

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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