Amazon rep hints at Instant Video app in the works for Windows Phone

Amazon Instant Video is an Internet on-demand service available in the US. Fans of series and movies are able to enjoy access through rental or straight purchases and it has proven to be a rather popular alternative to the likes of Netflix (and the iTunes store to some degree).

The company currently sports an app for iOS, but we could well see some support for Windows Phone in the future. According to a shared chat log between a support representative and a customer, there's a definite hint of development on a Windows Phone app.

Now, before you all get too excited about the prospect of watching your favourite TV shows and films on the go, it's worth noting that reps have been wrong in the past, meaning this is by no means concrete evidence that an Amazon Instant Video app is on the way to the Windows Phone Store. That all said, "Prime might be available on Windows Phones soon" is a strong statement.

Amazon Instant Video Chat

It certainly makes sense for Amazon to support Windows Phone since it's a growing platform, which has secured the number three spot in the mobile OS race. The Amazon rep even goes as far as to confirm that the company is aware of said demand for Windows Phone support and they've received "many requests" to make Prime available. We know just how vocal the community can be.

For now we'll just have to wait and watch out for future announcements. Amazon currently has numerous apps available on the Windows Phone Store, including Audible, Amazon Mobile and Kindle for you all to enjoy in the meantime. Did we mention that even the Xbox 360 has an Amazon Instant Video app?

Would you like to see Amazon Instant Video on Windows Phone?

Source: WMPU; thanks, guyjkh, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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