Audible adds podcasts and more short-form shows with latest Windows 10 update

Amazon-owned audio books company Audible has updated its Windows 10 PC and Mobile app with a new feature called Audible Channels. It offers access to shorter audio content like podcasts, news and more.

Lumia Offers app throws in two free audiobooks for Audible with 30-day trial

Microsoft's Lumia Offers app for Windows 10 Mobile has added a new offer that allows users to get two free audiobooks for free from Audible with a 30 day free trial.

You can give an audiobook to a friend for free with Audible's new recommendation feature

Audible has added a new feature that allows users of the audiobook store and service to send titles in their library to friends and family. Each person can receive their first audiobook for free.

Audiobooks for Audible app adds keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 PC users

Amazon has updated its Audiobooks for Audible universal app for Windows 10. It adds keyboard shortcuts for the first time for people who use the app on their PC desktop.

Audible now lets you share short snippets from your favorite audiobooks

Audible has updated its audiobook app, bringing a new feature that allows you to easily share clips of your favorite audiobooks.

You can now stream your Audible audiobooks on Windows 10 and Mobile

Audible has picked up an update to, bringing the ability to stream audiobooks instead of downloading them to your device. The option comes in handy if you're running low on internal storage.

Audible brings playback controls to the taskbar in Windows 10

Audible has been updated on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, bringing a number of fixes and improvements, along with the ability to control playback from the taskbar on desktop machines.

Audiobooks for Audible lands on Windows 10 for PC, tablet and phone as a universal app

For those who like listening to books on-the-go or who just hate reading Audible has you covered. The new Windows 10 version of Audiobooks is now available, and it lets you sync your novels between devices with ease.

Latest Audible Windows Phone update includes audiobook search directly from app

The Audible app for Windows Phone got updated this week, which includes a way to search for a specific audiobook in its store directly from the app, among other improvements.

Audible for Windows 8 is gone, but it's not all bad news

Amazon's Audible app for audiobooks has had a resurgence on Windows Phone of late, but in recent days its Windows 8 counterpart has faired much worse with support for it coming to an end.

But, while the app is no longer supported and can't be downloaded from the Windows Store, it appears not to be all bad news. Word is that the app is being rebuilt to launch for Windows 10

Audible update for Windows Phone adds new variable narration speed feature

Thanks in part to all of the news coming out of San Francisco from Build 2015, we flat out missed the fact that the Audible app for Windows Phone got a solid update earlier this week. The new version adds a way to vary the narration speeds of an audiobook file, among other features.

Latest Audible update for Windows Phone provides you with personalized recommendations

The official Audible app for Windows Phone has been updated to version 9.0.1. No, we're not in April. This release is a fairly substantial update to the app by Amazon, bundling a bunch of improvements to enhance the audio book experience.

Yes, this does seem to be the previously discovered beta release merged into the official Store version.

Audible beta update for Windows Phone is open to all to download

Back in January, we reported that after 14 long months, Audible (owned by Amazon) finally has an update for their audiobook app in the works. The app is extremely popular, in particular for those whose daily grind requires much quiet time. However, problems with resuming and even loading some audio titles have given the app some negative reviews.

This site has not only found the beta, but they have noticed that instead of the beta being closed (as intimated by the company), it is open to all. Of course, this free download may not last long, so if you are an Audible user, you may want to grab the app until the official update comes along.

After 14 months, Audible says an update for its Windows Phone app is in the 'pipeline'

Audible has the distinction of being one of the most favored brands for audio books, the perfect compendium for daily commuters stuck in traffic. Their Windows Phone app is rather nice looking and for a little while the company seemed to show Microsoft some love.

Now, however, that app is one of a few major ones withering in the Windows Phone Store, having seen its last update 14 months ago back in November 2013. In response to a recent tweet question, the company now promises a new update is on the way.

Audible for Windows Phone gets updated; includes unknown changes

Audible is a popular audiobook service from Amazon, available on Windows 8, Windows Phone and other platforms. The apps enable you to download and enjoy books in a unique way. We've just been made aware of an update that has been pushed out, version

Audible and Netflix both updated for Windows Phone

We love when apps get updated, especially big apps that are used daily by a lot of people. Audible and Netflix are two apps that we use often, both are great time killers whether you’re catching up with the latest bestselling novel or hit television series. Both also just received two updates on Windows Phone.

Audible updates Windows Phone app, offers free audiobook to new registrations

Audible, the popular audiobook service, has bumped its Windows Phone offering and has launched an exclusive offer for consumers. Should you download and use the apps available for either Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, create a new account and reside in the US, you'll be eligible for a free audiobook for trying out the service. Pretty neat, eh?

Audible gets updated for Windows Phone 8 with Voice Commands

Looks like it’s a good day for Windows Phone 8 users. First they get an update for Kindle to fix loading issues and now Audible (which has had a few crashes too) is now patched in addition to getting some new features.

Yes, version 1.4 is now live in the Windows Phone Store and as far as we can tell, has fixed the stability issues. In addition, you can now do a doublewide Tile and even use voice commands. The voice command feature works by simply holding down the Start button to launch voice command and then saying “Audible…My Library” or “Audible…Play (insert book name)”...

GroupMe for Windows Phone gets a redesign and Audible gets updated too

GroupMe v3.5 looking good

Although there aren’t many new major apps to announce for Windows Phone yet this week, two big titles just received some updates and one has some major changes.

First up is Audible, one of the more requested apps that took a long time to get to Windows Phone. It has now hit version 1.3 as of today. Unfortunately that is about all we can tell you at this point as there was no accompanying changlog. That’s not the first time Audible has done such and update.

Audible for Windows Phone gets second update but remains a mystery

What's in version 1.2? Only the Shadow knows...

Although it has taken a very long time to get Audible on Windows Phone, the app has received two updates since its initial release just a few weeks ago. That’s some fast response time to what are presumably bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 1.2 just hit the Marketplace for Windows Phone with v1.1 happening sometime last week when it also popped up in the UK.

Unfortunately, the Audible folks don’t seem too keen on sharing release notes, so we’ll have to wing this one and just say “it got better, somehow”. We don’t use the app enough to figure out ourselves (we fall asleep to story narrations, we blame it on childhood) so we’ll rely on you to point out any new features or bug fixes.

Grab the free official Audible app for Windows Phone, now on mysterious version 1.2, here in the Marketplace. Thanks,  James M., for the heads up

Update: Reader Jack let us know that the app was also made available in Germany last week and this latest update fixes some translations issues for their language.