GroupMe for Windows Phone gets a redesign and Audible gets updated too

GroupMe v3.5 looking good

Although there aren’t many new major apps to announce for Windows Phone yet this week, two big titles just received some updates and one has some major changes.

First up is Audible, one of the more requested apps that took a long time to get to Windows Phone. It has now hit version 1.3 as of today. Unfortunately that is about all we can tell you at this point as there was no accompanying changlog. That’s not the first time Audible has done such and update.

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Seeing as that app has had a few bugs for some of our users, we’ll assume that some fixes and tweaks have been made to improve app stability. Let us know if you find any other changes.

The other is GroupMe, the popular chat service that allows you to have chat groups via data connection (or SMS as a backup). We’re big fans of the service, especially since Microsoft technically owns them (well, Skype does at least).

The new look and features of GroupMe version 3.5

Version 3.5 has just gone live in the Marketplace and it has not only bug fixes, but also significant improvements in app performance—words we always like to hear around these parts. In addition, an assortment of new features have been added to make the service even more useful, including:

  • A cleaner, better chat interface
  • Likes!
  • A news feed
  • Tappable URLs
  • Pinch & zoom on pics
  • Hide individual messages
  • Mark all messages as read

We just loaded up the new GroupMe and the app does feel a little zippier but nothing too dramatic. The like-option is interesting though we’re not sure we’ll exactly use it but the rest of those features are certainly welcome.

GroupMe is a cross-platform chat service that’s available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, any phone with SMS or via the web. We often use it around these parts when we have to be mobile and with the recent site-redesign they’ve implemented, we really like where GroupMe is headed. So if you haven’t tried it yet, now may be a good time.Having said that, messages still had a bit of a delay to them on delivery--hiccup or is that the norm? We're not sure, so let us know in comments.

Pick up the new Audible here and GroupMe version 3.5 here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, Steve B., for the Audible tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Its about time. Audible completely trashed my phone's file system. I had to hard reset and it's still not working right. Maybe that's why they didnt add a changelog, it would be admission of the bug list. I'm not the only one either, look through the app's comments. It trashed a lot of peoples devices.
  • i like the new groupme. much more responsive and quick.
  • That is one thing I like about the iTunes store, shows the apps date of last update. I would say it looks to have a mandatory change log as well. Would be a nice edition to our store.
  • Well I've restarted a few times and still can't get Audible to run right.  Worked fine before the update for me.. perhaps it's just my turn.  Anyways, I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
  • Audible is working much better for me on my Lumia 900. Resumes much faster after texting over Bluetooth.
  • I can't register this app in Singapore...
  • As a long-time audible user I was very happy to FINALLY get the audible app for WIndows Phone. In the past they were pretty agressive about supporting Windows Mobile, not so the new OS. As everyone knows the first version was incredibly buggy. I had it crash about 3/4 of the time when I tried to load it. The best luck I had is if I used the "pin to start" option for the book I was reading and play it directly from the hope page. I also regularly switched between books which would crash the app 100% of the time. With each update, stability has improved but it is still nowhere near as stable as the version on Android or iPhone (both of which I've used). What gives Audible? As a developer I can tell you that writing a Windows app (generally) is much easier than writing one for iPhone or Android so there really is no excuse for putting out an app with this many problems.
  • Hey guys, thanks for the review! We spent a lot of time working on app performance, glad that it feels faster to you. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some delays in message delivery. That shouldn't happen so I'd like to take a look at it. Could you email me at ajay(at)groupme(dot)com ?
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
    Ajay, Product at GroupMe
  • Hi im unable to receive the code to input. I have sprint pcs and have the HTC arrive. Please help if you can.
  • Also - just noticed that the article links to an older version of the app. 
    Could you update the link to point here:
    Ajay, Product at GroupMe