Audiobooks for Audible lands on Windows 10 for PC, tablet and phone as a universal app

For those who like listening to books on-the-go or who just hate reading Audible has you covered. The new Windows 10 version of Audiobooks is now available, and it lets you sync your novels between devices with ease.

Audible has even detailed some of the changes with this version, including:

  • Complete redesign of the Audible app for Windows 10
  • New and improved player and library management
  • Introducing the ribbon player with easy-to-access controls
  • Integrated store and search to more easily browse over 180,000 available titles

We know there are many people who use this app so this should see a lot of happy folks today. You can grab the app below. Moreover, yes, since this is a Universal Windows App, you can download this to your Windows 10 Mobile (Insider) device too.

Download Audiobooks for Audible for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Bart W., for the tip!

QR: audible

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great, loved the design.
  • Didn't they kill the w8 app?
  • Yes. But they're baaaaack, lol
  • That's great news!
  • Guess who's back? Back again...
  • Universal apps are starting to pay off already that's the spirit.
  • I bet Paul Thurrott is thrilled, lol.
  • Google Search app updates with windows 10 toggle switch but no change log!!!
  • Yes, this is a Win10 app :D
  • Yes, since they were making the universal version there was no reason to work on the win 8 app which was a different version and extremely limited.
  • Ya....
  • Sweet baby Jeebus yes!
  • Hope that means we can expect a new amazon app. Amazon has been pretty neglectful so far in windows platforms, but here they are one of the first to use UWP. Maybe an amazon video app too, but I'm probably getting ahead of myself.
  • That'd be useful, especially for the upcoming Top Gear type series.
  • I also hope this means that the Kindle app will be updated.
  • I hope so to along with amazon music however audible had been updated recently on WP 8.1 but none of the amazon apps were.
  • I've been waiting for an HBO "on the go" app for Windows phone like forever... :) maybe that will happen. One can dream.
  • One more reason to head back to WP10 when the new phones get released.
  • Tipped this last week...
  • Am I the one to hate 3 dot menu at top..?
  • You mean the hamburger?
  • If you mean the 3 dots in the top right corner, yes I agree... that's odd.. but it probably shows this was originated from the Android app.  The app overall looks great!
  • Link?
  • Interesting. The universal apps are starting to arrive on mobile before that version is even finished. Maybe it will catch on. At least I sure hope so. I realise there are already universal apps out there but it's good to see more apps coming along like this. Probably just downlaod it to do my bit.
  • Nice I had just noticed my RT app was killed. Welcome back audible.
  • But MS is now accepting Windows 10 Mobile app submission? I read yesterday in Twitter they are not. :S
  • The app is the same as the 8.1 they released a few months ago. While it is redesigned it has issues with Windows 10 Mobile. Bookmarks don't work, randomly crashes, etc. I could understand them claiming this is a universal app if it was updated in today with fixes but it is the same version from a few months ago.
    All they did was update the details and claim it's a universal app without ensuring it is fully functional. I sure hope this isn't how other companies release universal apps.
  • And I sure hope you understand that Windows 10 Mobile isn't even finished yet
  • I do understand it's not but it bothers me they basically took their 8.1 app and relabeled it universal without doing anything.
  • Boom!
  • Very good news. When traveling long road trips a good audiobook is really useful to have access to.
  • Yes it's pretty sexy!!
  • What about RT?
  • Hope the same for kindle
  • Shame it will only login to my account and not the one associated with my Audible account. No audiobooks for me :(
  • Well I uninstalled and downloaded again and now it'll let me change marketplaces - weird
  • Ha Ha H this what us Windows 10 users want to see which is a quality app using Microsoft Universal App design Technology. This Audiable app will work on all Windows 10 devices including a Windows 10 smart phone. NOW IF more quality Apps are to come to Widows 10 stores they should all be a Microsoft Universal app because an Apps developer who makes a Microsoft Universal App has that App working on more than one Windows 10 device such as a Windows 10 Desktop Computer, Win 10 laptop, Win 10 Tablet or Windows 10 smart phones. Microsoft should have a special section of the Windows 10 store that has ONLY Their "Universal Apps"  or a Special Universal logo "UAP" beside an apps Name so people knows it's an Universal Apps and it will run on all Windows 10 devices. I sincerilly hope that most good Apps makers make only Universal Apps for Wundows 10 devices.   
  • From my understanding, all "Windows 10 apps" are universal apps.  It's up to the developer to enable the devices it works on though.
  • Finally the strategy of universal apps is going to pay off! Now the Windows 10 mobile needs to be soon in our phones.
  • I'll install this again. Maybe get back on the plan.
  • Nice
  • And it starts! Thank you Audible!
  • wooot. I have sent them a couple of requests about this in the last few months. I am glad they brought it so soo after Win10 release :) Time to install and listen.
  • I'm definitely going to check this out 
  • the phone in screenshot looks liek lumia 950 :D
  • Bring on the universal apps. Let it begin!
  • Just downloaded it, pretty cool
  • Nextgen Reader needs an update also. The old now looks so ugly.
  • Nice
  • If only this app would stream a book, I mainly listen on my phone, i don't want to download my library on my desktop. Downloads are so slow with Audible, allowing streaming would mean I could just press play and listen immediately.
  • You can start listening to the book while it downloads. I just let the download get a decent ways in and then start listening and it will continue downloading. I have a fairly good connection though so it usually doesn't take all that long to just download the full thing.    
  • Happy day.
  • They go from having one of the absolute worst Windows Phone apps to becoming a flagship app for Windows...truly admiring Amazon's refreshed efforts on Windows app development.
  • absolutely love it. So glad they're moving forward. The beta is great on the phone but this this universal app is going to be the beez kneez.