AMD announces Meta win, roadmap for Zen 4, and more

Amd Lisa Su
Amd Lisa Su (Image credit: AMD)

What you need to know

  • AMD released its Accelerated Data Center premiere keynote on November 8, 2021.
  • It announced it had secured Meta (Facebook) as a customer of its data center chips.
  • It also gave a roadmap for its Zen 4 CPU plans.

AMD's recent keynote for its Accelerated Data Center event contained nuggets on the company's current business achievements as well as its Zen 4 CPU strategy, among other items.

On the business success front, AMD declared Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is a customer of its data center chips, meaning Team Red may be helping usher in the era of Zuckerberg's real-world Ready Player One. And as for chips geared toward data centers and servers capable of powering potential metaverses, AMD also offered a glimpse at its upcoming EPYC processors.

The 96-core, 5nm Genoa processor is set for 2022, and Bergamo is coming in 2023, packing a max of 128 cores per chip. Also be on the lookout for Zen 4c Zen 4 cores, which are built for cloud workloads (hence the "c").

To watch the presentation for yourself, you can head on over to AMD's YouTube channel.

There are other bits of information in the full presentation, such as the scoop on AMD's new Instinct MI250X GPU. And if you really want the full range of AMD's November 8 updates outside of just the keynote presentation's content, note that the company released testimonial videos from its business partners, including a video on how Microsoft Azure and AMD go hand-in-hand.

However, the long and short of everything presented is straightforward: AMD has something fresh coming to all of its work sectors, be they the company's best graphics cards or best CPUs.

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