AMD introduces tiers to its FreeSync display technology at CES 2020

AMD FreeSync tiers
AMD FreeSync tiers (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • AMD introduced three tiers for its FreeSync technology at CES 2020.
  • Standard FreeSync is still the industry standard, while FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro add extra high-end features.

Alongside new processors and graphics cards, AMD introduced a new tier system to its FreeSync display technology at CES 2020.

The standard FreeSync tier, considered the baseline for most laptops and displays, still delivers a picture free of tearing as well as low flicker and low latency, whilte FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro take things up a notch.

The FreeSync Premium tier adds at least a 120Hz refresh rate with a 1080p (FHD) resolution, and well as low framerate compensation (LFC) for an overall smoother picture. This is especially important for gamers.

At the top is FreeSync Premium Pro, which used to be known as FreeSync 2 HDR. It adds HDR capabilities, a minimum 120Hz refresh rate at an FHD resolution, LFC, no tearing, reduced flicker, and lower latency in both HDR and SDR. ViewSonic's ELITE XG550 gaming monitor, also announced at CES 2020, features this high-end tech.

Cale Hunt
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