ViewSonic unveils a monster 55-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor at CES 2020

ViewSonic ELITE XG550
ViewSonic ELITE XG550 (Image credit: ViewSonic)

What you need to know

  • ViewSonic announced the ELITE XG550, a 55-inch UHD gaming monitor with 120Hz OLED panel and 0.5ms response time.
  • ViewSonic's XG270 gaming monitor is now Blur Buster approved thanks to tuning to PureXP technology.
  • ViewSonic's XG270-series with ELITE RGB can be synced with Razer Chroma and ThermalTake TT RGB Plus.

ViewSonic, one of the leading providers of display technology, has released at CES 2020 an enormous new gaming monitor that should satisfy anyone looking for a display to match beefy hardware.

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CategoryViewSonic Elite XG550
Size55 inches
Resolution3840x2160 (4K UHD)
Refresh rate120Hz
Response time0.5ms
Color99% DCI-P3

The 55-inch ELITE XG550, a gaming monitor with a 3840x2160 (UHD) OLED panel, has a 120Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms grey-to-grey response time. These are some impressive specs not usually seen with a 4K display, and to boot it hits 99% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The monitor will also feature AMD's new FreeSync Premium Pro, which is a rebranded version of FreeSync 2 HDR.

This should help with some appeal on the professional side of things as well as gamers with powerful hardware. Bezel is ultra-slim, and RGB lighting only adds to the package. The ELITE XG550 should be compatible with ViewSonic's ELITE Ally, a USB-connected peripheral that allows users to adjust monitor settings without actually touching the monitor or opening ViewSonic's ELITE display controllers software.

There's not yet a price for the ELITE XG550, and ViewSonic is expecting its release sometime in Q4 2020.

Alongside the reveal of the new 55-inch ELITE XG550, ViewSonic has announced that ELITE has partnered with Blur Busters to fine-tune ViewSonic's PureXP strobe backlight technology. The ELITE XG270 27-inch gaming monitor is the first Blur Busters certified monitor, and it should prove to have both extremely fast grey-to-grey and MPRT response times. ViewSonic ELITE Global Gaming Manager Kendall Miller had this to say:

We wanted to provide better brightness in our motion blur reduction, so finding the right partner to optimize PureXP was very important. With the help of Mark Rejhon at Blur Busters, we were able to provide the best quality motion blur reduction, bringing gamers pure motion clarity.

ViewSonic has also made it clear that new XG27-series monitors can be synced with Razer Chroma and ThermalTake TT RGB Plus. Using ELITE display controller software, gamers will be able to take control of RGB lighting for a truly immersive battlestation.

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