What you need to know

  • AMD now has a larger GPU market share than NVIDIA according to a new report.
  • AMD hasn't led NVIDIA in GPU market share since Q3 2014.
  • AMD and NVIDIA are in second and third place respectively in terms of total GPU shipments, ranking far behind Intel.

AMD surpassed NVIDIA when it comes to total GPU shipments according to new data from Jon Peddie Research (via Tom's Hardware). This is the first time that AMD ranked above NVIDIA in total GPU shipments since Q3 of 2014. AMD now has a 17.2 percent market share compared to NVIDIA's 16 percent according to the most recent data. John Peddie Research also reports that "AMD's overall unit shipments increased 9.85% quarter-to-quarter."

AMD gained 2.4 percent market share over the last year while NVIDIA lost 1 percent. Much of AMD's growth came in the last quarter, in which AMD saw a difference of 1.5 percent compared to NVIDIA's 0.1 percent.

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AMD and NVIDIA are far behind Intel (66.9 percent) when it comes to total GPUs shipped, though Intel GPUs are generally aimed at different consumers than AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

The same report also highlights that the PC market increased 9.25 percent overall since last quarter and that discrete GPUs were in fewer PCs, dropping from 29 percent to 27 percent. Want to see the top-tier dedicated GPUs? Have a look at our best graphics card picks available now.