AMD unveils the new enthusiast Threadripper CPUs, starting from just $549


If you desire ultimate performance or plan to run multiple GPUs to power through latest games, you're going to want to take a look at the Threadripper processors from AMD. These new chips are to take on Intel's own enthusiast line of CPUs, starting at just $549. The new Threadripper family consists of the 180 TDP rated 1900X, 1920X, and finally the 1950X. Core counts range from 12 to 16, making these powerful workhorses.

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CPUCoresClocks (Boost)Price
1950X163.4Ghz (4GHz)$999
1920X123.5GHz (4GHz)$799
1900X83.8GHZ (4GHz)$549

What's interesting to note is the performance boost AMD states is present in these new processors, compared to Intel. For the same price as an Intel Core i9-7900X, the 1950X offers superior performance across a range of applications, something enthusiasts would be more than happy in taking advantage of. It's also worth noting that if you're going to be gaming on a single card, or won't be able to tap into the full power of what these new CPUs offer, AMD already has a stellar line-up consisting of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7.

AMD Threadripper

Both the 190X and 1920X will ship on August 10, while the more affordable 1900X will follow its' two more expensive siblings on August 31.

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  • Amd rocking the intel market places now
  • With Ryzen and Vega on the way, time to do the upgrade dance with PC parts...My GTX 1070 feels almost last gen now and I paid over $400 for it (its barely a year old). Glad I didn't go for the 1080 as I would have paid even more just to have another GPU release that you run ALL games on at ultra high...This is mainly why my primary gaming is with consoles. So much for PC being cheaper...$40 a year xbox live vs $399(Vega 56) every year...hmmmm...
  • @Akira X, PC gaming has many advantages over the consoles, but I don't think anyone ever said cost was one of them. :-) I used to be a PC gamer, but as I've become more casual over the years (family, etc.), I've shifted mostly gaming on my Xbox One. I plan to upgrade to the One X this fall and a new 4K TV, but it will still be cheaper than keeping a PC at the cutting edge.
  • agreed Granite, looking forward to XBOX as well. My 4K short list is down to TCL P Series and LG OLED...happy gaming...
  • You don't have to upgrade your GPU every year, that's your own choice.
  • I never liked crippled gaming and want to run with all settings ultra high on anything I play. If I want the best Xbox(Microsoft fixed)you buy a One X, if you want the best Playstation experience you buy a Pro, if you want the best PC(Microsoft Modular) you have to do the parts dance because there will always be some game that runs better on newer GPU/CPU than the GPU/CPU you just got.
  • Are you serious? I have a 1070 and i am not planning to buy a new card any time soon, why would you want to upgrade every year? Would you buy a new Xbox every year if they release one? Over time the cost of a console will overcome the cost of a PC, just do the math, games are always more expensive on console, on PC a lot of games get dirty cheap after months.
  • If there was a new Xbox release every year, I would abandon it the way I did PC years ago. My oldest gpu was a 3DFX Voodoo card that ran Alone in the Dark nicely. Not long after that consoles became my primary gaming device. I only got back into building because I wanted to build out a reference Scorpio VR box with a HTC Vive..Now that One X is around the corner, no more PC parts dance for me..
  • It's your fault you want max gaming at 4K60 or whatever. A 1070 is superb for 1080p60 anything.
  • I'm a PC gamer and I consider it cheaper, I need a good desktop for other reasons, and a mid range graphics card costs less than a console and handles games just fine.
  • How did a Ryzen article turn into a GPU discussion? Anyone else amazed by the power consumption of the new parts? 8 core 16 thread Ryzen has similar power draw to a 4 core 8 thread I7.