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AMD's new Ryzen notebook chips pack Radeon Vega graphics


AMD has announced its latest chips designed for ultrathin notebooks. Combining its Ryzen CPU and Vega graphics architectures on a single accelerated processing unit (APU), AMD claims that the two new chips are the "world's fastest" processors for ultrathin notebooks.

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The new lineup is made up of the Ryzen 7 2700U and the Ryzen 5 2500U. In terms of specs, AMD says that the top-end Ryzen 7 is equipped with four cores, eight threads, and 10 Vega compute units, all running at 2.2GHz base and 3.8GHz boost. The Ryzen 5 chip, on the other hand, packs four cores, eight threads, and eight Vega compute units, running at 2.0GHz base and 3.6GHz boost.

Compared to its previous mobile processors, AMD says that these new chips pack up to three time the CPU performance, 2.3 times the GPU performance, and consume up to 58 percent less power. In terms of the competition, AMD claims its Ryzen 7 2700U can achieve up to three times the performance of the Intel Core i7 8550U on 3DMark. Similarly, AMD is claiming its Ryzen 5 2500U can achieve twice the performance of the Intel Core i5 7200U in 3DMark. That's looking good, but we'll have to wait for independent benchmarks to have a complete picture.

AMD says that systems powered by its Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 mobile processors will be available "in the coming weeks" from partners like Acer, HP, and Lenovo. More systems are expected from Dell and other manufacturers in 2018.

Why the new Ryzen chips will benefit AMD and Intel users

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  • 3 times the i7-8550U thats insane. Looking good
  • 3Dmark which is highly GPU dependent. Don't know how good it is for CPU bound tasks yet, but the iGPU looks good.
  • The purpose of an APU is to tie CPU and GPU together. 
  • The problem is that the CPU will bottleneck performance is you’re running an app that isn’t GPU bound.  This is was the issue on their older APUs. They’ve always had the best iGPUs, easily, but the CPUs were trash. I won’t buy another AMD again. These may be God’s gift to computing, but I can rely on Intel and Nvidia. I consider AMD a risky purchase at this point, at least in Notebooks   Nvidia has better driver software on Windows, as well. I really hate the Radeon software. 
  • Interesting stuffs.
  • If I could get a Surface Laptop/Book with Ryzen I'd pick one up pretty quick. Pretty unlikely though.
  • I'd imagine the price of the device itself would drop overall if they used it, which would be a great thing.
  • Let's see if those chips are practical for 2in1 devices such as the surface pro. Competition is always good and intel had a monopole in ultra books so far.
  • OMG! I'm so excited. If I were Microsoft, I'd put AMD Zen+Vega APUs and Ryzen+Vega combo in all of future Surface products. All hail the competition. Win win for consumers.
  • Lets go with options...just making sure we have compatibility along the way is a fine way of playing it safe.
  • Its still worth less I have r5 1600 and motherboard manufectures tells me that if you want to run your ram at more then 2100Mhz buy a better processor (MSI btw). I have RAM capable of runing at 3200Mhz FYI
  • I doubt that's correct. My Ryzon 1600 is running with 3200 RAM using XMP. Gigabyte board, but still.
  • You can run 3000-3200 reliably on most B350 motherboards now. Make sure to enabled XMP in BIOS to enjoy 2993-3000-3200 Mhz ram.
  • It would put pressure on the Intel based laptops as well as the upcoming WoA tablets which run x86 apps thru emulation.
  • I'm not an AMD user, least anymore but if RYZEN can give us a better experience as I hope, then I hope they make their rival/s in many factors hopefully not just x86 feel some pressure to make better and less costly products overall. Good competition should be always welcomed as consumers will be the winners in the end.
  • somewhat unrelated topic but, only if platform fanboys of brands like apple/google who troll around these sites had the mindset to welcome innovative idea's from/on other platforms, then we'd have had much more innovations going on by now and consumers could have gained more from it as well but some people have to be petty and that's unfortunate for them.