Looks like all sorts of interesting apps are coming out of Imagine Cup 2011 here in New York City. Huffington Post has made a small video focusing on one all-American team, Team Dragon who's Windows Phone app looks to help solve a real world problem, namely asthma in children.

The "game" is called 'Azmo the Dragon' and is a "2D side scrolling" adventure that helps children get their asthma under control. Basically you breathe into a spirometer to power Azmo to fly around (similar to Stormy Weather) which is the fun part, but it also records the child's lung capacity for diagnostic purposes, giving doctors and extra tool to monitor the child's health. (It's not clear how the spirometer connects up to the phone, but that's a different matter).

Anyways, while it's always cool to have games for fun, it's nice to see some youth of today applying their skills in the medical field in an attempt to improve people's lives. [See also: Team LifeLens and Malaria]

Source: Huffington Post