And now, HTC Radar's turn...

Earlier today we mentioned that the HTC Titan was getting a little ad time in London newspapers. Well now, it the HTC Radar's turn.

@alexb8 spotted this print ad on the back cover of Nuts Magazine in the UK. The ad highlights the Windows Phone's live tiles.

Not sure if the doodled-up hands helps the cause but it's nice to see the new Windows Phones getting some exposure.

Thanks goes out to Alex for the tip!

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  • I think the doodled-up hands are fine when you consider the magazine that it was on.
  • I like the doodled drawing.
  • I think the doodled hands grab attention rather than just another phone advert. Just not sure that the hand should get the bulk of the page
  • "Her" phone? Are they promoting it as a gift for reader's girlfriends?In which case it's an epic FAIL - guys who read Nuts don't have girlfriends!
  • what a pathetic statement! gosh I wish the rating system was working, I would vote your sorry a$s down hard.
  • @futurix...Lol! It's about time that HTC started advertising their WP devices, regardless of where; they seem to have zero problems advertising their Android offerings.
  • I like the doodle hand too. It draws people's eyes to the page. Although, HTC should've put a picture of the white Radar instead of the grey one because the white one looks much better.