Android Central Reviews the HTC Fuze

Our pal Casey has put in his Smartphone Round Robin 2 cents on the HTC Fuze and it's definitely worth a read. He takes the goal of looking at a device through the eyes of an Android User pretty seriously and the result is a fair and interesting impression of what Windows Mobile looks like to a certain set of user: namely, the sort of user who is a little savvy about smartphones but not about to get into the sort of registry edits that sometimes get us excited.

In other words -- he likes TouchFlo 3D on the Fuze for new users, Windows Mobile for power users, but isn't so sure that the Fuze would work well for the middle-of-the-road folks the G1 appeals to. In that sense he might not be too far off -- I've seen brand-new smartphone users positively giddy over TouchFLO 3D.

Anyhow, it's one more perspective on the cognitive dissonance between the skins we put on top of Windows Mobile and the standard Windows Mobile UI -- go check it out and comment there for your chance at a G1. Or comment here for a chance at getting a Fuze of your own. Or -- why not -- both!.

WC Staff