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Android Central Reviews the HTC Fuze

Our pal Casey has put in his Smartphone Round Robin 2 cents on the HTC Fuze and it's definitely worth a read. He takes the goal of looking at a device through the eyes of an Android User pretty seriously and the result is a fair and interesting impression of what Windows Mobile looks like to a certain set of user: namely, the sort of user who is a little savvy about smartphones but not about to get into the sort of registry edits that sometimes get us excited.

In other words -- he likes TouchFlo 3D on the Fuze for new users, Windows Mobile for power users, but isn't so sure that the Fuze would work well for the middle-of-the-road folks the G1 appeals to. In that sense he might not be too far off -- I've seen brand-new smartphone users positively giddy over TouchFLO 3D.

Anyhow, it's one more perspective on the cognitive dissonance between the skins we put on top of Windows Mobile and the standard Windows Mobile UI -- go check it out and comment there for your chance at a G1. Or comment here for a chance at getting a Fuze of your own. Or -- why not -- both!.

  • Oh how I wish my budget would allow me to buy the latest and greatest WinMo phones! I really like the TouchFLO stuff I've been reading about. Guess I'm slightly frustrated that it's taken Microsoft so long and then Apple and Google come along and implement touch features right so quickly.
    Sharp looking device, I can't wait to wander in to AT&T and check one of these out!
  • The Fuze/Touch Pro was the apple of my eye, that is until I saw the Touch HD....after that, well not so much.
    That being said I like TouchFlo 2D as it gives Windows Mobile and much needed modernizing with slick animations and lots of finger friendly buttons.
  • the sprint version is still a better version of this phone
  • I think the sprint version will be better.
  • I think the Sprint version's keyboard is better, but the AT&T version's form factor is much slimmer and nicer than the Sprint one.
  • I really do think that the primary difference between the WinMo platform and the iPhone and Android is user interface. But that is what gives me hope. The underlying WinMo OS is going to be able to suppor much richer UI layers than iPhone and Android.
    Look at how Apple is struggling over the "Notification Services" topic, when WinMo developers just use multi-tasked applications (although that was painful whe there was only 64mb in a WinMo device).
    Look at how Android is so desparately seeking a full blown Exchange client (and how big of a deal that was to Apple).
    There is hope that in WinMo 6.5 (and no doubt 7) there will be very significant UI changes for WinMo. And fortunately for the enthusiasts out here we will be able to count on the power of the underlying OS to continue to be there.
    It reminds me of the two bulls on the top of the hill looking down at all the cows from the Great Santini. It's not a matter of if there will be a better UI for WinMo. It's a matter of when.
  • Great review. The lack of access and power and good apps are the main reasons that I am hesitant to go with an iphone or android. I am hoping that the android platform will improve on that last issue. In the mean time the fuze is on my very short list of phones to get.
  • Dieter told me to post, so I am.
  • I have no allegiance to either phone company but have used both the Sprint and the AT&T versions. Unquestionably the AT&T version is better. It is more stylish, smaller, has a bigger memory capacity, the Sprint version does not have 3 way call feature which is silly, and the battery, which sucks on both, is still better on the AT&T Fuze.
    I have posted my long review of the htc fuze at
  • I stopped by the AT&T store today and played with Fuze. I had a lovely time. I then stopped by Verizon Wireless and Lord, and behold, there was a Touch Pro. I have to say it looked great, but the keyboard really ticked me off.
  • While I like the Touch Flo 3d, it removes the usefulness that is the Today Screen. In many ways I like their older HTC Home better.
    That being said, I LOVE the screen, the size, and just about everything the Fuze offers. I'd take one in a heartbeat.
  • It kind of makes me angry that they were calling this device "The Size of a Bus" in the article comments... they obviously haven't held a Touch Pro. It's so tiny and compact... makes me and my Touch jealous! I wish I had that processor power and screen!
    Hopefully this entry will help my wishes!
  • Well in a way these types of reviews are futile. We already know where many site's alliances lie and to which devices. Its always nice to hear input from outsiders, but its all been pretty much the same expected gripes and nothing were not already familiar with. I mean its not a shocker every site says their site's phone/OS is better than what theyre testing because thats why theyre there on that site to begin with. Plus there are 2 WM devices so you hear a lot of the same things about both devices. It shoudnt be news to anyone.
    I think on devices like WM, BB, and Android the OS itself is more important to review, compare, state what needs improving more so than the hardware since the OSs come on various types of hardware for each. IE. if you dont like the Pro form factor there is the Diamond, the HD, and 20 other form factors.
  • Its amazing how Apple convinced everyone that there form factor and UI was the best and the hottest thing to get. Sure its easy to use but I dont want a phone too simple.
    Its a great thing that windows comes on so many different models. Its easy to pick what is best for you. I also think that UI's are more important but these days the hardware components coming with the latest devices (Diamond, Pro, HD, xperia,) are getting more and more complex. Windows devices seem to be gettin more powerful and eventually the UI will come with it. I think HTC did an awesome job in getting these first few handsets out. It only makes you think about the future of their devices and whats gonna be coming next! I cant wait for what windows mobile has in store but for now, I wouldnt mind a Fuze!
  • Oh, how I wish the Sprint version was in this Round Robin...
  • I think its a great point that new smart phone users will really be drawn to the TouchFlo interface, much like users are drawn to the iPhone interface. Interestingly, when I tried out TouchFlo on my Titan, I was very disappointed. True, this was a simplified version, but I like the loads of info I can currently place on my today screen that TouchFlo does not support to the same extent.
  • As the new owner of a Fuze, I think TouchFlo 3D works much better than many are claiming. It isn't really ideal for productivity however, and as a former Blackberry user, I think I'd prefer the spb mobile shell. The configurability in WinMo is daunting, especially if you wander to XPA developers, it can be overwhelming. In my case, my Fuze is going back to ATT. I simply can't hear it ring, and even though I got it for $0 with a 2 year contract, if you can't hear it ring, it won't work as a phone.
  • I think if I bought the Touch Pro I would try using it without TouchFlo and see what the experience was like. I love my today screen and really don't want to give it up for something that only looks prettier and is less useful.
  • I haven't seen many complaints about using left & right direction button next to center zoom wheel? There r 4 buttons, home, green dial, back, & red hangup but hardware wise it's just one big touch pad & touching the appropriate button to use that particular function. Right & back button r so close to each other, almost always I ended up pressing back button eventhough I was hitting right button! I don't know if it was just my device but I rem seeing a thread about this at xda.
  • In my case, my Fuze is going back to ATT. I simply can't hear it ring, and even though I got it for $0 with a 2 year contract, if you can't hear it ring, it won't work as a phone.I have the Sprint Touch Pro, and it is really loud. I can hear it ring in my upstairs office when my phone is in the living room downstairs. I would say try a few different ring tones...and not the ones that came with the phone. If that doesn't work, it might be something with your specific phone.
  • I think if I bought the Touch Pro I would try using it without TouchFlo and see what the experience was like. I love my today screen and really don't want to give it up for something that only looks prettier and is less useful. I am of two minds about this. I loved my traditional Today screen. It showed everything at a glance...last 6 emails, how many missed calls, how many unread emails, unread text messages, total VMs, etc...., but it is was very stylus dependent.
    Since I got my Touch Pro, I have purposely been using the Touch Flo (TF)to see how it would effect me in the field on a daily basis. Even though everything is not right there at a glance, I was able to move my tabs in TF so I can see my totals at a glance still. The TF does it make it a lot more one handed friendly...and finger friendly. I have actually started to like the layout and navigation.
    I think that TF will really come into its own when it starts to support plugins and has more user friendly customizing utilities with more freedoms than is currently available.
  • On Casey's comment about what benefit a resistive touchscreen offers, I have to point to backwards compatibility and software that requires precision (often games). It's come up before--it's hard to play Bejeweled using a fingertip. Same for many other puzzle games.
    I think the best thing for the future is a dual approach--capacitive screens and styli like for Dell's Latitude XT tablet (the only Tablet PC on the market with a capacitive touchscreen--I think it conducts the natural static charge from your hand). And no, I don't work for Dell--I'm just using that example to make my point. This way, there can be more of an effective "both" approach rather than either-or.
  • I have this phone and think it is much better looking than the sprint version. It looks thicker and bigger in pictures than in real life, and it feels great in one hand-very solid. It feels better and looks more high-end than the G1 Android phone. I personally like the glossy faceted backplate :)
  • Hows the battery life on the fuze? I know its supposed to replace the tilt and using the tilt on wifi drained the battery really fast. Is this any better?
  • On the resistive touchscreen, I think Microsoft has touched on this. It has been reported that using a stylus is vital in the far east. Character recognition in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages is huge. A Qwerty, obviously not so much. So WinMo has stuck to the stylus, and HTC along with them, in part due to the demands of that market. The iPhone has gone nowhere in the Asian market. Of course now Sony has joined in as well, with the Xperia. The choice of WinMo and a stylus was no accident, nor is it that Samsung (Korea) and HTC (Taiwan) are the top WinMo manufacturers. We're seing other Asian manufacturers (Asus) join the WinMo group.
  • his review was well written and unbiased. Hit the pros and cons that most windows mobile users would expect to here. Even touched on the fact that the phone's thickness really isn't bad when you actually have the phone in your hands...because it's so small length by width. I didn't realize this either until I held it and was pleasantly surprised.
  • I enjoyed the review and it seemed very informative. I did agree with the positives and negatives put forward. I especially agree with the fact of the lag that you sometimes face coupled with the resistive touchscreen and some of the woes that has caused.
  • Can't wait to walk into my ATT store and play with one of these.
    I've seen all the other round robin phones in person except this one.
  • meh.
  • saw a demo at an att store.. it's actually smaller than it seems and the touchflo 3d looks great
  • For some reason, all the phones look bigger in the pics to me.
    Once I get my hands on - I say; 'This is smaller than I thought'
  • android rocks, go linux and google. I WANT a htc dream now