Our pal Casey has put in his Smartphone Round Robin 2 cents on the HTC Fuze and it's definitely worth a read. He takes the goal of looking at a device through the eyes of an Android User pretty seriously and the result is a fair and interesting impression of what Windows Mobile looks like to a certain set of user: namely, the sort of user who is a little savvy about smartphones but not about to get into the sort of registry edits that sometimes get us excited.

In other words -- he likes TouchFlo 3D on the Fuze for new users, Windows Mobile for power users, but isn't so sure that the Fuze would work well for the middle-of-the-road folks the G1 appeals to. In that sense he might not be too far off -- I've seen brand-new smartphone users positively giddy over TouchFLO 3D.

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Anyhow, it's one more perspective on the cognitive dissonance between the skins we put on top of Windows Mobile and the standard Windows Mobile UI -- go check it out and comment there for your chance at a G1. Or comment here for a chance at getting a Fuze of your own. Or -- why not -- both!.