Android spotted on the HTC HD2 (Hey, we just said 'spotted,' not that it was 'real')

Update: OK, Arne. You got us. :) Oldest trick in the book. We're wearing the dunce caps the rest of the night. Now go find Bohn and make the man buy you a beer for our stupidity.

Ok guys - just to make it sure for *everybody*! It was a *joke*! It's a screenshot from the Acer Liquid!

Sure, HTC CEO Peter Chou said not to expect Android on the HD2 (actually what he told Forbes was" Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile"). But that doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

Exhibit A: This twitpic from Arne Hess of the::unwired, who (alongside our own Dieter Bohn) is at Mobius, clearly shows Android running on the Snapdragon-powered beast.

Needless to say, many a tail is wagging in the mobile world tonight.

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  • Dude, he was joking! he just loaded one of his screenshots (from his Acer Liquid review) into the HTc album on the HD2!
  • I already knew it was fake. Also joke is Android is nothing but hype has windows mobile is way better. Google your better off in web broser not mobile industry. also yes we all know iphone has been a junk phone has well. these 2 phones are just app phones that they can do.
  • I now own an HTC Hero, and while it was better than the G1... I really don't see why anyone would buy an android phone over the TP2 or Pure... Good thing I kept my T-Mobile contract.
  • Well it's not a question of if, only when. For those that want to follow the porting of Andriod to the HD2: