Angry Birds 2 will take pig-warfare to the next level on July 30

Developer and publisher Rovio has announced plans to release Angry Birds 2 on July 30. It's the first full sequel to the arcade game that launched in 2009 for mobile devices and spawned a ton of spin-off titles, including two based on the Star Wars franchise. It's also become a huge merchandising hit with lots and lots of products, from back packs to candy to an upcoming animated movie.

Rovio has yet to reveal details about Angry Birds 2, but it's safe to say that those mad animals will be attacking their mortal enemies, pigs, in some way. The original game, and most of the spin-offs, involved the player firing those birds, via a sligshot, to take out pigs that were protected by rather poorly made buildings and other structures. Rovio will reveal more details on July 28 in press events scheduled to be held in New York City and San Francisco.

Source: Rovio

John Callaham