Angry Birds Space and Star Wars get another update and a small glitch

It was just 4 days ago that Rovio updated Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8. Both games jumped to version 1.1 and at the time, we did not notice any changes in the games nor new features.

And on this Thanksgiving day, version 1.2 has rolled out for both games--hey, at least they're keeping them consistent! Once again to our untrained eye (we're not hardcore 'bird players around here) we don't see anything new--no new levels and they're still Windows Phone 8 only. But we suppose there are some important "fixes" that are necessary for the updates.

But there's also a potential problem...

Warning on that Angry Birds Star Wars update...

We have experienced one interesting error with Angry Birds Star Wars and we have a few reports coming in too from readers of the site experiencing the same.

Right after Star Wars updated we tapped to play it but we were greeted with the above error message. In short, we cannot play the game anymore as we just keep getting that error message. Trying to re-purchase the game is also unsuccessful as the Store recognizes that you previously bought it.

Oddly enough, our Richard Edmonds did not have that problem and when I tried to download 'Star Wars to my Lumia 810 for the first time, it went off without a hitch. The good news is there seems to be an easy way to fix it, but you may not like it if you have made substantial progress: Uninstall the game, reboot your phone and then reinstall it. The downside of this technique should be obvious: you'll lose your game history and any progress, which could be devastating.

So, our advice for you is a tough medicine: If you have been playing the game and don't want to potentially lose your progress, we recommend you skip the version 1.2 update. If on the other hand you are feeling a little risky, then go right a head as this is not a guaranteed bug that will happen--there's just a chance and we don't know the variables at play.

Pick up Angry Birds Space here and and Angry Birds Star Wars here. Both fetch for $0.99 with a free trial. Only for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Daniel Rubino

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