Anodia, a brick-breaker styled Windows Phone 8 game

Anodia is a Windows Phone 8 game that has the feel of a brick breaker styled game but loses the traditional feel with the variety of targets you are called upon to destroy.  You do not have a series of bricks to destroy but instead you have to take out light bulbs, hanging lamps, groups of bouncy balls, and more.

The game has over one hundred gaming levels, over twenty different power-ups, and if you are a fan of the brick-breaker styled games Anodia is worth a try.

Anodia’s main menu tosses out options to start the campaign game mode, start a quick game, view/purchase equipment, access the game’s settings, remove the ads via in-app purchase ($2.99) and unlock the entire game (levels, paddles, balls, bonuses, etc.) also through an in-app purchase ($6.99).

The equipment store has a wide range of balls, paddles and perks that you can purchase with the coins you earn during game play.  Settings cover sound/music levels as well as your gaming controls.  You can control your gaming paddle by touch or use your tilt sensor to move the paddle around.

The hundred plus levels of Anodia are progressively unlocked.  The best I can tell, the Campaign Mode takes you through the various levels of Anodia while the Quick Play allows you to choose which unlocked level you want to tackle.  Your progress in the Campaign Mode is saved to let you pick things up where you left them.

Game play is not unlike any other brick-breaker styled game.  You have a paddle at the bottom of the screen and your scoring stats running across the top of the screen.

Each game begins by swiping up at the screen to launch your ball from the paddle.  The goal is to smash all the targets that are scattered about the game screen with your ball.  You keep the ball in play by bouncing it off your paddle.  Targets range from hanging lights to light bulbs on a spinning wheel with all taking multiple hits to destroy.

Power-ups and power-downs will fall from shattered targets and will become active if you catch them with your paddle.  Power-ups include a stretched out paddle to a protective barrier that will keep your ball in play if it misses your paddle.  Power-downs include a smaller paddle or clouds that will obscure your view.

There is also a gravity field that becomes available that when you tap the screen, your balls will swarm to that area.  It is a handy tool when you are down to just a few targets and cannot seem to get the right bounce angle with your paddle.

If you like the brick-breaker styled games, Anodia is well worth a try.  The variety of targets and range of power-ups and power-downs keeps this game from growing stale.  The only downside to the game is the lack of a help section to give you a reference point for all the power-ups/downs that will be heading your way.

Anodia is a free, ad-supported game that is available for Windows Phone 8.  There are in-app purchases available to remove the ads ($2.99) and unlock all levels/paddles/balls/etc. ($6.99).  You can find your copy of Anodia here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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