'Another Case Solved' is a sweet mystery game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Another Case Solved is a new puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 that has you playing detective to solve the mystery of a curious candy conspiracy. The story line has your city clamping down on candy cravings by outlawing the source. You will need to figure out what is behind the candy craze by gathering clues, interviewing witnesses and solve a series of mind-bending clues.

Another Case Solved has seen a decent amount of success over on iOS and based on tinkering with the game for a short period, it should be well received on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms as well.

Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved is a well-illustrated game with the following key features:

  • Create your own personalized detective which includes custom outfits, props and more
  • Multiple gaming styles that include matching clues, identifying suspects, and tracking  down hidden items
  • Story driven cases to keep you hooked into the candy mystery
  • Minor cases are available to help you keep your detective business in operation
  • Ability to customize your office with new furniture that will increase your detective skills

As you solve mysteries, you will earn candy and cash that can be used to buy office furniture or props to further customize your detective.

Another Case Solved

We’ve only spent a short time with Another Case Solved and the game comes across as a nice mixture between puzzle solving, strategy and deductive reasoning. Another Case Solved is an entertaining and challenging game that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We'll take the game out for a test drive over the next few days and get a full review of Another Case Solved on the site shortly.

Both versions are free and you can pick up your copy of Another Case Solved at the following links.

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