Another hands-on with the Samsung Mondi

This thing look familiar? It's the Samsung Mondi MID (aka the SWD-M100), exactly how we saw it last year at CTIA. Only now there's actually 4G service for that WiMAX radio to take advantage of. More redundant pics after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Fingerprints, Fingerprints, Everywhere.
    Fingerprints, Fingerprints, in my hair.
    Fingerprints, Fingerprints, I can see.
    Fingerprints, Fingerprints, ALL OVER THA MUTHER FREAKING MONDI!!!!!!!!!!
  • I followed the links back to posts from last summer and saw this only has WinMo 6.1. How outdated. I read the specs and saw this is about the same size as the HTC HD2. So why not just get the HD2 and you have a newer version of the OS, same size device, same size screen, and a much sleeker UI. And thirdly, a device this size, if it were to really be "all of that", should have a full 5 row qwerty keyboard more like the HTC Touch Pro 2. Another new but already outdated device for the failure list. (Just my 2 cents.)
  • You do know that this is a WiMax phone right? HD2 is a GSM phone.
  • As the article says, the Samsung Mondi is NOT a phone, if that's important to you. The WiMax connectivity is for Internet access only (so I guess you can make internet phone calls). But then, the Mondi is about $300 cheaper. (I think the HD2 unlocked is reported to possible go for about $750-$800.)
  • Ooops!!! My bad, sorry. At least it is a phone, but I still feel it is a bit dated even though it is new. None the less, thanks to Bob for correcting me on this. By the way, is this device OS upgradeable?
  • They need to also lose the bezel around the screen! That makes it so much harder to use a finger.
  • I have one of these, and can say it is short on RAM, and yes the bezel cuts down on the usefulness as a touch only device. The biggest problem for the Mondi though is the company running the wimax system, Clear wireless. Their coustomer service and support is sooo! bad. They are going to drive all the nails in the wimax coffin so fast that Sprint, comcast and the other investors in this system will never be able to save it.