Another look at the HTC Mega

A couple more pics of the HTC Mega have leaked out to, and they pretty much confirm what we first showed you earlier this month (seen here at right).

Specs also are right along the lines with what we first reported, with a couple of extras thrown in. They are:

  • Qualcomm MSM7225 at 528MHz.
  • Dimensions: 104x55x12.8mm.
  • Quad-band EDGE, 900/21MHz for 3G.
  • 385kbps upload, 7.2Mbps download.
  • 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen (240x320).
  • 3.2MP fixed-focus camera.
  • 256MB RAM/256MB ROM.
  • MicroSD card.
  • WiFi b/g.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR.
  • aGPS.
  • 1100mAh battery.
  • TouchFLO (eventual version unsure).

So, not the highest-end device, that's for sure. And the 3G bands point to a release outside the United States anyway.

Phil Nickinson

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