Another look at the Telus LG IQ

Need some more of that Telus LG IQ (aka the Monaco) we got eyes on earlier this week? Ask and ye shall receive. And shaky camera work aside, that's a solid looking phone. We could get behind the (optional) fingerprint scanner as the means of unlocking the phone, though we're still not sold on optical-type d-pads. Otherwise, those of you in Canada look like you've got a rather snazzy 3.2-inch WGVA slider with Snapdragon on your hands. Peep some video after the break. [Mobile Syrup]

Update: Loads more pics and thoughts from Mobile Jaw. (thanks, Mike!)

Phil Nickinson

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  • Thanks for the link Phil. I was also a little concerned about how the optical finger scanner would work as a d-pad. Anyone remember the HTC Dash/Excalibur? Well, it is nothing like that. It actually worked, and worked well. Just like dragging your finger down the screen of an iPhone, just without the worry of accidently opening something in the list. ;-) Overall, it was a pretty nice phone.
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