First, Brandon Watson, Microsoft's Director of Developer Experience, fielded questions from various Windows Phone sites. And now Frank Prengel, Technical Evangelist for Windows Phone and Windows Embedded at Microsoft Germany, has opened up in a Q&A session hosted by TamsPPC- the Windows Phone Blog.

Prengel touched on how manufacturers can use the different chasis styles to differentiate their Windows Phone 7 devices from others and that Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5 will co-exist in the market for sometime.

Prengel also distinguishes the differences in WP7 and WinMo's priorities. He says, "Windows Mobile was traditionally designed primarily to replicate the desktop on a phone, putting the highest priority on manageability, flexibility and line of business applications. Windows Phone 7 actually follows a different approach. Here, the end user experience has absolute priority – usability, performance, stability are the most important design aspects."

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As with Brandon Watson's Q&A, Prengel doesn't make any earth-shattering revelations about Windows Phone 7. He did close by saying that WP7 is bringing phones, desktop, web, and game consoles closer together connecting them through the various Microsoft cloud services--possibly referencing services like Skydrive, Xbox Live, Sharepoint, My Phone, Windows Live and who knows what else they haven't told us yet.