Another shot of the Xperia X2

Remember that leaked shot of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 from the other day? Here's one, bigger and better, and with a look at it from behind. Looks like the rear-facing camera has a flash, which is good. As for the rest? Start your guessin'. via Pocketnow

Update: We didn't notice it at first thanks to the ginormous watermark, but that appears to be an 8-freakin'-megapixel camera there.

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  • Is it just me or was the brushed metal X1 much better looking? Doesn't seem to slide out on a curve either...that was more unique than just tilting...
  • While I honestly like the X1's look better, maybe this will look good in the official press shots :\
  • Info from polish forum under SE domain becuse of (S)ony(E)ricsson
  • i like the way the screen doesnt dip in and that the screen is wider but it sure dont look as good