Another update for the official WPCentral app live today

Last week we pushed out an update to our app with a few new features, bug fixes and speed improvements, whilst also promising that a second part of that update would be coming this week. Well, that time is now and you can pick up the second release of v4.3 for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 from the marketplace right now.

This release contains an important fix for Windows Phone 8 users where using the lock screen wallpaper functionality was causing the app to use up more of your storage than it needed to. That problem is solved now and we've even included a new button in the settings that will clear out all files held by the app in temporary storage for those of you who like control over your gigabytes. See below for what else has changed.

  • Added forum likes (WP8 only, WP7 coming soon)
  • Implemented support for multiple YouTube videos
  • Fixed a memory issue with WP8 causing the use of too much storage by the app
  • Added option to delete all temporary files used in the app cache
  • Inline images now larger to improve reading experience

We know many of you were keen to see forum likes and the Windows Phone 8 implementation was ready for this release so we're pleased to be providing that functionality today. Unfortunately the same shared code was not working for our beta users on Windows Phone 7 so we're going to take a little longer and figure out how to get the tapatalk API to play ball. We'l update the app again when likes are possible for WP7 users.

The multiple video support is something our own Paul Acevedo has been asking for and we've finally found the time to implement it. Now if a post contains multiple videos you'll be presented with a list enriched from YouTube and the option to play any of the content.

As always, get in touch through the comments, forums or through the app’s feedback functionality and let us know your opinions.

Download the official Windows Phone Central app here from the Store.

QR: wpcentral

Jay Bennett