Anti Mosquito! - Pest control from your Windows Phone

As the Mobile Nations Fitness Month winds down, we turn our sights on a rather unique Windows Phone app that is designed to help ward off pesky mosquitoes. One element of being fit is staying healthy and with the risk of disease and being annoyingly itchy, mosquito bites can impact our fitness quest.

Anti Mosquito! is a Windows Phone app that is designed to complement traditional pest control methods (repellent sprays, citronella candles, etc.) to keep the mosquitoes away by using high frequency sounds. It's an interesting concept and if you are at your wits end at battling mosquitoes, Anti Mosquito might be worth a try.

Sound blasting the mosquitos away

The interface with Anti Mosquito! is not very complicated with four button controls to view the about screen, share the app, rate the app in the Windows Phone Store and 'like' the app on Facebook. You will have four frequency options to choose from to repel the mosquitoes that includes 13, 15, 17 and 19 kHz.

Just tap on a frequency, the blue graphic turns red (along with nifty radar graphics) and the high frequency starts doing its thing. Volume is controlled by your Windows Phone main volume controls and you can stack frequencies. Which brings us to the question, "Which frequency works the best?"

We have absolutely no clue. It's really a trial and error type method of choosing which frequency works the best. There is no guarantee this will work and if you need additional means of protecting yourself from mosquitoes, the app does have a help section that details other methods. Just tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen to read about yeast traps, diet tricks and lamp baits.

So, does it work?

Personally, I had serious reservations with Anti Mosquito! In the South, mosquitoes can be so big that when you slap them down, they get up and slap you back. Could high frequency sounds keep them away?

There are products that use sound frequencies to repel dogs, rats, and other animals so it should not be that big of a stretch to think mosquitoes could be scared away by noise. Right?

I had mixed results in testing out Anti Mosquito! One night, using the 19 kHz frequency the mosquitoes stayed away. However, on another night the mosquitoes either were wearing tiny earplugs or just didn't care that my Windows Phone was blasting high frequency sounds.

Whether it works or not, Anti Mosquito! does a good job of minimizing power consumption but will not run in the background. Which means you cannot ward off the mosquitoes while enjoying your favorite Windows Phone game or app.

Anti Mosquito! is a unique Windows Phone app that may help keep the mosquitoes at bay. It didn't work too well in my neck of the woods but your results may differ.

  • Anti Mosquito! - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

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