9 must-know Apex Legends tips and tricks

With Apex Legends growing in popularity due to it being crazy fun, visually excellent, and not Fortnite, we have put together a list of tips and tricks from our regular Apex players as well as readers who kick our butts regularly in-game.

Some of these tips will seem like common sense once you read them, but you may not think about them in the heat of battle unless you have read about them first.

Never leave your wingpeople

Apex is a team game in the very real sense of the word. Each of the playable characters are designed to work together to maximize your chances of success.

When you launch from the dropship you drop as a team with your leader direct your flight path. Stick with them! splitting off from the pack makes you all more vulnerable and almost always ends up with you all dead much sooner.

A rifle in hand is worth two in a crate (Submitted by CaptainStu72)

When your squadmate gets revived at the revive station they rejoin the battle without any weapons. This is, as you can imagine, problematic for the rest of you so it is worth making some sacrifices.

If you have two weapons in your inventory then sacrificing one, even if it just a pistol, to your team mate is a sacrifice you should willingly make. The chance of you all surviving is increased greatly if you all have some sort of weaponry.

If you can't talk, Ping

Apex Legends

Apex Legends (Image credit: Windows Central)

The pinging system on apex is really good. You can use your right shoulder button to tag places for your squad to go, loot you think your friends should get, and enemies that are in your field of vision.

If you are squading up with randos, or even if you are using mics with your mates, you should try to get used to pinging anything of note. It will appear on their mini map and give them all a lot more information than saying "he's over there, no over there!"

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Complement your team

No, I don't mean tell them their gun looks nice or that they did a good job, though that's ok I suppose. What I mean is, try to pick your Legend based on the needs of the party, not just what your favorite might be.

If you are picking last in the lineup then look at the gaps in the party and fill it with what's needed. No support in your squad? then use Lifeline or even Pathfinder. If your team is all lightfooted scout types then maybe using Gibraltar or even opening up Caustic will help your team more than sticking with one "main" Legend.

Of course, if you get to pick first then you choose whatever the heck you want and let the rest of the squad work it out.

99 red balloons

You may have noticed the giant red balloons around the canyon at strategic points, but did you know they are actually useful and not decorative?

If you zipline up to the top of them it will activate your jetpack you use when you leave the drop ship. This makes it much easier to reach places further away and allows you to keep ahead of the circle of doom as it closes in around you.

It's ok to have a preference

Teamwork is paramount in a game like Apex Legends and despite what I said earlier about taking one for the team, it's ok to want to make your preferences known.

When you are waiting at the character select screen you can hover your cursor over your favorite Legend and your squadmates will see. This means they can take your personal tastes into account when they choose.

I run Gibraltar and Lifeline with equal skill so if I see that you want to use lifeline I'm more than happy to give you that chance. If you don't highlight it for me though, you may just lose out.

Falling ain't no thang

Finding the safest way down a cliff is often an important factor is most games. Making sure you carefully navigate the deep ravines and high places of the world is often the difference between a healthy long game or instant annihilation.

Not in Apex Legends though. As there is no fall damage at all you need to retrain yourself to just run off the cliffs. The fastest way between two places is often a straight line and if that straight line is off the edge of a building or cliff? so be it.

Don't be a loot hog

Apex Legends has a really well balanced amount of loot lying around but it doesn't take much to tip it over the edge. If you and your team end landing near another squad you all need to be armed with something to face the threat.

When you first land and all run into the same building, make sure you only take one gun each. That way all your team will be able to defend themselves and you if the need arises. Then, once you move on to the next building you can arm yourself to the teeth.

By thinking about others in your squad just a little more than you normally might, you can have a much higher chance of surviving.

Let 'em bleed

OK, this sounds more gruesome than it needs to but it is true. Letting an enemy bleed out instead of finishing them off can be hugely beneficial.

By keeping the downed player alive you can sometimes force their squad mates hand. They will normally come looking for their down friend and while they are going through the, sometimes overly long, revive sequence you can step in and take both of them out at the same time.

This doesn't always work as some squads just leave their friends to die but more often than not you and your team can take out at least another enemy in this way.

Now you tell us

Obviously, everyone has their own tips and tricks and we love to hear yours, especially if they are about specific Legends. Let us know your best Lifeline tricks or Wraith tips and we may feature them in the article.

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