App Update Roundup: GChat, 4th & Mayor, Forecast, Slacker Radio and Pictures Lab

Busy weekend for developers as they've been pushing out update after update lately--see Flickr, Lindy Comics and Mixtapes. A few more have slipped by and we figured we'd quickly run through 'em in case you were curious. Check out the video for a  fast run through of the apps in action.

  • GChat hit v1.2, bringing it with it some bug fixes and more importantly, contact picture support (for non-mobile contacts). The app looks a little nicer now with photos of your contacts, especially when you pin them to the start screen. The app is free and open source, which is pretty awesome, though we still find IM+ more reliable for now. Grab it here in the Marketplace.
  • 4th & Mayor jumped to v2.9 bringing with it rudimentary support for notifications--the structure is there but they're not working, yet. A few other bug fixes on board too and while the app is still not Mango-ready yet, it looks to be getting there. And it's still way faster than the official Foursquare app. Pick up the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Forecast went to v2.0, getting a Mango make-over. The app now supports double-side Live Tiles, multiple live tiles for locations and of course fast-app resume. In addition, the app has some new features and customizations that we really dig. The app is free (ad-supported) or $1.99 for no ads. Overall a solid update for a solid weather program. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Slacker Radio is finally Mango-ready for the masses. Bringing with it background-audio support and fast-app resume, the popular music streaming service (and nice alternative to Pandora) feels much more native to Windows Phone now that it can run in the background. In addition, you can pin individual stations to your start screen for quick access. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Finally Pictures Lab, like Thumba, has received a Mango update. Now at v3.0, the popular photo editing app now supports direct-camera access, including touch-focus and gyroscope support for image stabilization. That custom camera app is also pinnable to the Start screen for quick access. In addition, you get fast-app switching, performance improvements and Pictures Hub integration returns. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.

Thanks to all who sent in tips!

Daniel Rubino

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