Apple just 'reinvented the notebook,' apparently

You might have noticed that other company is having an event today. At said event, Apple just "reinvented the notebook." Their words, not ours. The brand new MacBook is 12-inches, slim as hell, has a Retina Display, an Intel Core M CPU, comes in gold and has almost nothing in the way of ports.

Starting at $1299, it's definitely a premium priced product (as if you'd expect anything less) and we'll admit that there are things we like about it. It'll also probably run Windows pretty well.

Our buddies at iMore are live on location and all over the Apple event if you're curious what's going on, so swing by and check it out. Opinions on whether the MacBook reinvents the notebook will definitely differ, but we'll leave this image below as just one example of how Microsoft's partners are doing just fine right now.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 (Image credit: Windows Central)
Richard Devine
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