Ari Partinen, senior Nokia Pureview camera engineer, headed to Apple

Nokia is out of the smartphone race as a company, though Microsoft is picking up the baton with its newly acquired mobile hardware division. That said, competitor companies acknowledge the talent at Nokia, notably Apple who has snipped camera expert Ari Partinen. According to Partinen's Twitter feed, today marks his last day working on the Lumia family of devices.

The senior engineer states that a new chapter in Cupertino will be well under way soon, and even confirms to a Twitter reply that the company he will be migrating to is indeed Apple. With Partinen heading to Apple, this could be a sign that Tim Cook and co. are looking to really bump up the quality of experience when it comes to photography on the range of iPhones.

While Windows Phone continues to take its time to catch up to the big players in the market, the family of Lumia devices are renown for optics.

Via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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