Apple shows off their next iPhone tomorrow—Will Nokia outshine them?

Mock battle: iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920

When the day breaks tomorrow, the tech world will be focused on one thing: Apple. Then it will turn on everything else that is mobile and ask rhetorical questions. Will we be a part of that? Well, we can’t ignore it, can we? For that though, you have our sister site iMore who have had some fairly massive (and accurate) leaks on the upcoming iPhone 5.

But we want to know, will Apple live up to the hype or will Nokia outshine them this time?

...And let us be clear, we're talking about raw technological innovation, not the whole availability and release thing. What is perhaps most interesting about the iPhone 5 is it's looking a little behind the times, not pushing the edge anymore. We say that of course without knowing all of the details but the device is highly expected to have a 4” 1136x640 display.

Compare that to Windows Phone 8 and 1280x720 or 1280x768 (Lumia 920) and you can see who will win the pixel-density contest this year: iPhone 5 (325 PPI) versus Lumia 920 (332 PPI with a 0.5" larger display).

Going further, whereas Google and Microsoft have both embraced near-field communication (NFC) with the latter having an all-in-one solution with a Wallet app, Apple is expected to forgo the technology this time around. We're actually shocked, if this is accurate.

Proposed mockup of the iPhone 5

So what are we left with assuming the rumors are accurate? Apple will invent, we mean add 4G LTE, have a slightly longer display, a non-glass back and presumably some updated innards to make it all run more smoothly (1 GB of RAM is expected).

Does Apple have any secrets? No one yet knows but last week Nokia unveiled their PureMotion HD+ Display with ‘Super sensitive’ touch on the Lumia 920. The new technology allows you to wear gloves while using the phone and it has a 60Hz refresh rate for reduced blur when scrolling or watching videos. It also has a zippy < 9ms grey-to-grey pixel transition time.

That’s kind of a big deal as those things are firsts on a smartphone.

Likewise, Nokia was the first to introduce an optical image stabilizer (PureView) for a smartphone camera, dramatically reducing image blur and giving much better HD video recording abilities. Can Apple match that?

Or how about inductive wireless charging?

HAAC Rich Recording microphones?

Gorilla Glass 2?

Variety of colors in a super-resilient polycarbonate design?

Rich camera “Lenses”?

Look, we’re not trying to be too overly optimistic here as we know had Apple introduced any of the above, it would have been touted by the tech media as R E V O L U T I O N A R Y. But since this was Nokia, a lot of it was over-shadowed by creating fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Lumia 920: More interesting than the iPhone 5? Could be.

And for all we know, Apple may indeed show off some really crazy stuff tomorrow, even giving us pause. But so far, the rumors have been minimal. That's odd since as far as Apple releases go, this one has been the most leaky one yet.

We’ll of course revisit this tin 24 hours and we’re sure Nokia’s stock (which is up and holding steady at $2.80) may react accordingly. But we’re saying for once, we see a real chance for Nokia to have out-done Apple in terms of straight up technological innovation (release dates and sales are another issue).

Head to for more info and for live coverage of tomorrow's event.

What are you thoughts and expectations for Apple and the fawning media? Sound off in comments…

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I doubt Nokia will outshine them. But I can guarantee I won't care what Apple shows me.
    /Soon to be former iPhone user
  • The one thing people are forgetting is that the iphone has a million plus user fan base that are fanatical about their devices and would never consider switching to something else. Puremotion HD+? Super sensitive sccreen? 60Mhz refresh rate? Yeah,,,,but is it an iphone? I think most iphone users are going to be very happy tomorrow,,,there getting something that they have been wanting for a long time now which is a bigger screen I think that alone will be enough to keep loyal to their favotite phone,,,not to mention what will be anounced tomorrow.
  • A four inch screen might not seem like that big of a deal to the rest of the mobile phone world where 4.5 is quickly become the norm,,,but its something the iphone has never had and I'm sure iphoners will be all over it.
  • How can iPhone use a 4" screen when Steve Jobs referred to such devices as Hummers? Not to mention all those obnoxious iPhone users criticizing those packing 4" screens as losers trying to compensate for their perceived unworthiness lol.
  • I clearly remember that. Another point of the 3.5" screen was so the iPhone be used one-handed.
    Perhaps Apple had a change of heart? Maybe the 4" but taller body will still allow a one-handed operations? Guess we'll find out soon.
  • No. Theywill simply argue that people are now 10% taller in average then they were five years ago. Maybe they'll have even a Nixe graph to prove it.
  • well, remember that Steve tended to say a lot of things purely in the best interests of Apple at the time. Steve also derided 7" tablets as too small and that one should include a file to file your fingers down to a fine point to use. But Apple is now making a 7" tablet.
    All this is the result of replacing a brilliant marketer/product expert with a bean counter. For me, Apple has become boring. Move along, nothing to see here......
  • Basically. I know too many people that are sticking with Apple, because of the familiarity. It's pretty common amongtst the technoligcally challenged. They do not like having to learn new devices.
  • But I though 4" screen will be invented tomorrow and get a patent on it! It borders in corruption; 'iPhone' name; copied from 1998 Infogear/Linksys/Cisco IP Phone. iPhone form factor copied from 2006 LG Prada. iPad form factor copied from 2006 Samsung's photo-frame. Mac Book Air form factor copied from 1998 HP Soujurn. Even the Apple logo for 'Christ' sake; Adam and Eve 'Bit' the apple. So all their patents are just bought out to aquire them, quite simple.
  • There is definitely a percentage of people that have the iPhone precisely because everyone else does; the loyalty is not borne out of any particular love for Apple but out of the classic "Keepin' up with the Jones."  I'm not knocking their product I was among the first to evangelize it even before I ever owned one... it is just that the iPhone in its recent "re-births" are simply getting tired. If something more fresh comes along and the hipsters and cool people or rich people flock to it, so too will many others.  I can say this is for certain in circles I know as well as work place circles.  Even the true Apple fanatics at work know about Windows Phone.  They talk about how it is lagging, etc, but they are following it... they know what it could mean. Of course we're a SaaS company providing software on web and mobile devices, so they have an interest in following mobile platforms! It could be that they don't want to learn a mobile API that is easier to use than Apple and Android simply because it is Microsoft.
  • Very true. The iPhone/Apple consumer is not like any other consumer except for maybe Coca-Cola. :-P
  • Good for you to look outside the window
  • Haha, I see what you did there.
  • People will buy any shiny new product from the Apple, even they suck as much as the rest of there products ;)
  • Welcome in advance to Windows Phone, VagrantWade! Most iPhone users will say "I don't care" to Nokia's innovations. Their loss.
  • The 920 could print money and transform into a jet and iPhone sheep still would stick with apple.
  • I don't expect a big upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. Probably a bigger screen , A5X processor, and an exclusive iOS6 feature.
  • The iSheep are the same people who used to put hurt on geeks before tech was cool. I doubt they ever new what a mini-disc player was. Now 'they think' they know technology. Lets give them credit for coming this far, its a big step on the whole for the technology movement. Unfortunately The mac 'geniuses' haven't taught them how to 'iThink' and 'iChoose' yet. The time will come.
  • I still have a mini disc player. That thing was the must have before my Zune. I agree that iPhone users are sheep and will flock to whatever apple puts out even if it's a piece of scrap metal with an Apple logo on it.
  • I'm fairly certain Nokia will come out of this one on top. Maybe not in sales, but the foot will be in the door for the slow upward market share grab that WP will gain... hopefully
  • Props for Nokia setting a bench mark now the iPhone has true competition when it comes to mobile innovation.
  • Nokia (or any company, for that matter) can have all the innovative features they want. But what they don't have and will never have is the mind share and the marketing dollars of Apple.
  • That's correct. I was watching the news today and they were talking about tomorrow's expected iPhone 5 and how it will boost the economy a little bit in the 4th quarter. More free marketing for Apple.
  • I also read an article stating how it could boost the US GDP. I thought to myself that is actually sad news. A noticeable change in the US GDP hanging on the sucess of a single gaget is not a good way to measure our sucess as a society. A strong economy is based upon the goods and services that are essential to human life (food, water, energy, etc). Every electronic device can go away tomorrow and we will prevail. Take away one of the three I mentioned and its gonna hit the fan real quick. 
  • Completely agree. When I saw/heard that report I thought that was a pretty sad situation.
  • I am thinking that the wp8 launch may not be what Microsoft is counting on getting WP off the ground. Remember, they said they are in it for the long haul. I think the things that will get people to try WP is when they finally get things together where WP raises the bar on every level. Full 3 screen integration, DirectX games being games the likes which have never been seen before on a phone, unparalleled business capabilities, more services and features integrated in the OS than you can shake a stick at and so on. They need to actually take this to a level where in every way, WP does amazing things that Android and ios could only dream about. They have the means, the money and the opportunity. But, it will be difficult at every turn if they don't get everything organized and marketed right. Be interesting to see where we are 1-2 years from now.
  • I think that the new Lumia line will beat Apple in every single category except for marketing and release.  Unfortunately those two areas are big enough to make up for every advantage the Lumia has to many people.
  • The new iPhone will also probably have at least a 64GB model (which I wish Lumia 920 had) and bluetooth 4.0 (not a big deal, but iPhone 4S has had it for a year). Still, I haven't bought an iPhone yet, and tomorrow's announcement won't change that.
  • 64GB Lumia 920 I'll take. If I can't have a microSD slot then I'll take 64GB.
  • +1
  • +1. As a Zune pass user with many videos for my daughter when we are out 32gb on my Arrive was not enough. Not looking forward to 32 again but I will not get and HTC or Ativ
  • or buy two 32GB Lumia 920.
  • +1
  • I'm sure tomorrow will be better or have some extra things that may seem nicer than what Nokia has announced so far. But remember Apple is the manufacturer and the creator of the OS so a lot of the features will probably be software based. Microsoft still hasn't revealed all of wp8 features (Joe Belfiore mentioned that at the Nokia event) so whatever apple introduces although good we still have more to hear that all wp8 devices will have that I'm sure will be awesome.
  • The real issue is Apple is able to generate excitement. People WANT to use the product and features that were displayed. Without this excitement, even the best features will fail because of poor adoption. Nokia and Microsoft need to figure out how to generate this excitement because last week's Nokia event lacked energy and enthusiasm.
  • Co sign!
    Nokia & MS need a better marketing team!!!!
  • Yep. Marketing sucks
  • I don't know why they don't do apple style add. Let me guess Apple had a patent on that lol
  • I agree with you there, I'm still trying to figure out why Microsoft hired the gentleman that was the head of Disney's marketing. I haven't seen anything creative from him yet and I'm sure he's being paid 250k +......why a waste of money so far. MS need to just start releasing new features of WP8 tomorrow as well with hands-on video of them in action. I think they should have head-on device introduction on a shared stage!!! Like a political debate, leave it all on the floor.
  • Apple could shit on a stick and people would get excited.
  • I'm sure there are enough FoxConn workers to produce the required volume of ****. I mean, we've been buying **** from China for years and the supply doesn't seem to be slowing down.
  • +1
  • They just have to call it iCrap and put it in a box and the iSheep will come in droves to buy it.
  • Agreed, features like PureVideo+ don't mean much unless you can get all the 20-something year old cinema students talking about and buying them.
    MS and Nokia have to ignore my generation (Im 46yo) and get the youth excited and craving these new advanced features.
    I grew up on Microsoft and will buy it no matter what.
  • I don't think it's as much about the age group, but rather the perceived persona Apple gives off. They're seen by general society as a company that makes cool products. It doesn't matter the age you are, if you are a person who isn't very technologically smart then you will probably go with an iPhone (as made evident by the large number of iPhone users). I'm 19 and since I follow technology news daily, I feel like I am able to look at new products more objectively than most people I know. I've tried pretty much every OS (except BB and Symbian) before choosing WP. I feel like if everyone used everything first, then they'd make better decisions for themselves rather than blind brand loyalty (though there are some people who would still go with blind brand loyalty, and I don't care about them for missing out on some awesome tech because of it).
  • +500
  • +1 people are dumb. You clearly aren't!
  • Jfreiman's comment made me feel old. Since I'm no longer in my 20's anymore Hit 30 this year. Then Agent-P made me feel young. It's good to have a choice and not just follow the crowd.
  • one think i can guarantee is that apple will put on a much better presentation/show than nokia did the other day. no uncertain presenters, specific release dates, pricing, carrier availablility.
    i love windows phone and the 800/900 from nokia, but microsoft and nokia need to work on their marketing/presentation skills.
    i'm going to pick up an iphone5, something new to play with until november when i can get the 920, plus those damn things hold their value really well.
  • Yep, im thinking of doing the same thing. I managed to save up $700. Im ready for something new. I will pick up an iPhone 5, then sell it come November/December for a Lumia 920. Thanks to the sheep, those iPhones never lose value... Til couple yrs later.
  • You are right about the sheep. LOL!
  • That's a good idea. iPhones are a great way to get cash to buy the unlocked phone you want.
  • 60MHz refresh rate, HOLY SMOKES!!!  And I thought HDTVs were getting silly. :)
  • Hmm... 60MHz? So that's 6,000Hz??? Yeah good TV's are at around 120Hz. Damn that's impressive.
  • Lol, although 60MHz equals 60,000,000Hz.
  • Lol
  • +1 please fix
  • Nothing that has been speculated and/or leaked seems revolutionary or drool worthy to me. If it's just a little bigger, has LTE, and a tweak of the body, why bother upgrading? Of course I thought the same thing when the 4s came out...
  • Dude, people will buy anything with an Apple logo on it.
    Plus, the media hypes the people up for the next [Apple] thing.
  • yep, but no mention of the ATIV S or Nokia 820/920 in televised media, only forums and tech sites. I've been hearing about the iphone 5 release on tech sites, radio,and news station for the past 4 mos or so; the bias is rediculous, because everyone knows about the iphone and they should simpy advertise platforms equally; kinda make you wonder who's being paid off at these bid networks??? Hell microsoft own website is bias toward Apple (which is ridiculous).....don't believe me, go to
  • +100000000
  • No doubt Nokia will gain in specs, but in these sad times, Apple dominates with its branding. People happy with their iPhones will be excited with the little improvements.
  • I believe that yes, Nokia will outshine them in all, innovation, looks and style.
  • The Lumia 920 seems to have sweeter specs than the iPhone 5, but iPhone 5 will probably outshie the 920 due to the blinders of an established product.
  • My biggest problem tomorrow will be all the praises the iPhone will get in the media, even if it only comes with another row of icons. It will obviously be a godsent device.
    Im usually not that bothered but the ignorant shit Nokia got here in Sweden just makes me furious.
  • What do you mean? What happened in Sweden.
  • Apple will definitely outshine Nokia in presentation and marketing - arguably the two most important areas as far as grabbing the audience is concerned. Due to this, even while Nokia's phones could be at par (or better), the iPhone will be more memorable. I think Nokia really messed up because of their uninspired presentation last week.
  • That is all it will boil down to. Showmanship. Apple is the PT Barnum of tech. What was Barnum's favorite quote?
  • The greatest show of shit! ;-)
  • "There's a sucker born every minute."
  • The mistake that Nokia/Microsoft made was that they just announced the hardware. There was no preview of the Windows Phone 8 OS, no release date, no carrier mentioned. I have to hand to apple for what and how they annouce their products. They have all their ducks in a row first and BAM here you go, you get this, this and this and guess what you can start ordering from tomorrow. No long waits, no just giving hopes, no teases. People who are waiting for upgrades will jump ship before next gen windows phone comes out. Specially here in US you are tied to a contract i.e. wait 2 more years. So there isn't very much window of opportunity here. I love Windows Phone and I want MS/Nokia to succeed, so come on and get your act together. My first gen Focus is dying!!!
  • Wow exactly what I was going to write... down to the part about my dying Focus!  :D
    I don't know what Microsoft is trying to achieve by holding back the other features of Windows Phone 8 for another few weeks. There's nothing to lose at this point by showing them off.
  • Exactly, people don't want to wait, not all of them appreciate polycarbonate body, not all of them will like the glossy finish, not all of them still think of nokia the way it used to be. So alot of credits will eventually go to apple, unless the next phone will be a disappointment. And not to forget how Nokia screwed themselves and their new technology with a simply, stupid, mistake.
  • "not all of them appreciate polycarbonate body"
    You do realize that polycarbonate is the type of plastic that pretty much all smartphone makers use (well, those who make plastic phones), right?
  • I know what polycarbonate is and there are people that prefere glass and aluminum over plastic and the majority that bought iphone for this reason will eventually buy it again, because it feels different.
  • Well here you can see how clever Nokia actually is. You have no idea how many people have no idea that it's a standard techincal polymere. Instead of saying plastic, you say polycarbonate and the same people that dismiss "plastic" as a cheap material will want it.
  • My 1st Gen focus died a few weeks ago. I was trying to wait, but with no date, I had to go 7.5 again.
  • Same, my focus died a few weeks ago as well and I didn't know any dates or prices so I had to get a 900, good phone though.
  • They wanted to show off something before Apple did.  Pre-orders will most likely start tomorrow for the iPhone.  If Nokia and Samsung waited until Microsoft was ready with the WP8 OS, then many of the on-the-fence Apple buyers might just pre-order tomorrow.  Now, they have something to compare the next iPhone to. The thing is... Microsoft really shouldn't go after iPhone people and instead go after new Smartphone buyers.  There are still plenty to go after.
    If Microsoft sold WP8 only on their own hardware, things might be different...
  • I get it that they wanted to show something, but what I *think* is wrong in this scenario is that they should have just done the whole shebang like apple. Why? They NEED to penetrate mobile market sooner rather than later and they are aware of that so why diddle daddle?? Yes if Microsoft sold their own hardware it would have been different, but Nokia is practically waiting on MS. They have invested their entire future on Windows Phone. And why not go after apple fanboys *thats where the market share is at and those are the people who influence the non smart phone crowd to choose smartphone*. People can compare Nokia phone with iPhone as much as they want but if you can get instant gratification with established iPhone what do you think the mass crow will choose? MS knows they are behind.. speed up the development process.
  • Not like this will be read, nobody comes back to their comments anyway. I think they're waiting BECAUSE of Apple to show people oh we also have that or wow that's what they have, we have this and that.
  • If you measure Apple's new phone in terms of media coverage, compared to Nokia, sure it will be received better. The key lies in the hands of carriers worldwide, they sell the devices. If those carriers believe they can cash with Nokia hardware and MS software, whatever Apple comes up with is less relevant.
  • carrier push is very important in establishing the brand, but apple's products don't need this, they essentially sell themselves.
    virtually no one that walks out of a store with an iphone was sold on the idea of buying it.
    i really hope that the wp8 launch goes very smooth, if it does, late october and all of november is going to be a killer month for msft.
  • Honestly, I think the carriers and manufacturers are impeding MS/Nokia as well. I read today  on the verge, that Samsung and HTC specifically were having issue running WP8 on their hardware and the MS and Nokia were working basically around the clock to ensure WP8 & W8 stay on schedule. But the verge also want things to look bleek for WP8 so people will go out and buy the iphone 5. although I don't agree with a lot of things on the verge, because their biased, you can occassionally find useful information.
  • The verge work for Apple!
  • The Lumina 920 will probably beat the iPhone 5 feature-wise, but as others have said, Apple's presentation will blow Nokia's out of the water.   Nokia and Microsoft DESPERATELY need to invest in presentation training. While I loved watching the new phones, watching the people doing the demos was painful. I felt uncomfortable watching, because the presenters appeared very uncomfortable. I expect better from the next presentation.
  • For calling yourself wpguy, you'd think you'd know that it's Lumia, not Lumina.
  • Thanks, Clippy, but neither the site nor the app would let me correct the error. Maybe you can take care of it for me.
  • Everyone I know who isn't interested in tech and looking at such websites has no idea about the Nokia conference and devices last week so sadly I have to say Apple are already on top and will be furher ahead tomorrow regardless of what they announce!!
    I love WP and want it and Nokia to do well but the marketing / unveiling is just not working and getting through the masses
  • Unless apple was crafty and it's a new design this new iPhone won't matter to me. But I have an open mind unlike most apple users so this is going to be a huge deal. Almost all other phones will get lost in its wake. I have doubts if there will be customers left when WindowsPhone 8 comes out. Which no one knows the date an apple will have a date tomorrow. Which is usually 2 weeks after reveal. USAToday says the iPhone 5 in its current leaked form is a radical redesign with innovative features. They also say most iPhone 4 users skipped the 4s in anticipation for the 5. That's just 1 example of what we are up against.
  • I went to your sister site, iMore, and went to the first article I found, their iPhone 5 preview. The second comment posted to the article says, "I'm buying one no matter what. Hell, I'll even pre-order it right now." This is kind of typical with Apple fans. I don't expect them to even care about anything else, even if it shines the way Nokia did with all their brand-spanking-new features. All they need to know is it's made by Apple and they'll buy it.  Nokia's phones will shine compared to other smartphone competition, but unfortunately, despite its awesomeness, people just won't care because it's Windows. I hope WP8 will standout this time around, but I remain doubtful.
  • This could go some years good. But you can not stand in one point of innovation and sell it in masses if the competitor is far away from you. Apple has to do something or they a re gonne in a few years. Thats the fact with every brand. The same happend with nokia some years ago, they showed up and selled devices, people saw android and iphone and nokia went down. The same i say will happen with apple but just because their ignorance.
  • Windows fans will do the same thing thats the beauty of it.
  • Established ecosystem will be prevalent also. My niece has 3 kids/ ipads and 2 iPhones. And has to have apps. If people realized WP does not need apps for everything, it might be better.
  • +999
  • Even Samsung and HTC along with Nokia will have apple beat on this one.
  • It sucks but apple wins by default. Its just the branding. "We" know who really wins but the ignorance of the everyday consumer will give their money to apple.
  • You said it yourself. If apple came out with any of those features, the tech world would go wild. Apple doesn't have to do much to outshine Nokia. All they really have to do is show up, that's the sad truth about this generations tech media. If apple builds it, the tech media will tell us to come.
  • Whatever they have, im sure they'll make up a few things to try to upstage Nokia's pureview tech. Most likely the iPhone 5 will look the same. AGAIN
  • anyone knows why Apple is getting so much praise about their hardware design? Seriously, every person that I know who owns an iPhone had a case protection cause it's so fragile. What is the point of having a nice design than you have to cover it up? Style over substance.
    btw...drop shadow & bevel are so yesterday. ;-)
  • +1...everyone I know with an iPhone keeps it in a case, and has asked me to replace the screen/back because it shattered, even with the case. One person has shattered the screen twice. I drop my 900 all the time, and its still looking good. :-) 
  • My next phone will be a 920. (or whatever Verizon has to offer) Only time will tell. Got another 6 month wait..
  • Nokia has seen the dark side of the market and know they must do everything to come back on their own legs. Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. Nokia is now the phoenix. And if we look at apple they had only good stories last couple years, sometimes comes the endpoint for every succes! ;)
  • I don't think so.. But apple fans are always apple fans... Now the new generation is where msft and Nokia has to focus
  • +1
  • Nokia's already won. I was thinking I'd get the new iPhone 5, but the Lumia 920 killed THAT idea. Even the Nokia Music app works with my inline controls for my headphones. Then, there's the CAMERA!!! No way will the iPhone 5 come close. Nope, Nokia has, finally, kicked major azz!!!
  • U can't always be no.1
  • My words :)
  • I don't care if nokia outshines apple. I myself hate any apple I can't eat, so why should I care. The only thing I care about this moment is when will I be able to order a lumia 920 ;-)
  • Its will be a beautiful presentation for a long looking iPhone with the apps that people want and folks will go crazy. One win phone has all the tier one apps then maybe Nokia and the rest will be on a even footing with apple. I switched to win phone from a iPhone and took a few folks with it, the product us a good one and can't wait for my new red 920
  • Don't need a crystal ball to tell you that whatever is revealed will be seen as the best thing ever. My advice, turn off the internet for the day, then you won't have to sit through the bs from mist tech sites as apple "invents" LTE, the 4" screen and other cool "inventions".
  • My crystal ball tells me that whatever Apple does that is actually new will suddenly become old to people who want to trash talk them. 
  • Apple would gave to come out with a completely different OS and phone design to really catch my attention. iOS on the iphone to me just looks like a Jerry-rigged ipod. Nothing about it is graceful. It looks like it was designed by that guy in the office that saves everything to the desktop. But people buy hype and a logo. And that is what Apple sells.
  • Like their desktop OSX, looks the same as when it was released in 1999 except for different shades of gray and prettier icons. The iPhone already looks dated and that wont change anytime soon.
  • So many fanboys are missing out on good tech becuase they don't have the common sense to appreciate other companies products. 
  • Afuckinmen well said brother.
  • It's nice to rattle off a lot of features that the iPhone 5 "might not have" but can someone explain how the iPhone 4S managed to have Bluetooth 4.0 but the Lumia 920 does not?  That's an absolute dealbreaker for me, I already have Bluetooth Smart devices that will not work with the Lumia because it's still using older tech.
  • what do you have thats bluetooth 4.0? I dont use bluethooth that much except in my car. And I heard the nike fuelband uses that so we wi=ould not be able to use the fuelband with nokia because of it? 
  • I use a Polar heart rate monitor that uses Bluetooth 4.0 right now.  Yes, the Nike Fuelband is another device.  What were previously ANT devices have mostly moved to Bluetooth Smart - which is very power efficient.  Biking sensors, heart rate sensors, etc. Bluetooth Smart does not pair with another device, instead the apps themselves connect directly to the devices when needed (which requires Bluetooth 4.0).  A typical device can run on a watch battery for up to a year.  in the fitness world, this stuff is really going to make a dent, and I can't see how Nokia hasn't included it when the GS3, the Droid RAZR, and the iPhone 4S all have it.  Is WP8 not going to support it at all? 
  • I went to to see if the snapdragon s4 plus supports BT4.0, and indeed it does. That is the processor they are using, right?
  • Yes - from what I've read on this site ( it looks like WP8 does not support it yet.
  • You're correct. The SOC supports it, just not the software stack. It should be something that could be upgraded on a future fixpack.
  • Jambox speakers, I'm pretty sure, use BT 4.
  • No, they do not, at least they don't require it.  
  • I don't think Apple has one thing better than the Pureview.
  • Anybody listened to TWIT last Sunday? It was so sad. They talked about the Lumia 920 for about 10-15 minutes. All they talked about was how Nokia lies and fakes around their videos. Grown up guys who usually loves gadgets and tech just ignored the superior screen, nfc, wireless charging and everything. They were busy laughing at the mess Nokia made with their video blunder.
    That made me so sad. The same guys would spend hours blessing iPhone5 if it only had one of the L920 features.
    Leo Laporte is a really nice guy normally but when he sits around his camera toting "creative" friends he sometimes totally loses it and lets his apple-fan-boy side take over.
    So sadly I have no illusions that L920 will even have a fair comparison considering how Apple crazy the media is today.
  • I was pissed with twit that day, every damn iphone commercial I have ever seen uses smoke and mirrors. I even went to twit that moring because I thought they would have live coverage of the Nokia press conference and nothing, if you are going to do live coverage do it al; the time. 
  • Have you watched TWIT's Windows Weekly show number 277? I urge you to watch it 'cos Leo talks about Nokia's newest Lumia 920 & 820 announcements and in the end of the segment he says "Gosh, I'm rooting for Nokia. I don't know why. I'm not rooting for RIMM at this point. But I am rooting for Nokia. I do think the Lumia (920?) was a beautiful phone"
    So he's not completely Apple biased, I know that he has history with Nokia's products and he obviosly wishes the best for Nokia at these difficult times :)
  • Let's be real - no.
  • Nokia did their best, their hardware is modern, powerful and great looking. only downside is that it may be a bit to thick.
    Now we sit and wait for Microsoft to deliver the software
  • The thing that iphones have and most other phones don't have is a high-screen-responstime of 50ms. Most screens, including my lumia 800 have 100ms. It just gives the iPhone the feeling it is a little bit smoother and faster. That's the only thing I would love to see changed by Nokia. Microsoft had a concept of a screen with 1ms respons time. So why not a better respons time on the new lumia when they have so such a close relationship?
  • "So why not a better respons time on the new lumia when they have so such a close relationship?
    FYI, PureMotion HD+ is suppose to be Grey-to-grey pixel transition time of <9ms.
  • Thanks for the info. The only thing that grind my gears is that i can't see that in the lumia preview moments. It still looks like 100ms. You can really see its not almost instantaneous.
  • the 1ms thing u were talking about was a concept by MS using infrared camera to simulate what could happen if they eventually find out how to do it on a phone screen, it'll take awhile for them to come up with a solution
  • Cool.
  • Apple will definitely come out on top, we don't know enough of WP8 yet and there are still many apps missing in the ecosystem. Add to that the fact that iPhone 5 preorders will start tomorrow and all is settled. It won't change anyone's mind here though, so no big deal I guess.
  • To be honest it hardly really matters I think if anything the 4S should of taught us that. So long as Apple bring out a new phone every year that is a competant device and appeals aesthetically they will have a success.
    We had much uproar over the 4S but it still sold better than its predecessor we are potentially gearing for the same discussion this time its the 4S stretched.
    Apple will produce enough things to please its target audience and they forgive Apple many things. After all if your Good you can get away with being Bad and so long as they appear Good they will continue to be Bad that is the way of the world.
  • One thing Apple knows how to do is ADVERTISE and make tech sound NEW. That's all the difference.
  • What Apple does right is that they don't use new tech for the sake of using new tech - they make sure it's fully baked and ready before they release it. 
  • R u serious....Siri rings a bell?
  • I absolutely knew someone would bring Siri up as a response - Apple made it a point to call Siri a "beta".
  • If its a actuallyjust a  stretched iphone thats just going to be butt ugly. 
  • Nokia needs to hire General The Destroyer!!!! Just watch his Youtube vids. The best, baby. :D lol
  • Its 60Hz. 60MHz would be way overkill!!!
  • Yup, fixed.
  • If that's all there is to the iPhone 5, please post an article with a massive grid showing the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 side by side. Include a provocative title like "iPhone 5 dull and boring next to Lumia 920". Include ALL of the talking points like PPI, screen resolution, refresh rate, wireless charging, cpu speed/cores, RAM, camera specs, etc, etc. I would love to plaster a link to it everywhere :p. Windows Phone could use some positive articles.
  • Oh that's already in the works...
  • That's what I like to hear!! :)
    Someone needs to call out in a clear and concise way (where Nokia and Microsoft failed to) how Nokia and Microsoft have developed the most innovative and revolutionary advancements in smartphone technology of the past few years and how, if iphone5 is as leaks suggest, Apple are now playing 2nd fiddle to Nokia.
    I will link the bejaysus out of such an article!!! :)
  • Yay!!
  • You know what, apple may bring out a device with the exact same specs or even less that what nokia showed but it wont matter on damn bit.  apple have a legion of supporters that span every walk of life from lowet to highest, the bloggers being at the forefront.  even "soccer moms" that dont follow tech news know about it. the hype is so strong that even the rumored specs are believed to be the real thing and many even think they have preordered the phone or already even own one (yeah, crazy huh?).  There has been a momentum over the years that has caused the Reality Distortion Field to continue unchallenged, its so strong that i'm sure some of you staunch WP supporters will feel wowed by the new phone, you may even be having doubts about your current choice. The strong willed will prevail of course.  The media will call it all magical, they will make it seem like its the best thing since penicillin and no one will outshine them.   All we can really hope for is hwne the devices reach the shops, consumers and reps will make up their minds on actual use.  I respect apple hardware and software, and how they made an ecosystem that works well together. They make good stuff, but not the best. I hate the fans and those that make them seem god-like.
  • Excuse me? Tomorrow will be the day of WP8 SDK for me! Not some iPhone 5 rumours, which are less impressive than the Lumia 920 rumours, which were TRUE, whereas the iPhone 5 rumours last year were not even close to the truth, because the iPhone 4s was announced back then...
  • So you work for one of the hand selected patners who will see the WP8 SDK? Because most registered developers still don't know when we'll see the SDK.
    I got the e-vite for the Visual Studio 2012 Virtual launch on the 12th (funny since developers got VS2012 weeks ago), and the first thing I thought was the 12th - do they really want no coverage at all?
  • And for the best coverage, go to they ride apple's shaft like a nympho! Lol smh!
  • LMAO!
  • +999
  • Of course Nokia won't outshine the next iPhone.  The reason is simple.  Apple will say "available on all major carriers to preorder now, with devices shipping xxxxxxx" and then most people will forget about the Lumia.  I'm not saying this is Nokia's fault... I think Microsoft is to blame for that.  Still, it greatly hurts Nokia.
  • Very good point.  It will seriously suck waiting, although we're getting the 920 much sooner than I feared.
    Frankly, with Microsoft not releasing the WP 8 SDK till the end of October I was afraid we wouldn't see the 920 till the end of December....
  • Apple ran out of ideas five years ago.
  • I know same sht different phone model. Now they have a bigger screen and they will claim it as their new innovation. I wonder if Samsung can has the patent for bigger screen. :-p
  • I know its almost rule #1 on this site to hate Apple. And I say that with no attack on anyone as I understand this is a WP site. But color me a bit excited. Sure, it might be more of the same. But we won't know til tomorrow (or if something happens to leak early). So even if its a company I don't care for (and I certainly wouldn't say I hate or don't care for Apple), any new piece of tech is exciting when revealed, IMO
  • Actually, I think people are more neutral here on Apple. As both MS and Apple have a "war" against Android. That and there's other common ground: design. Both camps care a lot about it, for both hardware and software elegance. Android though...well yeah, people hate that here :-P At least for myself, I'm "okay" with Apple. I certainly respect them. But from what I've seen so far, the iPhone 5 will be *really* nice but not "OMG, they did that!" kind of thing...
  • So Daniel, a simple yes or no will suffice, "Have you seen the mystery device"?
  • iPhone 5? Heck no.  Apple is very closed with tech journalist and we're pretty far from their concern. They consider Apple friendly sites hostile and out-of-the-loop, so all I can say is read iMore. Their tips have been spot on lately.
  • IPhone is dated, the UI is dated. Yet it sells millions and will again. Buy what you like and what works for you because every tomorrow will be the next big thing, and there is no one device to rule them all.
  • ^^^^
  • A little lord of the rings in there.. "one device to rule them all" " one ring to rule them all" Not sure if done on purpose or by accident, but I agree.
  • Nokia and Microsoft need to have another major event between the Apple event tomorrow and the iPhone5's release date. This event needs to flesh out every remaining advantage or differentiation of the OS and phone, including carrier availability and dates. However, since WP8 is apparently not even finished, I don't see this happening and again almost all of the iPhone users are going to upgrade to the next iPhone without even looking at what competition there is.
  • Frankly Nokia needed to do its big intro to the 920 and WP 8 the very week before (or the day of) folks could put one in their hands....more than a month after all these releases so that distraction and agitation could have died down and Nokia would have had center stage for more than a couple of hours (alluding to the Moto even the same day as the 920 preview).
  • The endless Xbox nights listening to my brother in law raving about is fabulous iPad are about to end the first time he mentions the word iPhone I'm gonna shove is iPad up were the sun don't shine there's liking and there's fanatic
  • Apple knows one thing real good. How to market and promote their products. Who wouldn't want to buy an apple product after seeing their commercial. MSFT and Nokia should learn from them. I am sure Nokia will have a better spec this time, but apple knows how to outshine them.
  • You're right, they do know how to market, but they also know how to build things that people seriously want - and for the iPhone, much of that is in the software and that gets improved in each revision (its never been about the hardware with the iPhone but the experience via the software).
    Just as an example with the iPhone (using my sister as a case) for all the harried parents out there (they'll do anything for their photos) - as soon as you get to a wifi connection the iPhone automatically starts downloading its photos to the cloud, once your Mac is on and you open the photo organizer you'll find your latest photo's there waiting automatically.  Apple does a fantastic job with these little make life easier and its nearly all in software advances and seamless.  It makes it easier for folks and in ways they can easily grasp (as in instantly knowing they'd want that) as opposed to knowing if they'd really want dual core or quad core or a new UI to work with.  Now yes, you could do all this via 3rd party anyways, but that's the point, with their phone, system its all built in and easy to do - that sells.
    The advances tomorrow for the iPhone will mostly be in iOS 6 and not the hardware (which will be incrementally improved like always).  We already know that for iOS6, on this photo downloading example both parents will be able to share their cloud photo's automatically between phones (and of course down to the Mac), not huge at all but another make life easier that alot of folks can grasp easilly and really want.  That's the kind of stuff it'll be about and the phone will sell like crazy cause people will want that, not because of some hardware advance.  JMHO
  • Where can I buy my brand new 920? I want a red one. Not LTE as I'm with Vodafone.... are they shipping it? How much will it cost?I bet Apple will be answering most of these questions for the iPhone. It's so frustrating not knowing this information I'm not surpised so many people go for the easy option.
  • We need the wp8 details like tomorrow afternoon after the ibuzz dies down a bit
  • The iPhone 5 can only be a let down in my view. "Fanboys" are expecting something really innovative but we already know that iOS 6 isn't very innovative so the phone can't offer much more than decent specs. Apple can't really do much better in the market with their current model so I expect the market share to drop a bit. I think Androids market share will either remain stable or drop a bit and windows phone market share can only increase, and it will do. Considering WP7 wasn't even really competitive it has don't ok. WP8 is very competitive
  • *it has done ok
  • yep nokia will i think its easy win
  • The hardware doesn't matter ... All that counts are apps and more quality regularly updated apps
  • I agree with pretty much everything that was said about, except that I have been pleasantly surprised by how many comments I found in YouTube videos of people saying that they are going to switch from android/ios to the lumia 920. Of course there were a few isheep but they were the majority by far. Even if apple manages to outshine Nokia because of its image and isheep, I really think that Nokia will finally get most people to at least acknowledge the Lumias as great devices and Nokia will finally get its foot in the door, so even if the Lumia 920 sales are nothing compared to the iPhone 5, the next round will be much more even, especially if there is nothing revolutionary anounced tomorrow
  • I made the switch from iPhone 4S to a Lumia 900 a month ago. I like the Lumia ( a lot ) but I'm still not 100% positive I would make that move again. 
  • This reminds me of the Dreamcast/PS2 war back in the day.  The Dreamcast was technically superior to the PS2, but the PS2 won the sales war based mostly on it being able to play DVD's.  I'll be watching the Apple event tomorrow just to see what gets revealed.  I'm not expecting anything too mind blowing.  Especially not as mind blowing as what Nokia revealed.
  • Sorry, but the PS2 was considerably more powerful. Dreamcast was arguably the better platform, but certainly not as capable.
  • Back in the day, you're still young.. Back in the day betamax vs VHS. turbo grafix 16 vs Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis. Even further, Intellivision (both) vs Atari (both). Those were back in (my) day. Damn now I feel old.. lol
  • I thought the NL920 has gorilla 1.
  • Apple doesn't sell products, it sells a message that are manifested in quality products... Nokia needs to figure out a real message alongside the Lumia. Sure, Lumia phones are great devices, but that is clearly not enough to draw people in or to make Nokia fans into something more than they are (as Apple does with ifanbois). To me, Lumia 920 (and the Lumia series) is not just about "thinking different" - but to push your limits whilst keeping control of your life (WP8) as you walk into the unknown. It is not just about "thinking differently" but being different, going against the mainstream and rewarding yourself with what you think you deserve (an amazing phone).  It is about you telling and showing people your values, your ideas, your perspectives and the like in the best way possible (e.g. PureView). Nokia Lumia owners have to be shown as the best, the leaders and captains. Apple sells its why more than it sells its how or what. So what if iOS has the most apps? Nokia needs to reduce the value of those apps, it needs to sell the idea that Lumia is the only true way forward for people.
  • Yeah, me too. Saw Engadget's post regarding it, and I was like, "Oh yeah, I thought that was today...huh..."
  • Nokia should have scheduled their event for Thursday right after Apple. Showing off stuff and not telling us the other important details just makes the iPhone even more of an option to buyers now than the Lumia, and tomorrows event is already out hyping everything else even though there isn't much to be expected. I'm all in for Nokia, but Apple'd mind share is just really a force to be reckoned with.
  • Its very obvious the 920 as we know at this moment is a one of a kind phone, a phone that I will be purchasing. But as many have stated, iPhone users are fanatics and a 4 inch screen will be revolutionary enough to keep them from switching. As far as phone vs phone, the 920 will kick the s@#t out of anything Apple will pull out of their asses tomorrow. (Oh yeah BTW this Windows phone user is pretty fanatic about his phone also)
  • Daniel,
    Great piece. Accurate, some digs Apple as red meat for us WP fans and a nice plug for iMore. I think you covered all the bases. My take is that the 920 will clearly outshine what the new iPhone brings to the table technology wise, but the iPhone will crush the 920 in sales. Which is unfortunate as with the exception of the processor (which is great, but not cutting edge) the 920 truly looks like the most innovative smartphone released since 2007. That's the main reason I'll be jumping ship from Sprint to AT&T to pick up a 920.
  • Hell I might be jumping somebody's *ss in line to get my 920! The fight alone will generate more media buzz than what's currently been given to the 820/920 : ]
  • As much as I like Nokia and my Lumia 900, it doesn't matter what Apple presents tomorrow. They can present a turd and people will still buy it because Apple's marketing team consist of geniuses. Their presentation will also be a lot more interesting because they actually know how to present and what to tell people while Nokia couldn't even make sure their laptop worked properly. Nokia burried themselves by not giving release dates and prices. And I can bet you my bottom dollar that pre-orders of the next iPhone will start by the end of the week.
  • Didn't you hear the stupid geniuses on this site? The laptop malfuction was all microsoft fault, when Steve, not Balmer was calling for a member of his team to switch the laptop over to device 5.
  • They'll also show off their new maps app, which I'm sure Nokia also beats them on.
  • The reason Apple can pretty much sell anything it slaps an Apple logo on, is that, like all smart companies (Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble, McDonald's), they sell a message and an image.  An identity.
    Even Android phones sell an identity and an image: 'the tech geek phone'.
    Nokia's and Microsoft's message is harder as I can't seem to discern what identiy, image or message that either company is selling.
    Windows Phone doesn't have a product problem.  That's going fine.  What they do have is a very serious, possibly fatal for the platform, branding problem.
  • The iPhone 5 is going to be HUGE! Having said that, hopefully Nokia's (presumably) more innovative, sexier product can dampen the blow by making the tech industry stop and think for a bit. Such a thing could have a trickle down effect that could dampen Apple's blow a bit AND get more of the tech heads into the WP corner. At the end of the day, the masses will choose iPhone, but many of the masses turn to their techie friends to see what to get, and those techie friends frequent sites such as Engadget, The Verge, Gizmodo, Cnet, etc. Such people make up the foundation of the market, and can have huge ramifications on buyership.
  • Apple could open an empty box with someone's previously passed gas stored in it and it would be considered a breathe of fresh air!
  • Wow, way too many comments already, so I'm gonna skip them all and go for the meat of the issue... Apple will release a copycat of their own, but it won't stop millions of people from foolishly buying into the propaganda machine. Now that said, I believe Nokia has the clear technological winner, and I think a lot of people will notice that once people can get their hands on it and forget about the whole fake promo video thing (which really is proven to be irrelevant). Apple fanatics are insane though... Apple could literally release a cinder block, call it magical, and people will buy it. That said, I expect Apple to surprise everyone and announce NFC. It's about 50/50 expectation that they will/won't, so I expect this will be there "one more thing". They'll claim they're the first and only to offer it, and even though people will call shenanigans, Apple will present it in a way that the Appleites will eat it up and proclaim it the gospel.
  • What makes me pull my hair out is if u look at the two UI's side by side, wp8 clearly looks more advanced and innovative. Sadly to say even android with all its issues is way more innovative than apple. Yet those snakes will once get people to take a bite ( see what I did there). Its almost angers me how slick there marketing team is.
  • since apple is the only company that seems to be willing to make a high end phone without a giant screen I will be slightly envious, as a 4" 16:9 display is, in my opinion, about the perfect screen size for a mobile phone. That said ios is such a stale os it makes me frustrated. I want boot camp for iPhone so i can install wp8 on it, now that would be a killer feature.
  • its not about the technology. its about the culture and cult that Apple has created. that, is something nokia has to deal with. Apple might not be tech geniuses but they sure are marketing gurus.
  • And after tomorrows Apple announcement, nobody will care what any other phone manufacturer will have to say... People by these things buy the millions. Apple wins, and everyone else is playing catch up all year. And I hate Apple and every overpriced piece of crap the make... :P
  • Microsoft should start the promotion "Think Different !" Oh, waitl, Apple will sue, like they do to everyone else.
    I'm wondering what they add to it but, I am sure it will sell. There are just Apple fanboys out there, they dont care about anything else. They wont even look at anything else so even trying to sell them a better OS, if it's WP8 or Android, they would not care and just think every positive is a flaw because it's not the Apple way. I know people like this. There are so many features that new models have but, they cant' see them.
    Now Open people, who wonder what else is out there, will be people who SHOULD look at Windows Phone/Windows Phone 8, as they can see how it shines compared to everything else.
    It will be interesting tomorrow, I am not an Apple fan at all, their PC os is ok but, the iPhone is as dumbed down as it can get. I just want to see the new hardware/features they come up with or what stuff they copy from what Windows Phone 8 is showing :)
  • Nokia to Apple: "Yes, We Can!"

  • its okay. im using first gen samsung focus and i still get ppl telling me phone. they even ask me how to use it, which kinda makes me smile and proud to have a wp.
  • i don't care if the iphone steps up or if it falls flat to nokia. The lumia 920 is my next
  • FWIW - I *think* a lot of iPhone users are non-tech/casual users... why I think so?
    1. Subsidies - if the iPhone was not $199 with a subsidy, VERY FEW people would be paying US$400-$600 for them.  2. From 2007-2009 there really wasn't a solid SmartPhone out there - keep in mind Android's only come around in the last couple of years.
    3. Phone users are fickle - the Samsung Galaxy S III has it's share of ex-iPhone users... and it's beating the iPhone 4S almost 2 to 1 in sales. 
    If the iPhone 5 is only a "mild" upgrade - 4" screen, LTE that's NOT compelling enough for even Apple users to drop another $200-$400... the macforums have a lot of doubters these days... 
    By the way, I'm an Apple fan now onboard with Nokia and Windows... as I DO NOT see Apple doing much innovating these days in anything.
  • I wrote a little on this topic today as well.,
  • I agree with everyone here in that Nokia's presentation wasn't exactly the best or the most exciting to watch AND the ability (or lack of) to show WP8 off a little more than they did when Joe Belfiore jiggled some tile sizes and talked about DirectX, NFC etc a few months ago was a tad too much Deja-vu for my liking...
    However I do believe that Nokia are on to something when they're banging on about the photography sides of things - I'm currently in Portugal until 16th Sept and I'm using a Nokia Lumia 900 running OS Version 8779.8 with firmware 12201 and the Camera Extras app installed and I am taking some AWESOME videos and pics over here!!
    I read the WPCentral articles from both Daniel and George regarding the Lumia 900 update and How-to guide respectively and I have learned a lot more about photography and understanding what the different settings are - obviously my pics and vids won't be collecting awards but at least they will be nice enough to show to friends and hopefully give them that Wow! Factor from seeing what quality of photos I can take from a non-iPhone device to make them see that there are equal alternatives (hell even some alternative devices that are even better than an iPhone in some respects)
    Im understanding that, in an over generalised way, light is key to making good to great photographs and as its been averaging 28 to 30 degrees Celsius with not a cloud in the sky that I can safely say the one thing I'm not short of is good lighting!!  Now if this PureView technology really is as good as it is at taking low light photos and bring them out good then there's no reason why the Lumia 920 can't sell well...  Especially in places like UK and Ireland (where we have a summer and then for the other 362 days of the year we get clouds and rain!) and couple that with the PureMotion+ screen that can be operated with gloves on! That is an everyday problem that normal users would have suffered however is now solved for countries who maybe don't see a lot of good weather (kudos to Nokia for those innovations)
    I was, admittedly, waining interest in my Lumia 900 for the upcoming iPhone 5, due to the over-saturation of media hype surrounding it, however after the Lumia 900's photography performance over the last 6 days I've been here, the camera ALONE has restored my faith both in Nokia and Windows Phone OS - Nokia's hardware and Microsoft's WP OS have combined to create a harmonious whole that I am totally sold on! Yes Apple do have a nack of making everyday mobile processes easy and bringing it to the mainstream audience however a simple 2min demo from a user or salesman could easily solve that knowledge gap...
    I think that ultimately the popularity of one device is down to the user - its great that the iPhone loyalists will clamour for the iPhone 5 in their droves however the marketshare WILL reach a saturation point and when that one person walks into a place full of iPhone owners with a phone that's not an iPhone then that will spark some interest and querying (why did they get that? Why that over an iPhone? If everyone else inc. me has an iPhone then why did he/she choose that device?) some of that interest may be good (I.e. inquisitive) and others will not be (I.e. dismissive or even defensive) either way it will still grab their attention long enough to at least momentarily re-consider "Thinking Differently"
    I will happily forge down the non-iPhone and if folk ask why I chose a Lumia 920 then I will be more than happy to show them that the grass is always greener on the "other side" of the fence...
  • I'm windows all day but no one out shined Apple so far
  • I doubt it, but I'm all for Nokia and window phones!!
  • I bet SIRI will no longer be in beta; and may be, just may be iphone 5 will have a micro-sd slot. That for sure will beat the 920.
  • The one thing Apple will do better is release the product sooner. WP8 can't come soon enough. Here are the sales rankings as of today on (P.S. iPhones suck): AT&T (77 phones offered)
    32. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (31. a week ago, 31. a month ago)
    40. Samsung Focus Flash (28. a week ago, 39. a month ago)
    43. Samsung Focus 2 (45. a week ago, 53. a month ago)
    54. Nokia Lumia 900 White (55. a week ago, 54. a month ago)
    61. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (58. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
    67. HTC Titan (46. a week ago, 52. a month ago)
    68. Samsung Focus S (64. a week ago, 70. a month ago)
    73. HTC HD7S (71. a week ago, 76. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered
    Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered T-Mobile (25 phones offered)
    16. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (16. a week ago, 25. a month ago)
    19. Nokia Lumia 710 White (20. a week ago, 18. a month ago)
    25. HTC Radar (21. a week ago, 19. a month ago) Verizon (59 phones offered)
    57. HTC Trophy (47. a week ago, 55. a month ago) Sprint (43 phones offered)
    None offered
  • IPhone needs something new besides a bigger screen. Come on the 3s & 4s where only a way of digging your pockets but iPhone fans are too blind to see but will do as apple says.
  • I have a strong belief Windows Phone OS will sell more than what analysts expect. Just think about it they have build up a hype together with Nokia but they still haven't shown the full Windows Phone 8 OS. I think they are waiting to see what Apple has to show and then show the full Windows Phone OS which will bash iOS 6 and the new iPhones hardware.
  • Watch this - if you've seen this as many have I'm sure then watch again.  This is every iPhone user ever.  "I don't care" is so true, this is a classic.  Some slight NSFW language towards then end, but totally worth it!!!!

    In a mobile store this is absolutely true lol, I see one every time I'm in one it seems!
  • Put in Windows phone over the EVO and this will be the same thing playing out in many places.
  • Apple, like Nintendo, successfully exploited the unsophisticated consumer. However, I think the jig is up and consumers are exploring other options.
  • everyone knows what gonna be new to iphone 5, all you have to do is take the top three things from android, the top three things from windows phone, some cool new tech on samsung, htc, motorola, and sony, combine them into and new shell thats slightly taller than the old shell, then improve all the tech and feature enough to say theres is better so they couldnt have copied, and since its apple every one will belive it, and lastly have a smooth presentation, and quick avalability, get several million impulse buys, then advertise the heck out of it and get the ididnt know there was a new iphone buys, then lastly get the heck there wont be another iphone for a whole year and this ones out i might as well buy. And thats it till i phone 6. As far as Nokia go's there in a class all by them selves, dont belive me ask siri
  • Any chance they will completely change the UI? Same boring grid of static icons..
  • Nokia should invade the apple event tomorrow like they did the Samsung presentation 2 weeks ago. They should send some people in dressed as a Shepards saying a new leader has arrived to lead the pack!! Let us shine light in the dark with the new pureview Nokia Lumia 920! That would be hilarious
  • ok so many comments, I hope people will read mine.
    As irritable as it's going to be over the next few days just expect the huge amount of hype the iPhone 5 will get no matter how crappy it may be. I'd suggest all WP users to stay off all tech and news sites because it's gonna be huge no matter what they do tomorrow. But don't fret because the hype will die down in a week or 2. It will then come back again when the phone is released with all the usual 2000 meter lines and that hype will last a day or 2 as well, so again give some time and the hype will pass.
    But now think in late oct early november which is only 1 month and a bit away when we'll all have our shiney new red, yellow or grey Lumia 920s. While all the iSheep will have their 4" iPhone5's we'll be flashing around our 4.5" Lumia 920, with HD+ display! And then we'll smoke their camera with our OSI and floating lens tech. Not to mention wireless charging. And we still don't know the full extent of the new features WP8 will have and I have a feeling MS is gonna kill it. 
    So my dear friends, just be patient over the next few weeks as the iPhone 5 hype takes over everything, but take a deep breath and try your hardest to ignore it all. I'd recommend anyone who comes to your face and tells you how great the iPhone 5 is congratulate them and say "yes I'm sure it is a good phone, good for you" but then bam when we have our Lumias slap it back to them and show them what a real phone looks like.
  • No one should expect Windows Phones to gain a huge chunk of market share right away. This is going to take time, and a lot of effort/money.
    Here is a list of the some of the ways this will happen over time
    WP needs better marketing, across the board. MS needs to get more involved in selling the platform, and OEMs need to be persistent in a media blitz. People need to see what makes the windows phones better (and they are better, my experience from all three platforms). Over time, Windows Phone will start to become part of this (and other) country's psyche.
    There is a shift in how carriers are approaching Apple. They are looking for that third player to create more profit. Verizon jumping in will be huge, but all carriers need to really learn how to market these phones at the store level. Most people here that have used windows phones know how great they are to use, others need to get them in their hands in order to understand this too. At&t has done an average job so far. This is probably the biggest factor.
    A lot of people have pointed out that Apple fans will always buy Apple products. I found the iSheep comment by r0br to be very funny, but it is also very true. As sad as we might find it, it is the reality of the landscape. i personally find Apple's phones to be very boring. I think Steve Wozniak put it perfectly when he said that WP felt more like a friend than a tool. Iphones definitely feel like a tool. The funny thing is that WP has surpassed the Iphone in functionality and ease of use.
    I do believe WP is making progress. The unified platform and xbox integration will spark a lot of interest. I do not wish bad things for Apple or Google, as these companies are the source of jobs for 1000s of people, not to mention all of the companies that supply parts and accessories, etc. I do believe that ultimately a competitive WP platform will be good for all consumers, pushing innovation and keeping prices low.
  • I bet you they'll introduce their original and revolutionary idea of having popular Apps like facebook be fully baked into the OS vs. being stand-alone Apps to increase performance. (Although I could swear this was available on Win7 from the get-go, it was not true unless b/c the apple logo was not on the phone)
    Then they might announce not doing better than 720P in order to squeeze a few more hrs of battery life since at that scale the human eye can see just fine.  They'll call this going back to "basics" in a "revolutionary" way to address something their customers need much more: Longer battery life.
    Don't get me wrong, I do want them to come up with some kick ass features so the industry just gets better and better (competition), but some times they seem so arrogant I can't stand them. I'm not a blind follower of any company, which is why I purshased the Iphone4 when it came out, but when I was told I was holding it wrong...well, that was it for me. At the end of the day is about how our gadgets perform, and as far as  I can see WinPhones seems to be highly, if not the hightest regarded phones by consumers who gave it a try. If Win8 does offer some features that will outclass IOS after their presentation is done, I suggest that the MS marketing team post those ASAP on their websites. People need to have something to compare IOS with.  Although this might not be prove to be a huge concern for the IOS share, I think it should be good to go all out at this point. Win8, and specially Nokia have nothing to loose at this point. However they need to make sure that if they decide to show some new features, those features have to be available and working as advertised on the 1, otherwise it will cost them dearly.  Here is to innovation!
  • Whoa, and here I thought wpcentral, was a place for WP fans to discuss WP software. It fails to amaze me how every other article here is about the other ecosystems are doing. I have wpcentral app to tell me more about wp not the competition.
  • Will Nokia be out shined? Yes, they will. Will Nokia stand toe to toe with Apple? Maybe.
  • Apple sux cuz there revenue is a phone lol
  • iPhone has a huge user base. I would go as far as to say that the large majority of these people have an iPhone because it is a status symbol. For the non-technical user that struggles with anything beyond email and text messaging the iPhone automatically hands them instant street cred. How many people do you know that have an iPhone that are technically illiterate? This is also the reason why Apple has such a huge user base. Apple recognised this fact years ago and made the moves it did. Jobs was a sales and marketing guy vs Gates who was (and still is) a geek!
    Just the other day I had a group of real estate people come to look at a property and in our discussions I said to him that when the new Nokia 920 comes out it will prove to be a huge incentive for people like him that need to also have a good camera in their jobs. His response was, I cant wait for the new Apple iPhone 5 which is coming this month and that should be just as good - shouldn't it. I asked him why he thought that and he responded by saying doesn't Apple make the best phones and cameras? Also - he said - all his friends and business associates have them!
    I then asked what he knew or wanted - technically - from a phone. His response was phone calls, texting, facebook and twitter along with taking pictures and stuff! I told him that just about every smartphone on the market does what he wants. He was surprised but then said it would be too hard for him to switch because he is not all that good with technology.
    This is the reason why Apple will continue to have a large market share. Unless their competition can come up with something (the non technical Apple user want or needs) that they cannot get on the iPhones and will move to another product for this - then the status quo will remain for some time yet.      
  • It'll be interesting to see what comes out of Apple tomorrow, as for advances that'll mostly be in the iOS software and how the users can make their lives easier (this is what improves with each iOS revision and often why people love those products), I doubt there will anything earth shaking on the hardware side (just incremental improvements like normal for Apple).
    As for the 920, I'm hoping it'll be very successful and am looking forward to getting one.  That said, this is important to Microsoft (taking share in the phone market) and looking at the example of the console market (where they lost enormous amounts of money for nearly a decade), they will pour tons of money down a hole until they get markeshare when they really want something and they'll do it for WP.  WP8 should do better than WP7 and hopefully significantly better (same with regards to the 920 versus how the 900 did), but it'll be a slow slog to gain that marketshare.
    That said I see more share coming out of Android's hide than Apple's as far as where the WP markeshare will come from.  In Apple's, you are truly in that ecosystem where everything works together (your phone, your computer, your TV and the videos and music and books you bought help tie you in, tightly to stay there).  Android is alot easier for folks to leave casually and I think we'll get most of the pickups from that...the good thing for us is that Android is where most of the marketshare is not Apple...JMHO..
  • IPhone will rule the roost for the foreseeable future. ITunes is the reason why. They have so many people invested into their ecosystem. Makes it hard for people to jump ship. That's why apps are so important. The more money invested in a os, the harder it is for people to leave.
  • I know what I want and it is a Nokia 920. Sorry for the Iphone fans...It never please me. Now, a Nokia 920...Now we are talking.
  • Nokia up 4.3 on Nordic stock ex. yesterday :-)
    (hmm... sell car, buy shares...)
  • Here's an article on BBC that views Apple's devices and presentations as having become boring. Good information on how Apple is spending so little on R&D.
  • ignore this...
    comments need a delete button
  • :) I think I'm the only one in my circle of friends, in Facebook who posts status messages about Nokia.
    But I think its good since the statuses draw my iSheep friends and ask some questions, some sarcastic while others are serious I guess.
    The hardest to answer was, ... how much the older Lumias sold. ^_^
  • I thought the Nokia Lumia 920 has gorilla glass I. When did they say it it is gorilla glass II?
  • Most read and most commented on Amobil... (Norway) articles about Nokia Lumia 920...
  • Even BBC have a negative story on leaked specs and they are so pro apple saying Steve jobs not be happy etc. Nokia and ms need to get advertising sorted thus time round and capitalize on any bad press. Even just running lumia/wp8 is coming ads for a month or so will get attention...simple but effective imo
  • When looking at the iPhone and the 820 or 920 side by side the iPhone looks so old and dated it's almost scary. MS/Nokia should market the h*ll out of those images as they are very powerful IMO..
  • The Nokia Lumia 920 will outshine Apple iPhone 5 ad far as the spec and user experiance is concerened. The only thing apple has going for it is the eco-system. Unless HTC bring out some crazy phones, the Lumia 920 is the phone to get this holiday season hands down!
  • Yes it was a pretty good read on BBC News calling Apple copycats and boring. I couldnt agree more.
  • I wonder if Apple will still have to pay a license fee to Nokia for the iPhone 5.
  • Checkout the video parady of Steve Jobs (resurrection). I think the lyrics nails it right on the spot about the fans. Cute stuff.

    ps: i respect Steve Jobs vision, i'm an iMac user and a WP user, i belive we shud stop the war between fans but some jokes occasionaly won't harm. Peace. :)
  • Wouldn't it be interesting if Apple debuted a new/refreshed UI for's gotta happen soon, even big fans can feel it getting stale
  • iPhone with WP8... ;-)
  • I think. Apple will introduce a charging dock made from manure...yup think different ifanboys..same
  • I am looking at the positives. For the next month or so, every blog will be comparing iPhone5 with 920 and SGS III which will raise the awareness about Nokia. As elders say, rising tide lifts all boats. Nokia can help itself by doing direct comparisons through social media like Youtube. Also, I think Nokia will have a better chance in Europe and Asia. That may be the reason why Nokia is launching in Europe this time. Pretty sure Nokia will be ready for Chinese new year with new models. In US, they will be better off going after the non iPhone market. As far as Nokia is concerned, they have nothing to lose. We are yet to see the full effects of Skype,XBox and Office in WP8. So keep your hopes up, folks.
  • I recommend to continuously post Lumia 920 material on your Facebook accounts throughout the day today to keep all the iNaives out there reminded that there are other excellent options available besides an iPhone.
  • As a long-time Mac user and owner of multiple iOS devices, this is the very first time I really want to get my hands on Lumia 920 & 820 rather than iPhone 5 (very disappointed by the screen size and the similiar shape of iPhone4). I very enjoy the simplicity offered by WP7.5. Looking forward to WP8 now. Just don't know when Lumia with WP8 will be available in Taiwan...
    I don't think Nokia will out shine Apple's launch of the iPhone 5. The reason being, it did not outshine me. I was EAGERLYYY waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920 event and was hoping for an early release date. I am sitting here with the money to spend (mind you, I got a NL900 with contract from ATT) at a retail price... I don't hear **** from their announcement. 
    We know how good the product is. Nobody cares, about a prototype product. Everyone wants’ the tech product they like, yesterday. Not 2 months from now. This is what apple is good at. Their launch event displays the product, describes it's features, announces availability and the price. Everyone knows what to expect.
    But unfortunately, with Nokia and MS this did not work. IMO, they did create the hype to generate the buzz in the industry, tech blogs, consumers, etc. but they did not follow through. 
    After the NL 920 announcement, even today, nobody knows, when it will be available, where it will be available, what is price, who is the carrier. I agree that could be because of MS not being ready. But then, it's just not the OS or the Hardware.. the combination matters. 
    So, with the iPhone 5 and/or iPad Mini announcement today. MS and Nokia are going to lose their market share even before their products are launched.
  • The Apology that Nokia made for the 920 commercial also didn't help... Its what the detractors are using to say Nokia sucks and is at the Bottom and no longer a concern. :)
  • Both Nokia and Apple did the same thing, take their previous devices and refine several aspects of it. Still Apple runs IOS and Nokia WP, which I'll prefer... For me, Nokia wins this round on the technical side, marketting-wise, we all know how this would turn up, The most amazing phone ever is...iP5 (boring)...
  • That´s not a proposed mockup. That´s the real shit. As underwhelming as it could possibly be.
  • The Lumia 920 outshined the iPhone 5.